Returning to a fact-based society

The hiding of futureproofing agreements like GATS has created a simulacrum of non-fact.

For example, trade agreements greatly limit policy options in Washington to mostly deregulation. There are numerous examples on this site.

Unfortunately, for reasons of their own, many politicians, NGOs and media are accepting this framing. (Typical reason for NGOs, "we would lose our corporate funding" - (if they told us the truth, seriously.) Many have become addicted to payoffs that are basically paying them to avoid certain subjects, like GATS, TISA, TRIPS, etc.)

Its very difficult to have to explain over and over.

The burden of having to go back to the simulacrum's  view of the world over and over again, each time having to re-explain everything from scratch is too large. Reporters are terrified to not parrot the 'party line' on subjects like GATS.

Bad actor politicians and bad apple media operations have no excuse to continue to pretend trade agreements have not captured our nation, and not recognize the truth once its clear and has been explained and proof shown from an authoritative source to them.

Because they know this GATS and its progeny are very bad policy, and they are repeating lies they go to great length to avoid situations where they will be on the record as knowing about it. They are doing this so they can continue to pretend deals like GATS (which has been there since the 1990s) and TISA, don't exist. They are doing this to steal our votes in perpetuity.

As we see now, the two parties are going to great lengths to distract the country in an attempt to maintaining their reality distortion field. The more people know, telling untruths becomes exponentially more difficult.

Until then, it will basically be impossible to have an adult conversation about these deals between our fellow Americans, as the simulacrum being so aggressively perpetrated makes explaining what is really happening each time very difficult.

Here is a good overview of GATS from Public Citizen. It effects almost everything we do.