Why is US Healthcare SO expensive? Because of "Gatslighting" by news papers like the NY TIMES? They're hiding the TRUTH about the real causes of our healthcare mess from the American people.

And now CANADA's healthcare is in grave danger, too.

The newspapers have to be called to task for their hiding of the truth before these lies are successful in their campaign seemingly to extinguish the human race.

I would like to draw your attention to a New York Times article which asks the question, "Why So Expensive". Well this article is going to try to get them - with proof- to recognize the 2000 lb elephant in the room. The GATS "agreement".

It complains, accurately that US healthcare is the most expensive in the world, and that all other developed countries, with the exception of Mexico and Turkey have successfully solved the problem with various combination of regulation and public healthcare, BUT both are anathema to US regulators who also have embedded their ideology into international agreements we are forcing on other countries (if they want to trade with us) Here in the US we also battle  a revolving door and corruption. Two problems that the NYT has chosen to downplay in the US it seems. But these problem main cause is the WTO GATS "agreement".