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"Policy Space" intends to be an online space supportive of all democratic society.

It's primary focus is human health and freedom from out of control profiteering, and restoration of democracy and its essential and inalienable element, regulatory flexibility which was taken from us and continues to be taken from us by trade agreements -such as the WTO and its General Agreement on Trade in Services, which stole the right to regulate many services from our countries, as well as many other falsely named 'agreements' under the WTO, starting January 1, 1995, as well as many other so called trade and investment 'agreements', which we feel are illegitimate and should be void.
We reject the idea of pure knowledge as property. However we do respect your right as authors to copyright. Sometimes we repost content snippets under the principle of limited fair use, typically content we believe is already published under an open license.

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Since the media, particularly in the US, has failed in their mission to inform by leaving major facts such as the fact that trade deals such as the GATS has stolen our right to regulate a very great many things, this fact makes that news inaccurate - sometimes really horribly so. Its that news which is inaccurate, not us.

Major politicians and political parties make a practice of lying about things like GATS to get your votes. They have been doing this for a very long time.

That situation is out of this site's control. Ask the media outlets that hide this news about it. Its their fault.

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