Returning to a fact-based society

As we're being ruled by a cult that is promoting a simulacrum of non-fact, freeing ourselves of it requires a return to and an embrace of factual reality and behavior.

Stop pretending that framing used by politicians and in the media that are not true, are true.

In the US this means rejecting almost all of the framings of both political parties. Because both are two parts of the same false flag operation that is stealing the nation, democracy and the planet.

Unfortunately, for reasons of their own, many politicians, NGOs and media are accepting these framings. (Typical reason for NGOs, "we would lose our corporate funding" - if they told us the truth, seriously. They have become addicted to payoffs that are basically paying them to avoid certain subjects, like GATS, TISA, TRIPS, etc.)

Its very difficult to have to explain over and over.

The burden of having to go back to the simulacrum's  view of the world over and over again, each time having to re-explain everything from scratch is too large.

Bad actor politicians and bad apple media operations have no excuse to not recognize the truth once its clearly real and has been shown in an inescapable manner to them.

Because they know they are repeating lies they go to great length to avoid situatios where they will lose their plausible deniability.

They need to be put clearly on the record as having been told things, in a way they can't pretend never happened.

Ideally, once a certain critical mass is reached maintaining the reality distortion field will become exponentially more difficult.

Until then, it will basically be impossible to have an adult conversation with people, as the simulacrum being so aggressively perpetrated makes explaining what is really happening each time very difficult.