Two videos about the fraudulent beginnings of the offshore finance world in the decline of the former British Empire, in the private City of London.

The British and American governments, and powerful services lobbies, with a global unelected oligarchy in charge. They decided to set up this offshore "banking secrecy" system for themselves. Supporting all sorts of illegal activities.

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

Secret power - In offshore "treasure islands" secrecy jurisdictions- the assets looted by the ultra-rich. a collection of financial interests is kept out of sight. There its able to assert itself against the government. These assets are now so large this system is now almost the dominant global financial system!

Also see this long interview with Nicholas Shaxson, author of the incredible  book "Treasure Islands"

 Its involved in supporting illegal and out of sight activities. (such as money laundering, corruptionof every imaginable kind, kickbacks, fraud, and financing terrorism).

"In Britain, nobody goes to jail, We will protect you" (Talking to the rich crooks, former dictators, thieves, drug cartels.)