By making public services "tradable" 25 yrs ago, they doomed them, GATS and other FTAS need to be gotten OUT of! NOW. .

Right now practically NOTHING IN THE US is sustainable as a public service under the official WTO definition of same unless it predates GATS and the WTO's creation in 1994! That means almost everything, with few exceptions, created or possibly even modified in most ways, after Jan 1, 1995 has to eventually become FOR PROFIT and SELF SUPPORTING, and subject to globalization by privatization by stealth of its jobs. Public services predating the GATS are also in very grave danger, especially financial services like retiirement plans, health insurance and veterans services, especially if those services are sold commercially..

Public Citizen Backgrounder on GATS

ALSO, see governmental authority exclusion 


And this page on how we must get out of GATS.

It will cost us because we'll have to compensate the countries that our friends in previous Administrations promised the jobs to.

That applies to both the US and UK!

So, we won't have jobs and also all subsidized public services aren't going to be any more?

Well, the GATS and other FTAS  often don't apply if they are 100% privately funded. Also if a country is a least developed country, on the official list, sometimes they can bend the rules. 

We're not poor enough to bend the WTO rules, yet!

Keyword on subsidies.

Subsidies for too long are a violation of WTO rules.

Also, jobs are in the process of being outsourced, almost all the decent jobs. How will they do it?

Outsourcing. And LOTS of OFFSHORING. the jobs will go to propping poor countries rich people up.

Really, thats their plan.

Whomever bids lowest gets it.

How about you, is your job secure?

Oh, I'm not worried, (my candidate) has got my back!


Actually, the 'leaderships' if you can call it that, of both US corporate parties are quite likely both colluding with one another, and have been for a very very long time, to deceive the country, manipulating even House members and god knows how many of them don't know. (A lot)

And we're being incredibly stupid to fall for it. But the stakes are pretty high, as they are taking over the entire world and its future (really!)

And they are determined to win it without firing a a shot, by trickery.

Fascism is a cult, and it has no love of democracy.

We have to deal with that, NOW, I'm sorry to break it to you. Our country's future has been STOLEN by a trade agreement 25 yrs ago. We just never got the memo.

See the Skala paper which explains the standstill in the way of health insurance reform and single payer.

This chart of GATS rules that tear services apart if they dont qualify for the ultra narrow governmental authority exclusion is from the late Nick Skala's paper.


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