WTO looks at the ACA as a "Post 2008" temporary financial services re-regulation.

The G-20 countries swore to eliminate protectionist measures adopted after the 2008 financial crisis at Hangzhou, I am pretty sure.

Americans have to realize that we are living in a "simulacrum" in our own little bubble as far as news, we're told one thing (to make us think we live in a democracy, we don't, ever since we joined the WTO.

Our laws may be allowed as long as they don't violate the GATS.

So, we're told one thing, and other countries are told something different. And they are also told that our two parties are in an absolutely remarkable state of agreement.

Our system is perfect, is the spin elsewhere.

So why would we need the ACA?

(Hint, it doesn't matter, as only the WTO rules matter, if a measure is determined to be protectionist, preventing any country from selling its financial services (like insurance or banking services) to us, the case isnt supposed to consider anything else.

Is ACA is seen as protectionist? Please read the late Mr. Skala's paper.

Bernie's Medicare for All would pass the governmental authority exclusion - but because it didnt pre-exist the WTO it would require our withdrawing - greatly amending or leaving the relevant services in the WTO GATS and likely it would delay and likely stop the healthcare part (only) of  massive wave of offshoring and outsourcing that's been planned for >25 years, they just have not worked out the terms completely yet. (Our workers are just simply too expensive!)

You can see how different the points of view are by watching this video, with its debate between Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch's Lori Wallach and Hamid Mamdouh at the WTO Public Forum.

While you're watching the debate, where they insist that the GATS had nothing to do with the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, you can read a concatenated file of our GATS commitments. Don't miss the bit near the end with its promise to reform the Glass Steagall Act in the next Congress.

Its in Supplement 3, near the very end, the single line at the top.

The Specific Commitments for the United States of America became effective February 26, 1998, the same day as the GATS Annex on Financial Services and Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services were.

The first one has some text about a social security system and the second one has some stuff about standstill. Also eliminating and reducing in scope non conforming measures, like the ACA.

Globalization is what they want.