Withdrawing our nation from Trade Agreeents, so we can have democracy again.

There are currently 14 FTAs that bind the US according to CRS.

Publication: "Withdrawing from Trade Agreements" - Congressional Research Reports (fas.org)

Modifying or withdrawing our GATS commitments. (GATS Article XXI)

This is what we must do FIRST to get a single payer helthcare system all can afford. Expanding Medicare first as they want to do is a trap because it will kill Mediccares ability to be subsidized and cover people with pre-existing conditions. (We signed a standstill in 1998 which bars the 2010 changes and any other improvements with a broad stroke. that is the default, the level in 1998, and dont let them lie their way out of that fact.  See the linked PDF under standstill. See also Lori Wallach explaining standstill in GATS and TISA and how it looks bck to GATS dates.