Urgent Warning on jobs and the future.

The future of the US middle class is endangered by the 1995 GATS trade agreement. Our participation in this agreement and others that are related to it could throw the US in to a much greater pandemonium than COVID-19. This could happen any day. They are poised to offshore a great many jobs because its so much more profitable. Many of those jobs are thought to be stable but they cant be as long as the governments of the world are working behind peoples backs to trade away decent jobs. (For what, kickbacks?). People are currently entering these professions precisely because they pay well.

If a service is partially subsidized, its subject to all these onerous GATS rules that will gradually privatize and outsource/offshore/GATS Mode 4 its jobs, like the millions of jobs in dozens of core professions like medicine, nursing, teaching, computer and related services, IT, financial services, engineering, and basically everything that doesn't pass the two line governmental authority exclusion test.

Services committed in GATS will go first starting with the higher paying ones and working downward. Currently this is vastly slowed by quotas that are on shaky legal ground, also elimination of the quotas face an impasse in the lack of appellate judges in the DS503 case, the GATS Appellate Body is missing a quorum. If Biden or Trump wins, after the election, or perhaps even sooner (now that Sanders is out of the race) expect all those problems to get magically solved and the WTO to issue a decision, in India's favor. Leading to the decimation of the middle class over the next few years. Why? Its simple, competition, they will say. Large numbers of jobs will be outsourced physically to foreign companies operating here, and large numbers of desk jobs will be outsourced to foreign firms handling the back office tasks.Similarly with healthcare, healthcare staff will be replaced with guest workers and those who are excluded by US health insurers because of pre-existing conditions will have no choice but to seek health insurance sold bt foreign providers that excludes large portions of illness. See the keyword tags for this document.

That has been the plan for decades.

Both presumptive candidates are neoliberals and likely would love the access to dirt cheap labor .

Profit is everything, remember.

To understand the ideology of both US parties now read up on the Law and Economics Movement.

Please read up on the following issues to see how GATS and TISA could impact you and your family.

If you have any doubts on anything said here, please submit a contact / feedback form and I'd be happy to flesh it out and better prove it to you. Fact checking organizations welcome. and race to the bottom on wages globally this change would bring about)

So don't take out any mortgages, or go into debt, etc. while GATS is still there hanging over us.  As we all could lose everything.

Lets not let our countries become the cesspools of corruption the Third World countries these agreements prop up already are.

We don't need to prop up third world dictatorships. We don't need to attract their corrupt rich people here. We have our hands full with the mess our own have made.

GATS will do that, it already has by turning politicians into liars so horribly.'

Our two parties are colluding to take advantage of the people of this country, while working behind all of our backs.  They wont ever do the things they promised, they are just stringing us along.

Why don't they get out of our lives, and let us make a new start.

If you have any doubts on anything said here, please submit a contact / feedback form and I'd be happy to flesh it out and better prove it to you.

Fact checking organizations welcome.


governmental authority exclusion


GATS Mode 4