Won't somebody tell US states about GATS so they stop pretending they can just vote to fix healthcare.

That has been FTA-illegal since January 1 1995. On December 8, 1994 the US's URAA was signed. Won't somebody tell states that at that point the US signed away the RIGHT TO REGULATE dozens of services including healthcare insurance, higher education and many more. This begun over 20 years ago.

Also jobs in those service sectors are supposed to become subject to new procurement rules that are likely to globalize them. (Unless US workers wages are lowered much more than would seem to be possible) 

Millions of jobs become entitlements of whichever of an international cast of bidders, wins. (typically huge firms that privatize and globalize entire sections or  industries, think "SchoolsCo" that runs all schools, or "HospitalsCo" that runs all hospitals in dozens of countries.  Basically this change will change the country from a nation of working people to a nation of unemployed people with some workers. A shift which nobody is expecting. The demise of public services as we knew them in the pre-WTO era. We had already committed to GATS, and in the original Uruguay Round, to a potentially unlimited number of workers in qualified firms, according to India's filing, and as of March 2016, now we are being sued in the WTO to open the floodgates wide enough so it can be implemented. (Currently only maybe a million guest workers in skilled trades are able to work, mostly in IT and other similar fields, this is not enough to meet the goal of propping up Third World governments that have managed to keep their countries poor and wages low. A decision there will be binding on the entire world, dramatically increasing migrant labor in both highly skilled and unskilled professions of all kinds. A global precariatization.

So state battles to pass fake public options, because all partially subsidized services are subjected to all these rules, which are designed to tear them to shreds, are more  political theater or signalling than actual solutions, which dont exist within the space of whats allowed in GATS, Of course this shenanigans is always in / from the United States.

Don't get me wrong, we have need REAL public healthcare, for decades and its likely at least a million poor Americans have died unnecessarily who would not have died had it not been rigged these past 25 years.

We desperately need to remove some of these service sectors from GATS so that there wont be a huge national uprising (which also would be futile if the goal was to get out of these obligations as they survive revolutions)

So the jobs in committed sections will be offshored to the lowest bidders, which would have led lead to a loss of as many as 41% of the country's jobs , or more if they didn't include public services (but they do,) so much more as they do.Very many jobs, so many its unlikely many people will survive unless they can get themselves locked up in prison, fully aware that prisons will be outsourced and possibly offshored too.

Why haven't politicians told us this? Well one reason is brainwashing.

ANOTHER IS BECAUSE WE NEVER THOUGHT TO ASK THEM. And get them on the record as lying. Because whats being done in health care is a crime against humanity.

Making healthcare affordable to all requires it be kept in the US where there is accountability. Not outsourcing patients to whatever country wins the bid in an instantaneous process more like hotel and airline ticket purchasing (or subprime mortgages) in a process that will require mass surveillance so that insurance companies can price their products appropriately to peoples age, travel, work and home proximity to hazards, genetics, past medical history, income and so on.

Keeping healthcare in the US and subject to US (preferably state laws so people can move to states with higher standards) requires eliminating all tiers and either setting back all clocks to before GATS and the WTO (impossible ) or getting out of these FTAS somehow. 

The only way to preserve some jobs is to extract those services from GATS, otherwise, Americans being so expensive, we will literally lose most jobs, all the good jobs.

since so many other jobs are going to be traded away, (the healthcare jobs would not be outsourced under single payer, its literally the only thing that could save them unless we leave GATS completely)

but you cant have any remaining health insurance anything, that makes the getting out of GATS impossible. 

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(The healthcare system has to give up health insurance and tiers in any way. So we would have to treat everybody in each area equally, something many Americans have never experienced, Americans are cowed and so used to being treated as if their lives are worthless, and that they should be happy to get any healthcare at all, if they are poor.)

Even the UK's NHS (which predated the WTO) is now in a one way street to privatization because of GATS and BREXIT's transition.

There is a large body of literature on the GATS issue, mostly found outside of the US but nothing on this aspect of Brexit, the one that is likely to make the hugest difference in Britons lives.

Its a similar mother lode of politicians dishonesty in the United States.

This facilitates our nation's brainwashing where we persist in the unsupportable belief that politicians would do anything besides trigger more and more traps to make us more unlikely to escape the insurance trap.

Its also unlikely that the party which for decades has benefited greatly from the preservation of this problem would fix it after lying about uts imminent fixability for so long.

  The manipulation goes back to the early 1990s.


Because inside GATS the ideology makes everything market based which means self supporting. As fewer people from developed high wage countries become employed as liberalization progresses (US workers are deemed too expensive to win these US jobs, the global value chains system will be looking to the "least developed countries" to staff jobs in what is now its  public sector. The idea is to 1.) Increase profits and reduce labor costs, which they call "efficiency gains". 2.) prop up a belt of authoritarian countries by giving them patronage jobs. 3.) destroy the labor unions and 4.) Lower work and environmental standards conform to a global least common denominator and quite possibly but undescribed in any document I have found, 5.) Create an additional underclass of Shift both skilled and unskilled jobs to globalized firms and eventually prison labor. (traditional slavery, Hospital to prison pipeline)

Healthcare in committed sectors, are now called "services of general economic interest" in Europe. the use of such less ambiguous terms would reduce the ability of politicians to pretend they retained power they had ceded away decades ago by approving the URAA. Now it is on autopilot.

(These new words in the EU for economically important services like healthcare, water and similar essentials that used to be called "public services" - which are defined very narrowly - in a way that excludes the public services most of us think of. They become privatized, globalized cookie cutter commodities, interchangeable standarized cogs in a global machine designed to make bidding across borders the norm, make diplomas from all nations equivalent, (there is a huge pool of degreed would be workers without jobs in the Authoritarian Bargain countries we want to prop up. They are even willing to literally pay to work, in many cases, in order to get their start. )

increase profits and decrease creativity and flexibility and turn the world into a society of extreme inequality that leads to mass disenfranchisement and mass voter nullification (the trade agreements already render voting unable to change many of the things vote for healthcare being an excellent example of that)

Note to Canadians, as far as I know, Canadian healthcare qualifies as a public service, because Canada does not have health insurers like the US and UK and the Canadian healthcare system pre-existed GATS.

See the related links at the bottom of this article. Frankly the US seems to want chronically sick people to leave the country for healthcare eventually (when the TISA agreement is finished) TISA allegedly (its secret) has provisions to globalize healthcare - increasing the number and kinds of tiers. Having the maximum amount of information on patients health status will be essential to pricing services, because some patients require almost no care while others require a lot of expensive care. Offshoring care will require complex e-auction sites where instantaneous transactions can occur based on standardized health biometrics such as physical activity level, toll road data (GATS also requires privatization of transport systems) various measurements taken of their heartbeat and walking speed - location, whether somebody lives or lived in a polluted are and for how long, genetics, relatives health conditions, childrens health conditions, income, source of income, exposure to natural disasters that had health impacts. Financial health and stability, they all impact peoples health.

Partial Subsidies trigger requirements to globalize services.

Basically capital has now almost completed its global takeover of governments with GATS it has not only required a large scale abandonment of any human responsibilities, it has areplaced them with innumerable new corporate  responsibilities for governments -to deliver all the DATA the corporate state requires of it, to decide who to service, in exchange the corporate state will deliver all the information governments require from them about the political. Equally. As if they all were equally worthy and equally legitimate. This is the deal. the people dont exist as people butthey are part of markets. Which cannot be devalued.

Under WTO Government and policy become the property of other governments (thats the older WTO version)

Under the US's vision of this global corporate state, which uses negative listing, corporations get the entitlements to sue theem (their taxpayers) directly in ISDS suits.

. (under the US negative list flavor.)

Public is defined very narrowly  and for any public interest to be optional (competing with one or more like commercial service)is simply not allowed for any length of time, in richer countries, except if its minimally trade restrictive, officially. ( See this video, near the end where the "not more burdensome" requirement is discussed. As you see the kinds of things people think about when they think about public healthcare are not allowed because they represent a better deal than commercial offerings and  would be made available to everybody including those who had other options such as the employed who were greatly underinsured. Offering them a better deal would undermine health insurance companies especially foreign health insurance companies and their products, such as a la carte insurance, or insurance with a very low actuarial value or sudden balloon payments. The opportunity to make high profits is why foreign financial services firms are likely to enter the US. The US's lack of financial literacy and "wild West" lack of regulation and GATS ratchet which guarantees inly deregulation and not re-regulation is why they would come. is why they would come. Like banks and payday lenders, health insurance firms have a set of expectatons that they have been given a legal right to expect. This regulatory ceiling was established in the mid to late 1990s which allows a wide spectrum of very profitable practices, including rights to make as much profit as they want without numerical limits, Rights to exclude the already sick as was done in the standstill date either January 1,1995 or February 26, 1998. Additional regulations added since then are likely framed to the WTO either as post-2008 temporary measures intended to last for a maximum of ten years, or something else, but also temporary. "protectionist" measures, protectionist because they are delaying the planned outsourcing of jobs in the sector which had been committed. (A US regulation limiting US funds to only being spent on US licensed providers may be subsumed by the GATS commitments in those sectrs which commits the US to globalize them, similar to what has been done with IT. The EU has similar commitments, but exempts public utilities, a vague meaningless term which doesnt map to any of the defined terms it uses for services of general economic interests or services supplied as an exercise of governmental authority like the governments themselves. (and free healthcare in Canada)  See page 11 in this document which applies to public options. They are subject to GATS rules which are designed to dismantle them and replace them with market based services as quickly as possible.

Minimum means least scope (shortest amount of scope, and minimal level of help, available to only people who do not have any other help, say because they were diagnosed with a deadly disease and could not go to work because work is closed and working is not allowed due to an emergency..

because it is NOT the kind that is "supplied as an exercise of governmental authority" - the only kind that is actually allowed and isn't subjected to the death of a thousand cuts when the WTO meets every two years.

That's a legal definition, please read it.

Do GATS rules apply to a national or state healthcare system?

To get out of GATS, so we can restore democracy, it is also essential this happen soon or we wont be able to afford buying back our rights, (which we have not had since perhaps as early as September 20, 1986, or perhaps as late as December 8, 1994).

Democracy meaning we could vote for things that involve economic issues, the same economic issues that are now or soon will be (in the case of TISA) policy entitlements of countries (like the WTO's GATS, see this explanation on how to write them.) or corporations (Like the US's own TISA).


This same situation also applies to lots of other services of general economic interest.

In Colorado, Democrats had a contentious primary season pretending to argue over the fake public option issue, which in fact is officially "settled", the USTR had committed it, in GATS, so officially we must have commercial health insurance (so once a foreign investor has invested, a trigger is ratcheted in, See Maine's report as to the implications of this, keeping in mind the fact that now because of mergers, and serco's involvement this trigger has possibly been triggered already, increasing the compensation costs (to buy our freedom) tremendously..

(The idea is to give certainty, like the commercial all risk insurance they used to have to buy,  for investors) 

Commercial services lock in forever unless we (soon) leave GATS which may already have become too expensive to leave, because of the Obama Administration using a foreign company to administer Obamacare, deciding it forever? maybe. If so, the media should report that all politicians who promise improvements in healthcare need to inform voters that that is not possible because of the lock-in. The third of Americans with chronic illness should make other plans.

Slick, or not, its real. More real than the disinformative media coverage.

That's what was decided behind closed doors.

Decades ago. The future of US healthcare, education, etc, is privatization and globalization. is globalization.

We're fighting to privatize healthcare education and dozens of other services before people figure it out.

Don't think we lost the memo, we never got it.

we didn't get a memo, they just did it. In the GATS. Where have they been, don't they know?

What is it about voters not welcome they don't understand?


WTO Headquarters Building in Geneva

No, Geneva doesn't want your input. They are not a human-recognizing organization. The issue has been traded away, as the jobs soon will be.

Overview of GATS.

Good article about how US healthcare policy has been subsumed by GATS by the late Nicholas Skala. .

You can read many more articles on our healthcare mess in the Links directory.


Lets become a truth based, fact based nation again. I know what you're thinking, it cant possibly be true that I am the only person telling the truth and this whole elaborate simulacrum we read about and even think we are debating is all fake.

Thats what I thought too, for years I was looking for some fact that made my conclusion wrong, all I found when I dug is things that made it clear it was true.


I dont know if that is the right word, because its insulting to all the people who have (correctly) concluded that the current path we are on is wrong and that we desperately need single payer healthcare, we do. the thing they are wrong about is our being able to simply vote for it and change it. Without somehow severing the binding GATS obligations first.

the word I prefer is simulacrum, a manufactured simulation of a false but convincing world.

The reason why its false is because we're not debating it in the sense that we could vote for it and fix it.

So, Bernie Sanders campaign was doomed from the start in the sense that both parties would have done anything and everything to prevent their scheme from being exposed. So, it was a fraudulent contest where its unclear if bernie's intent was to win or was to create the impression of res juicata in the future - legitimating a fraud as an election by arguing things that had already been decided. and then "losing".

Also, with so many jobs being traded away, it would be good if the "losers" in that situation were convinced that they had had a chance but just lost.

They (both parties) both seem to be cooperating to pull this off. They would have to be. I have to leave how and why as an exercise to journalists which I really am not. (Can't you tell?) I am very tired of all this and just want to get back to life, IN A DEMOCRACY.  Which they stole a hack of a long time ago. now they pretend to be one but they are acting because we cannot actually fix anything. get it?

isn't it obvious to you, you know, it is very obvious to me.

How could we all be so gullible?

Maine undertook a study to see if they could set up their own lower cost healthcare plan.

hiring TRADE experts from Georgetown University. And here is what they found.

You may also want to download this and save it to read when you understand this mess a bit more. It also applies to the UK so if you know any Britons you should send it to them. Especially Page 11.

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