The reason the Corporate Dems "coalesced" so quickly around Joe Biden is the desire to hide the GATS from voters.

The GATS stole our democracy, so it should be a national scandal. Joe Biden and the other politicians who hide the GATS, whomever they are do not deserve our support. Because GATS takes away the right to vote for all but trivialities.

Here is information on GATS and our world's new "global economic governance" organizations.

Voters and indeed human beings have no standing under them, except as atomized components of "markets" which are bought and sold so they cannot be devalued by government regulation.

Biden is, like Trump, a hider of this perverse capture of democracy.

Here's how Biden helped hide the TRIPS theft of our right to regulate the prices of drugs.

He's trying to lay low, and not put himself into any unsupervised settings so he can pretend none of these changes had ever been made.


Filleting it like a fish.

From the statements he made on healthcare, which as the former vice president he must know he could not honor,  I suspect he doesn't even want or intend to win, just push Bernie out of the race.

If he wasn't he would not be making promises he knew he couldn't keep.


The GATS and its standstill clause on financial services is one reason why. It limited what is done in health insurance (and other financial services) to those existing in Feb 1998 only.


It also caused a global economic crisis which was used to justify the allowing the rules to be broken for a short time only, ten years.

Now those ten years have elapsed. Countries are pushing, hard, for the jobs they claimed to have been promised in the GATS.

(Additional Links: Documents: 503-1A, 503-2 )

Millions of jobs could be lost, starting with the best paid ones and working downward.

It's "More efficient" they say for others to do them, we're just gosh darn it, too expensive. After training our replacements, we'll be free to go.

Trump would do exactly the same thing.

What do you think, is $6.50 an hour for an engineer too little or not?