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This site is an informal, part-time project. (of currently, mostly just one person)

"Policy Space" intends to be an online space supportive of all democratic society and it's hopefully human-centered future, not a corporate-centric one.

It's primary focus is human health and freedom from out of control profiteering, and restoral of democracy and its essential and inalienable element, regulatory flexibility which was taken from us and continues to be taken from us by trade agreements -such as the WTO and its General Agreement on Trade in Services, which stole the right to regulate many services from our countries, as well as many other falsely named 'agreements' under the WTO, starting January 1, 1995, as well as many other so called trade and investment 'agreements', which we feel are illegitimate and should be void.

We'd like to leave these agreements so we could end Americans (and US jobs) as well as the rights of many others, from being treated as if we all are the collective properties or bargaining chips, of huge corporations and the politicians that they own. Such 'agreements' are nothing more than the world's most dishonest and destructive scam ever, a con job by oligarchs intended to hijack and steal democracy and the right to regulate, as well as jobs, all natural wealth and the labor (which is not 'surplus') and dreams of all humanity, taking them illegitimately, to line the pockets of themselves. (BEGONE!)

If labor standards, 'technical standards' environmental or anti-discriminatory or social policy regulations or health or drug policies are to be harmonized, regionally or globally, they must always be harmonized upward, requiring not only informed consent, it also requires application of the precautionary principle, if anything is to involve many nations, it must be open and attempt to ensure that the health of all is protected in the best practicable manner. with care being taken to not make unsafe decisions. Health before profit. and in consideration of the precautionary principle. i.e. the greatest common denominator, not the lowest common denominator (as they are being lowered to today) by trade agreements.

This also applies to the medicolegal standard of care.

Poor people do not deserve poor care. Nor do rich people. Level of care should be the best practicible. All people should be essential people. 

It must not be normal to deprive poor people of essential, high quality medical care, or medicines. Nor should it be possible to do that with rich people, or children, or those over 60.

Organizations that attempt to lock in bad policy with false 'gifts' with strings attached should be prohibited from this agenda.

It is often claimed that corporations need "Certainty" because of highly mobile global capital, the implication being that money will flee elsewhere if required to act responsibly.  However, if "certainty" exists in this world, and if it is owed to anybody, it is owed to the powerless, especially the other species of our planet, and the voiceless poor people, (not the poorest countries, i.e. those with the most exploiting owners), indeed all people and independence - and when countries rule by the consent of their people, countries, AS LONG AS THEIR RULES TAKE CARE TO BE FAIR AND JUST TO ALL LIVING THINGS. "Certainty" is not owed to corporations or shadowy investors in any kind of inflexible manner if it conflicts with democratic needs or common sense. If they desire certainty, they must refer to commercial insurance firms. Not the people or the taxpayers of the world.

They should take care to be part of the people, to deserve their special status as a corporation, and not be adverse to the interests of people, including their own employees. Many, perhaps most corporations are good community citizens, unfortunately, some including some of the biggest, are not.

The principle of tax havens or corporate use of  flags of convenience in heavily deregulated countries in order to avoid treating others - particularly workers unfairly or paying them Third World wages, in fact that very principle, is illegitimate and should be invalidated. If they cannot pay their workers a living wage they should either automate their jobs (and accept that taxes will rise as more jobs are automated) or go out of business. 

We, those who live on, enrich and have lived and love and challenge one another to be our best, in the world, reject the prison of the Trilemma arguments that claim that democracy is not compatible with a globally mobile society.

Democracy OF, BY, AND FOR THE PEOPLE is essential and precious and politicians and currently implemented by COUNTRIES and VOTERS, not fake and illegitimate global governance organizations which at best, could serve only at and by their peoples direct permission and only under the principle of INFORMED consent.

By deliberately failing to inform, misinforming, and taking policy space from the people of this planet they render their authority, such as they claim it, and that of their organizations null and void, a nullity as far as their (il)legitimacy. They should take care to honor their organizations by doing the right thing. And trying to bring out the best in others.

So called "civil society organizations" may speak for their members, but they are not in any way a replacement for real peoples voices, they are simply what they are, whatever that is. Not necessarily civil, if that implies others are not.

(A great many fake and or captured NGOs exist. Many NGOS are captured in whole or in part. Some are even honest about it, at least in private. This capture is deep and very difficult to overcome. This has sometimes been satirized, sometimes brilliantly. The GATT (and WTO) was satirized by The Yes Men with a fake website that told the truth about the WTO's goals. During the Reagan era "Ladies Against Women", satirized the fake "backlash" against feminism (which threatened the goals of globalization, and could have - if it knew about it, what was to become the GATS agenda, which turns back the clock 75  years or more )

In unity the people are strong.

As individuals we are not empowered to bind anyone, nor are governments or organizations of any kind, empowered to bind us without fuly informed consent, no matter how many attempts are made to "multilateralize" autocracy, only fully informed consent of by and for people, we the people empowers entities of any kind only so much as they empower us all and attempt to honor our wishes, except where independence from our wishes for some temporary purpose, IS our well informed wish.

Such power must always be able to bind only a limited scope and any rules requiring "no more burdensome than necessary" apply only to all natural people, never to corporations.

Slavery in all its forms, including debt slavery and the arguably planned hospital to prison pipeline must be abolished. Prisons should offer courses to inmates and public higher and primary education as well as adult education and community resources like hacker spaces, patent libraries and tool lending libraries should be free.  The US should exit GATS.

When politicians of any kind attempt to abdicate their responsibilities to democracy, they divest themselves of their authority and all 'agreements' conducted by them are only binding on themselves and their own property, not that of nations.

We are non-partisan and non-sectarian and pro-science, pro democracy and pro solidarity.

We are real people and we stand with other real people throughout the world.

We feel as if healthcare, education, clean and pure water, and air, should be human, not corporate rights, and we work to reassert the rights of human beings in our own futures.

We do not enshrine any particular political or economic system or agendas, besides democracy of the most responsive kind possible.

We reject the idea of other countries or their own policy as property of corporations or legal entities of any kind except a country's people. We reject the idea of 'agreements' nobody would ever agree with being treated as law, above human made democratic laws. and we reject the survival of any agreements of such nature any longer than the people of any country desire it to be. Termination of any policy space-stealing agreement should be possible and simple.

We reject the idea of compensating corporations for the restoration of any rights to policy space. Such rights were never politicians to trade away.

Those seeking compensation for restorations of democracy of any kind, anywhere should seek it from the (ir)responsible politicians, in their capacity as natural persons.

We reject the idea of pure knowledge as property. However we do respect your right as authors to copyright. Sometimes we repost content snippets and sometimes articles under the principle of limited fair use, or content we believe is already published under an open license. We attempt to honor terms of open licenses and support the principles of free and open licensing. 

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