US Senate reconvenes tomorrow under new Biden administration - country hoping for relief from divisive and extractive policies.

Democracy is the system we've developed that steers the ship of state. We need real democracy that can change policies when it's needed, not the trade-deal nullified governmental policies we have (but don't realize we have) today.

Nation needs to provide a better environment for all of us, particularly lawmakers and front line workers.

Need economic renewal that puts all our families first, particularly front line workers.

Need a different model for economic growth, one that supports al forms of business, particularly small and worker owned businesses and non-corporate cooperative models.

Policy needs to stop trying to force a terrifying global corporate takeover on all humanity.

Need an end to the credentialization of employment and means to recognize the many different ways people aquire skills, such as by doing things, that exist alongside formal education.

Need to recognize that high levels of fraud exist in some educational systems and provide for ongoing testing to allow people to show that they have skills in a given area, without costly screens.

Need more transparency in high places, and for a trade policy that reflects the real values of Americans, not only the values of the largest corporations that undermines our peoples dreams and futures.

Trade rules that clearly conflict with the will of the nations people, should be null and void. No executive or legislative decisions on trade should ever be permanent, they should always be for a short, limited period of time, and subject to cancellation.

Need end to all privatization by stealth of public services and an end to trade in services deals like GATS and TISA that preempt local, state, and national laws and endanger US jobs and our peoples futures.

At the same time, an international mentoring program should be set up to give our own and other countries young people the chance to work here (and our young people the chance to work elsewhere) for short periods, which could be renewed, in order to mentor future professional relationships.

Need breaking up of large Internet companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Need expanded public banking, and an end to the prohibition of new public financial services by FTAs like GATS and TISA.. Need an end to "standstill" clauses in FTAS and breakup of all large banks and a focus on lending in communities. No bank or other business should be allowed to become too big to fail.

Need end to the trend towards disinvestment in the US, including capital controls to reduce volatility in international financial markets.  Need a financial transactions tax that pays for insurance for investors against fraud.

Need stronger laws against fraud in financial markets.

Need path to citizenship for residents who have lived in the US for years, removing them from limbo.

Need a total revamping of privacy rules and an end to the selling of peoples personal information. Need a complete change in how we treat information online.

Need a revamping of laws to support privacy and a recognition of the special role the Internet now must play in lifel. Need a improvemkent in laws that support privacy that recognizxes that democracy needs completely free speech. Need an end to the push to censor the Internet to suppress truth (such as true information on the unhealthy use of so called FTAs by industries to limit policy) Need checks on government regulation of important kinds of free speech.

Government should not get a free pass to censor speech that is essential to a free society, such as the criticism of the ongoing and terrifying theft of democracy by FTAs on this site.

People should own their own information online.

Need end to "body shopping" and outsourcing of public jobs  to the lowest international bidders. Need end to guest worker systems that attempt to lower wages globally by means of labor arbitrage. Laws should lower CEO pay to increase profits, not allow massive job outsourcing.

Need a reversal of the systematic dismantling and banning by FTAs of New Deal like economic programs that create domestic employment. Such programs should also have an strong educational component.

Need a vast new focus on training of young people in high tech skills and lifetime learning for all Americans, and support of community maker-spaces and adult education to revitalize American manufacturing and small business.

Need revitalizing of the patent system so that inventors wont be afraid to patent their ideas.  Inventors should be able to defend their patent rights without having to spend thousands of dollars a hour on lawyers.

Need a new focus on healthy communities and more community free clinics and public healthcare. Nobody should ever be bankrupted by medical bills.

Need a renewed focus on sustainable and organic agriculture, and away from factory farming. People should have more access to healthy foods grown with sustainable methods that don't deplete soils and pollute water.

Environmental standards should rise to best attainable, not fall in a race to the bottom. When they are harmonized, regulations should harmonize upward, not downward.

Polluters should pay for damage they have caused, including damage caused by EDCs, which are building up in the environment and pose a huge threat to human health..

Need elimination of ISDS, and ISDS-like trade rules, and rollback of GATS, TRIPS, and other FTAS. .

Need a new model for trade based on win-win trade interactions, not coercion. It should push for a global race to the top on safety and environmental regulation, not a global deregulation of wage and safety standards..

Need strong limits on pharmaceutical pricing and a reinstatement of the Reasonable Pricing Rule that was dismantled in 1995.