Stop using big Internet companies, especially for email, and start providing REAL phone numbers that ring to people, not voicemail.

(Other big companies that provide "free email" or "social networks" are Non-private and inherently problematic). Journalists in particular should provide better addresses (NOT Gmail or Twitter, or companies that use gmail as their provider) than ones that data mine email and delete messages arbitrarily. If you dont have one, supply a phone number that does not use voicemail and say so. Otherwise well connected MITM attacks can be mounted which result in people never getting left messages.

Each OS has a means of checking "Mailbox exchange" or "MX server" for a domain. This is the host or hosts that receives email for their domain.

Don't use the free or low cost web applications like N------- that are supposed to offer people with causes a platform but actually use capchas.

They are worse than nothing.

Large companies are blacklisting activists. They text mine email. This isn't about spam, its about literally taking over the world. Of course idiots who are lazy when it comes to setting up their internet presence are never going to win under this situation.

Immense amounts of energy and years more of time will be wasted and thousands or even millions more people will die of curable conditions because of this naive (or malicious) stupidity.

Yes, NGOs this means you.