Trump in the UK, saying NHS is "on the table", 2014 (UK's) Serco "being paid to do nothing" KMOV story. GATS information blockade. What does it all mean?

That is the question. We Americans are being kept in the dark about an incredibly important change which is supposed to be public, the WTO GATS agreement on services and its chilling effects on policy. If we knew about it we would realize, so many things which are happening are supposed to "lock in" preventintg the things we want to be able to vote for. After the corporate interests and foreign countries all get their pound of flesh, whats left to democracy?

This is a developing story which I am trying to sort out. Trump in the UK, telling Britons that if the UK wants a trade deal with the US, the NHS "must be on the table" 

Well, the neoliberal Obama Administration (actually they all have been quite neoliberal since Carter) - i.e. the US has actually employed serco, a British firm, inexplicably to manage Obamacare, in a 1billion dollar deal a deal that really didnt seem to be necessary, according to a series of stories I had seen  in 2014. To understand why this may have been done, (To serve to lock in the increasingly embattled multilateral trading systems grip on "services" a privatization and globalization centered agenda that most people dont even know exists) we need to understand the desperation in some circles about the improvements in global awareness, and democracy. These circles of people want to use trade deals to lock democracy, and the peoples votes, out. By means of what amount to cheap lawyers tricks. I couldnt make this up, but it would literally be laughed out of town if people knew about it, its so sordid. So they keep it hidden.

To strike back against the changes in the 20th century, the neoliberal project and its trade deals were born. Most notably the GATS.

International trade may in these cases be seen as a pretext that may be used along with a trade deal by cynical people to gut democracy and block much needed progress, both here and in the UK, I strongly recommend that people read the other articles we have here on GATS and the implications of its Article 1:3 b+c, the so called governmental authority exception.

As well as our more general articles on GATS and health insurance and the proposed "plurilateral" FTA, TISA

Something doesn't smell right obviously.

I also have similar concerns over the situation with India. the problem is all three countries are ruled by groups of crony capitalists who have virtually no accountability and a serious lack of honesty. All are looking to leverage the GATS to appear to be looking out for the peoples interests while screwing us in economic matters, for their own benefit. (This is shown by the hiding of the GATS, to the point of the discussion that we need to be having being censored on social networks. A real world information blockade not at all dissimilar to the one in China over the violence 30 years ago. Why is it happening? because the impact of GATS is huge and its been totally destructive so far.)  

This situation now has been going on for quite some time. I think we may be seeing a sort of "shell game" going on where democracy vanishes by sleight of hand.  Note, I am just bringing this up to make my point that incidents of international trade and trade deals are being used as a sort of insider's scam to take away democracy, by stealth, and in the US, block much needed changes (a MedicareForAll system which doesnt use corporations as its gatekeepers, i.e. is fully accountable to the public, and run by doctors, who should be public servants and with a budget that is immune to politics, which can only happen if it doesnt have tiers, unlike the system in the UK which does have tiers, rich people in the UK purchase health insurance) not as any kind of comment on any company or similar.  In other words, the system we need will be used by everybody, from Senators to shop clerks, from children through old age. 

A few weeks ago I speculated that with Brexit happening, and Britons, it seems, like Americans being kept totally in the dark on GATS, it looked unlikely to me that the NHS would make it through the transition, because the GATS actually was written so that the privatization of the NHS by a death of a thousand cuts seemed to be burned in by virtue of "progressive liberalization" the effect of a complicated web of GATS rules, which do apply to financial services like health insurance if a commitment exists (or on the newer US style negative list FTAS, if a carve out doesnt exist that doesnt adequately exclude it), since health insurance effects trade in services.

Its not seen as a public service by WTO - so is not exempted from GATS, even if it is free, if it competes with a few as just one commercial firm.

This is because of the interrelating GATS Article 1:3 and Annex on Financial Services. So the UK, (like the US being barred from implementing MedicareForAll without GATS changes which we need to get moving on ASAP, a situation I have tried to explain elsewhere on this site), may then be prohibited by trade rules that really do need to be changed, from indefinitely keeping the NHS, until they are.

After all, as "pure" capitalism is what's framed as perfect in the GATS ideology, all roads must lead to it.

If this kind of ideology reminds you a bit of totalitarianism, that makes a lot of sense because neoliberalism IS a totalistic "doomsday cult" that wants to tear our current, democratic world down and replace it - after a "cleansing fire" as former WTO DG Michael Moore put it.

Their goal is replacing democracy with something else, a system where money is everything and where everybody's MONEY is equal. Even as JOBS vanish to rapidly improving automation. 

In order to do that its set up a totally new and amoral system, quietly duplicating and subsuming the one we know, the one we exist and have standing in, at a higher level.

That practice - is according to Hannah Arendt, who should know, having literally written the best book on it - is a diagnostic sign of totalitarianism. (this observation is on Page 413 of "The Origins of Totalitarianism" which can be found online. Read it. )