Restore Democracy and Free Speech, Please.

This site is based on a hope that if informed about anti-democracy trade deals that freeze progress on new public services, and create a race to the bottom on environmental and labor standards, and privatize existing services of all kinds, that we might somehow be able to change course and come together in consensus to restore true democracy by peaceful and rational means.

 Because that is simple common sense, which I feel all would recognize, if we knew about whats being done. In particular, the TISA agreement represents a huge hidden trap.

Our ability to govern depends on a  process called democracy, which needs to be able to function.

A global lobby of the biggest corporations have turned it into a parody of itself, with little known trade "agreements' that nobody would agree with. A good example is the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services or " GATS ".

But now democracy is really under attack, by means of new additional deals, quite possibly the return of the provisions that had been put forward in the TISA deal, with the addition of a number of new Orwellian provisions.

Its not acceptable for governments to work behind the public's backs to defeat our shared values. OUR world is not for sale.

This agenda has already stood too long, causing a huge waste of peoples time - it represents the death of the dreams that people have for improvements, ending our right to regulate and making it almost impossible to get it back again. politicians often have a disease, NPD, that leaves them dishonest and dysfunctional. A line must be drawn, they don't have our permission to steal the world out from underneath us. They don't have permission to trade our families and young people's hopes or jobs away, either. Or lie to us as they have been, for example, its not a labor shortage when people dont want to risk their lives for $10/hour. Go to hell, GOP.

Distressingly, for a long time, our country seems to have been among the very few countries leading a global effort to entangle us in this mostrously unjust TISA deal..

The TISA, it seems, never went away. Although they claimed it had died, negotiations continued in Geneva.

As shown in a bunch of videos just added to this site's links, TISA is quite scary. Its not an appropriate use for our tax money conducting in such "negotiations" for oligarchs. Lowering wages globally is not an appropriate goal for US civil servants.

Unless we restore democracy, and end our pushing of these back room deals, we face an uncertain fate, as here in the US, the FTA's main intent is to create a one way lock in of each new pro-corporate policy change, as well as trade away jobs, that's coming, soon. As well as shred our safety nets, including health care, bit by bit. As Lori Wallach has explained, there trade deals are a global coup.

The global oligarchy claims to base itself on efficiency. 

In backroom deals, they frame US workers as too expensive and so, we're being framed in high places as unworthy of our own country’s jobs. 

What NAFTA and it's successor USMCA, as well as the WTO have done to manufacturing is now happening to "services".

The existing trade deals, such as the General Agreement on Trade in Services (part of the WTO) and others, also lock down all sorts of important other policy, in each and every instance, making altogether the wrong assumptions, stealing the future for multinational corporations and throwing away all we have painstakingly built over the years.

I attempt to show this complicated subject here, and its extremely difficult, so as a starting point I have simply tried to collect a large number of links that I hope will in their sheer number show anybody who is interested what is happening and why. 

Additionally, the actions of our beloved oligarchs over the past few years and especially recently, shows how desperate they are to obfuscate the truth

With their histrionics, they are trying to make the truth about many things toxic.  It may have worked in the past but IMHO, they have taken it way too far. 

We’re committing economic suicide with their trade deals and their debunked, trickle down economics. None of the things that we, as a nation want done are even allowed under them.

Please watch some of the new videos by the kick-ass trade expert ladies whose insights will literally strip away the veil that's being pulled over our eyes.

When deregulatory changes are made, now because of ratchet clauses, they often lock in!

Both candidates and both political parties have lied to us, consistently about the fact that changes made in committed services lock in. This shows guilt, and its inexcusable

Both parties and their agendas are intentionally, and profoundly out of touch with what all our people want. Is it an intentional strategy by the oligarchy to prevent all needed change, while they use trade deals and what amounts to a parody of the US civil rights movement centered around equal rights for corporations, as a pretext to nullify democracy and the future?

Do they nullify our Constitution? They try to!

So explains international law expert Sanya Reid Smith at around 55:00 in this video.

It sure looks like it.

Each new spectacle in Washington is there to chase any actual discussion of any of these trade deals and bad policies out of the news and debase any and every forum of discussion in this nation to a tribal and infantile level.

I am certain that informed of the hidden context behind whats is being done, others will see - as I do, what a very few are attempting to do, which is to me obvious.

They are trying to steal the planet in what amounts to a huge, global extrinsic fraud.

We need to rise above this madness and I have no idea as to how we can accomplish it besides extracting our country from these horrible deals, which threaten to steal all that was good about America. We must realize the cost of inaction will be astronomical.