We need to prevent the creation of a hospital to prison pipeline.

One of my anxieties about the capture of the US by corporations, is what seems to me to be a slow slide back into the worst aspects of the past. This is due to the global forces so afraid that the positive changes that happened in the last century would continue that neaar the end of the last century they set up a scheme to lock the entire planet into their bad movie, for good. they have literally been trying to take over the planet in order to reverse all that progress, and they have been succeeding. And we're letting them, largely because we dont know, which is a huge mistake. They are not normal people or normal politicians, they are compulsive liars.

With precious few exceptions.

One of the things they have done is give corporations property rights to policy. In the case of prisons that may actually be having the effect of locking in laws that criminalize poor people and creating entitlements owned by corporations to continue the laws that incarcerate people even if the people want them repealed.

Not so long ago I heard the story of a Chicago mother who ended up in jail because she could not pay a hospital bill.

Ive also heard quite a few stories of people being injured and not being able to afford an ambulance and literally trying to get out of the moving ambulance to avoid the bill.

I could definitely see that happening with Covid 19

Its been interesting hearing various politicians making various promises to crowds of reporters - which later insurance companies walk back.. No, we are not waiving this or that..

We should be contemplating the horrible situation with COVID-19 and people who cannot afford a hospitalization, and figuring how to pay for it.

We're being held hostage by people whose radical, greedy ideology is not shared by the country, which has been lied to for 25 years, to fool us into thinking we still had the right to regulate health insurance, when they had actually signed it away on December 8, 1994

We're run by people who are unfit to lead, and neither party's preferential candidate offers any kind of solution, quite the opposite.

How are we going to escape this trap we're being led into?