Urgent-non-partisan Medicare and Social-Security traps for the unwary -proof below

NOTE: WORK IN PROGRESS, please forgive the state of this document, its still being edited and has redundant information! BUT its important, and verifiable fact. URGENT: Both US Presidential candidates have plans to make changes to our current Medicare and Social Security systems that WILL DESTROY THEM . Also commitments we made in the 1990s have put many tens of millions of our best and future jobs in jeopardy. And most deregulatory changes by either party lock in and cant be repealed. Many changes lock in. A little known trade agreement "GATS" literally dooms them unless we leave it immediately.

One big problem is shown by the Annex on Financial Services, first paragraph.

What would the loss of its exemption from GATS privatization rules mean for Medicare?

Well, healthcare insurance is a financial services, so its a committed service under the GATS, there is no ambiguity.

So, unlike Canada we have little in the way of flexibility since we joined GATS in 1994. Whatever ambiguity there was was clarified in 1998.

eventually, no matter what, the main idea of GATS is turning services and their jobs into a global commodity.

This can be seen on the WTO's site in the first paragraph of the Annex on Financial Services.

One has to dig through the trade literature much of which is linked under financial services. Other relevant keywords are the names of the trade instruments the gotchas are found in, and what they effect.

This is a screen shot from Patricia Arnold's essay for TACD on GATS and Financial Services Deregulation. See the second bullet item.

Expansion of Medicare Will Trigger WTO Challenge

Also see Health Affairs "The General Agreement On Trade In Services: Implications For Health Policymakers"

One needs to know how GATS is rapidly making once- public services FTA-illegal all around the world.

Another trade agreement, on services, TISA as well as another agreement which has extensive services coverage also, along with procurement provisions which are also problematic in other agreements, make virtually all politicians promises empty because these initiatives make virtually all new deal style programs FTA-illegal.

They also intentionally make themselves almost impossibly costly to leave.

TISA in particular is an ugly expansion of GATS, giving it legitimacy it does not deserve. If you do a little research on these deals you'll find that they are insanely against virtually everything people of both parties want the government to do in almost every area.

TISA also is even more criminogenic than GATS, turning politicians into liars by capturing policy space so it can be impossibly costly to get back. .

It will almost certainly be revived under Biden, or quite possibly Trump also if he wins a second term, but I think its clear that Biden is almost certain to do that. His assertions that he intends to keep everything the same is a coded message that he will continue the Obama trade agenda, which is GATS and probably, also TISA.

The US is unlike many other countries in the depth and scope of our commitments in financial services, healthcare, and other "sensitive" services, GATS requires our financial services safety net elements, (health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and anything that affects trade in financial services to be "existing only" and not changed, at all, or "progressively liberalized" which means in part eliminated and/or reduced in scope.

What must be done first to avoid disaster? We must perform an important procedure (GATS Article XXI withdrawing our relevant services totally from the GATS) in Geneva, which its highly unlikely either current Presidential candidate would do! they are most likely colluding to confuse us with their hall of mirrors, all referring back to the same rejected policy voters hate. We could see this bizarre dance in the debate last night.

The late Nicholas Skala's 2009 paper is a good introduction to many of the issues, as far as healthcare.

Patricia Arnold's 2006 article is a good basic read on the problems presented to Social Security and Medicare, and why.

One also must learn about the two versions of the governmental authority exclusion, and why they matter.

The relevant sectors of the absolutely horrible GATS (existing) trade in services agreement must be LEFT by the USTR's office via the Article XXI procedure FIRST. And we must not sign any new democracy-destroying agreements like TISA.

Please read both the paper on GATS and financial services deregulation section on Social Security, Medicare - and the paper GATS and Public Services Systems, footnotes, search on "annex"

Please read the extremely useful paper by Nicholas Skala on GATS and US health care reform. Make certain you understand the difference between being considered "services" in the scope of the GATS and not.

All the kinds of healthcare we can rely on are able to exist ONLY IF OUTSIDE OF THE GATS scope! This is best shown in the Annex on Financial Services.

Does GATS apply to a state healthcare system? (From it's Article I:3 (b) and (c) )

Any changes to "expand Medicare" WITHOUT LEAVING THE PREVIOUSLY COMMITTED GATS SERVICE SECTORS FIRST via the Article XXI procedure will destroy it by privatizing it, which will be a disaster for this country!

Medicare is in danger because its seen as an impediment to global trade in health insurance. Also its againat the core US ideology, which stands opposed to non-profit services and government involvement. Both US parties are adamant in the international sphere, united against non-profit services. Social Security also stands in the way of the massive outsourcing of jobs thats planned.

Many jobs will vanish from these shores forever, meaning many people wont be working and even the most highly skilled workers may not ever be able to get a job that offers any job stability, because of the changes which will undermine wages for even the better paying jobs a very great deal.

So as you see, things are very different than both parties tell their voter, really they are both the opposite of what they claim to be now.

The current politicians, none of them have any intention of fixing healthcare by instituting a sustainable system. We who consider ourselves progressives are being led into a trap by a pivot which has as far as I can tell, 100% probability of causing a huge disaster.Because we absolutely cannot expand Medicare without leaving GATS first, that will privatize and globalize it. Turning what are now benefits into a trap to privatize the entire system.

By avoiding telling the country about GATS ever, and hiding its every effect and choice for 26 years, both parties have created a "simulacrum" a fake political system here based almost entirely on subtle lies, like North Korea's. its that far removed from the truth in crucial ways.  Nothing is as it seems.

Its like waving a red flag in front of  bull, a scheme intended to justify punitive sanctions on the United States. They probably worked this out in advance beforehand. I guarantee to you that once you investigate this scheme you'll realize just how insanely this situation has been rigged by the rich and powerful in the worst possible way. And this has gone on and been kept secret since before September 15-20, 1986.

GATS is literally a world agreement to privatize all public services, except the tiny number of ones that either are completely noncommercial and have no competition, or are exempted by carve outs, (Our TISA seems intended to switch it from opt in to opt out!)

or which qualify for the exemption in the beginning of the GATS Annex on Financial Services, whose applicability is already in grave danger since the Arnold and GATS and Public Services Systems articles were written -many new government efforts to further erode their protections have been undertaken. DON'T TRUST THEM, this shell game is one we absolutely cant win if we do.

We should be certain nothing is as it seems, Our government is lying to us. Its part of a 34 year old (since the meeting in Punta Del Este, Uruguay September 15-20 1986) scheme to funnel wealth and jobs to the already wealthy, at the expense of the world's entire middle class. It emphatically does not help the poor.

Its goal is to increase profits, lower wages and trade off high perceived value low profit (i.e. decent wages) jobs and lock in obscene prices on essential services of all kinds.

Its literally the deal from hell having caused at least three major US disasters already! (For example, loss of the lives of at least a million poor Americans over the more than two decades while HC has been rigged so it could not be fixed by voting, THAT'S what I am talking about here, friends. And two other major disasters in financial services - in 2008, and the defunding of essentials like higher education.  the EUA has declared  GATS, and TTIP and TISA to be an existential threat (to the very existence of public higher education.)

GATS tries to privatize our last remaining sustainable public services because it sees them as speed bumps on the superhighway to total outsourcing and offshoring of jobs and the impoverishment of the once middle class. That's what they want, because we expect promises to be kept that they now find burdensome, having new ways to staff jobs.

GATS (and the likely pending soon again TISA which is supposed to be merged with GATS at a future date to make it even more insidious and stealthy) is a huge trap thats been built over more than three decades to trade large numbers of jobs away in order to get things countries want from other countries.

In our case, we likely want things like extended patent terms for Rx drugs and higher drug prices, also US companies want to literally buy up foreign firms that make affordable generics, to take cheap generic drugs off the market, and they want special WTO statuses to build their new factories overseas.

Please don't trust politicians of any kind, on this issue, they are all dishonest, I have to conclude lacking any proof to the contrary.

The whole country has been deceived on this entire issue as you will see on this fact based site.

As far as I can tell, because they are hiding this agenda and preventing any kind of understanding of these issues from being seen by the public, not a single US politician I know of is trustable.

Because these changes GATS makes are too big to leave out.

We need to pursue Article XXI.

What will happen if Biden expands Medicare without leaving GATS first? the answer is right there in the beginning of the Annex, that will destroy it!

Because only single payer is allowed and it only if we are not in these deals. We need to withdraw from them which will come at a cost, but the cost of inaction is far greater, the futures of all of us, and especially the  jobs of our young people. They cant be compensated for the jobs they never get.


See this Youtube video by the late Nicholas Skala, shot just weeks before his sudden unexplained death, which does not mention his WTO paper at all, but his advice is sound.Single Payer is the only way that works.

Only single payer can be exempted from the GATS. It replaces all other healthcare including Medicare. Making even any change to the single payer model or delaying it for any time is a trap. we have to get out of GATS first, we cannot follow these peoples advice as for decades this scheme has been cooking to destroy our safety nets now, probably and outsource and offshore potentially millions of jobs and likely in the near future also poorer patients.

(also prisons, and many other jobs and services)

An excellent paper by Patricia Arnold and Terrie Reeves in the Journal of Business Ethics is useful for showing the web of commitments we have made. Any university library or a service like DeepDyve should have it.

Also, this ABA paper (free but need to sign up) also gives a lot of useful links, including legal citation in approved formats. It won a prize from the ABA - Nicholas Skala (RIP) however deserves a lot of credit. Also several others do as well.

There is no way any kind of adequate sustainable Medicare could continue if it is subjected to GATS (privatized) which "expanding Medicare" to be any larger than Social Security will automatically do otherwise, even if its just a little. 

Just some of the GATS rules which make any kind of decent sustainable money saving healthcare impossible by design. There are many others that we volutarily piled on top of these ones including a freeze on new regulation after 1998, except under emergency conditions, and a few other intentionally unavailable exemptions intended to show that its impossible to evade the GATS rules and punish countries that ignore them.

Any politician who does without leaving GATS first- which is absolutely essential is

Only the biggest game player of them all is capable of this global grab. The people of the US should not be punished for our elites crimes, especially as we have been totally deprived of any knowledge of them.

Adverse possession of our democracy ?

million poor people here while US healthcare has been

Don't trust anybody in the US.  Read the relevant rules on the WTO site. You can find a bunch of links in the Related Links section below, read them and understand them. The first two links (Arnold and BC Canada essay) discuss the specific issue in their footnotes. Also, the Health Affairs article and the "Putting Health First" from the Canadian Policy Alternatives group does as well.

The footnotes are the small print at the bottoms of pages or the ends of papers (under "References") in scholarly literature..

See our GATS Article XXI pages.

Its obvious why our legislators dont want to discuss GATS, their policy has been great for their stocks but

We need to get it out into the open also because GATS also trades away potentially millions of jobs.

If we withdraw some of the largest job containing sectors like healthcare, other countries MAY seek compensation for the lost expected jobs and patients.( Patients? Yes, despite a reservation to keep it out of the news for now that the WTO says is invalidated by our commitments. WTF?)

If we file Article XXI if they don't right then, then they will lose the chance to. they will force this dirtiest of deals - as well as the dirtiest drug deal ever.

out into the open.

(Contrast it with this act of heroism)

Other countries then have a chance to seek compensation for the jobs they claim to have been promised.

This entire setup is illegitimate. .

(Many may not come forward then because it would be a public relations nightmare to be associated with the GATS scam and its blatant fraud on the American people to   by trickery. If they don't come forward now, then they lose the chance and we are set free and can THEN and only then do what we need to do which cannot be even the slightest bit different.

We need to dump the global grab and have a single health care plan (one that has no connection to Medicare which is vulnerable

All health care for all people, must be replaced completely with a unitary plan to escape the WTO GATS and TISA trap.

(A great deal of proof that otherwise, US FTAs with our negative list will stop all progress, and reverse the gains of the last 80 years or so by requiring a race to the lowest common denominator that all share is here on this site)

See <keyword on progressive liberalization>.

Health insurance cannot be allowed, that intentionally breaks it. That fate - the death of a thousand cuts, is what is befalling many national 'public option' systems, such as the UK's NHS. (Read this paper [link] by Meri Koivusalo on "trade creep" and TTIP that also applies to GATS, TISA and the pending UK-US deal) (Trade creep also applies to everything else trade deal related, too, its also called progressive liberalization. here is an article on it and higher education.)

Especially dangerous is the fact that Britons have been kept in the dark on the fact that their preservation of their for profit health insurance system dooms their NHS.
(Here is proof) Also, proof that selling insurance breaks their NHS's ability to be the NHS (see page 11) especially if they make a transition like leaving the EU. (see document on pre-established and its meaning in GATS)

For Medicare and Social Security to survive, and to make it possible to expand social services as jobs are traded away or even prevent this deal to trade away jobs that they claim is irreversible, so that our poor people can survive, the US must leave the WTO GATS, and not sign or revive any additional deals particularly the now cancelled Obama and Biden Administration deal, TISA..

Then we should immediately adopt an independent unitary health care payment system that bans self-pay-cash, and concierge medicine - replacing it with a national single payer system for all that covers all medically necessary care at the best possible level.)

There cannot be any tiers.

It cannot have tiers. Tiers are the wedge they will use to kill it. This is why equality in health care is an anathema to the corporate healthcare system.

Please do not listen to any promises of the two candidates, its a well established legal fact that the US signed the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services - Are we likely to return to the TISA agenda? We don't know.

GATS' standstill is embedded in TISA and explained in this 2013 position paper from the GFIA, the global insurance industry organization.

its effective date was Feb 26, 1998.

That means that is the ceiling for US financial services regulation and all subsequent changes must be temporary unless we leave or modify the terms of the GATS. This is the extremely rigid position we have taken, and thats well documented. 

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