Trump is making a bad situation worse.

He needs to focus on the needs of families and individuals, not mega-corporations, which conflict with those of people.

He needs to stop his racism and blame game, it is not helpful now, as the whole world needs to unite. Also, economy is not helped by helping corporations consolidate their capture of the nation, also his "trickle down economics" have been repeatedly debunked, and do NOT help the economy.

Big corporations will just use bailout money to buy back their own stock. (line their executives pockets) 

His racist remarks also, are shameful and embarrassing in the context of this world-altering pandemic.

The country needs compassionate, intelligent, scientifically literate leaders. Both US parties now are TOTALLY captured by mega-corporations and both are increasingly pursuing policies so owned by corporations that saying they are destructive to our nation's PEOPLE, is inadequate, as they are literally fighting a war on all of us.

The bailout reflects how mega-corporations and Wall Street have taken over our government with their unwanted and unneeded trade agreements.

It does not help the vast majority of Americans, it attempts to exploit a disaster to force bad policy on the country.

We should not be trapping the nation in bad models that have never worked to address issues like healthcare people cannot afford. The biggest need, is measures that help individuals and families.

(Note, this is NOT an endorsement of Biden or Corporate Dems.)

The biggest companies, especially, need to be forced to give their workers paid sick leave.

If trade agreements need to be left in order to do things like give all of us the healthcare people will invariably need in this pandemic, we need to do that.

We need to force international firms to either accept the things we need to do, if to do that we need to dump FTAs, lets do it, now.

NOW. Let the countries or corporations that claim compensation, sue us, NOW. Settle those cases.

If we must dump extortionate drug pricing (the TRIPS agreement), GREAT, LETS DO IT. Dump TRIPS, THEN LET'S MOVE ON.

We need to be able to toss bad actor corporations out of the country if they cross bright lines that threaten our nations and planet's  economic well being, and health. People make up America, and corporations are not people.

Every human being understands the meaning of fairness. We don't need their Trilemma's "golden straightjacket", to snuff out democracy, we need Roosevelt's Four Freedoms and our planet's shared compassionate humanity to work together.

The same goes for global economic governance organizations, and their "greed ideology".

Media are profoundly ignorant of the effects of GATS, the pending TISA and other FTAS in capturing government policy space. They need to wise up.

During this global pandemic, progressive media describes, one after another, the adverse effects of FTAs, like GATS, but does not mention those FTAs.

Media, you need to stop being willfully ignorant.  This site can help you. But you have to want to do the right thing, do you? It doesn't look good right now.