The future of work in the US, guest workers, precarious labor and the "agreement" to privatize everything.

The US puts the profitability of business above the very existence of people, and the GATS is an open secret it seems that the entire world knows about, except we Americans who like Rip Van Winkle, still think its the 1980s or 1990s when people could vote to change things like health care, poof, just like that.

But no, we cant. Our future has been captured and now it will be extremely difficult. But it could be done if we either reject the legitimacy of the GATS as a fraud on the nation, or buy our freedom back from corporations (in US style FTAS like the pending TISA) or countries (The GATS agreement which was signed in 1994) Part of the agreement replaces US (and other countries) workers (if they are not the cheapest qualified bidders) with whoever wins tenders for newly privatized contracts. (It moves towards an endpoint where it privatizes services unless they meet a two line test, which few can pass. Healthcare in Canada is the only one I can think of that does)

Foreign staffing companies get to make a huge markup on the workers they provide. Funneling profits to the middlemen. The future of many kinds of work is supposed to become services liberalization which means a shift to guest workers in jobs all across the spectrum. the change will squeeze out immigration replacing it with non-immigration which is temporary "movement of natural persons" to provide services. It deprives everyone of a stable and decent life, precariatizing work all around the world to make it more profitable for corporate owners.

Its supposed to become the largest redistribution of wealth in history, according to former WTO Director General. Michael Moore of New Zealand.

But, neoliberal ideology globally frames job losses as "efficiency gains", and American and European style businesses as he pampered result of a system that is too nice to people, that has to end.

Dozens of sectors have been committed in the GATS and other FTAS. So the change become entitlements, impossible to reverse. ("After all, corporations need certainty").

The L type visas may not be able to be held to a US minimum wage, but H type guest worker visas are under the control of the US more clearly.

Here is an article about H2A agricultural workers becoming more and more of a factor in the South.

Mode 4 most closely resembles the Middle Eastern sponsorship system where workers are only allowed to be in a country because of their relationship with their employer.  It has similarites to prison labor[missing page] (traditional slavery) but its not the same thing. Slaves, for example, in the US until the Emancipation, were literally property with all that implies. Guest workers are often subjected to abusive situations and its a very bad situation sometimes, but they are not literally enslaved, or should not be, by their employers. They are in some kid of limbo between the rights of permanent residents and undocumented persons, here legally but with their presence intentionally dependent on their labor. This is a disgraceful situation that our country should not be using to get cheap, exploitable skilled or unskilled labor.

As jobs become scarcer these kinds of arrangements are however rapidly becoming more common in a wider and wider number of service sectors. And in fact GATS locks them in, turning them into entitlements that cannot be withdrawn. The eventual plan is to have large segments of the economy, generally the better paid (now) high skilled jobs, and the jobs like agricultural work for long hours in the hot sun, that free Americans often dont want to do unless they are forced to by being imprisoned. There are a lot of undiscussed issues, especially where all the displaced workers who have worked their entire lives will do if the low end jobs as well as the bread and butter professional jobs are done by guest workers. (which seems to be the plan) Even though in theory the business will be more profitable, where will the customers come from if nobody has a job? How will people get health care if expansions in public healthcare remain prohibited by Geneva and become entitlements of foreign firms - who likely plan to deliver at least some of the care using international arrangements that leverage the high differences in cost to make reselling these services extremely profitable? 

This kind of thing is one contingent of what amounts to a war being conducted on most Americans. And it is not the fault of just one party either. Unfortunately.

Here is the problem, We have been taken over by a political class that has become hugely out of touch with the country, which is basically owned by powerful multinational corporations.

They worked out this scheme in the 80s and its been in place gradually stealing our policy space but by bit since the early 90s. Its very very dishonest, and has gone to great lengths to cover its tracks. Unfortunately, with dishonesty. Our first mistake was to trust them and let their false framings and long debunked garbage trickle down economics and rigid neoliberal ideology deceive us into giving up our rights, like the right to regulate in GATS. Since then, its been on autopilot. In the coming years, virtually everything people counted on for their economic stability is supposed to be traded away, to somebody else. This is going to make it a struggle for US based families to stay alive. Many will likely run into problems paying for the essentials without jobs.

How did this happen? Please look at the keywords on the left about the WTO's and GATS history, which will give you some information on how this scheme began in 1986, when they first put in writuing the intent to make services tradable. Also, remember how in the early 90s with the fall of Communismj, many Eastern European countries signed re-privatization agreements. GATS came out of that tradition and clearly its goal is to futureproof the future and roll back the Post New Deal and Vietnam era poverty programs and social net including universal public education, eventually. Globally.  Ive argued about this with neoliberals and they argue that because of global value chains its a bad investment paying for education people are not expected to be able to use. This argument, assuming that it is that people live for jobs and not for other reasons, also wants to attribute the value of human lives to how much money they earn, even as it is working hard to outsource and offshore the jobs of our country's people behind our backs by stealth, is fundamentally, profoundly broken.

They want to remake society in manners which will exclude the poor from the essentials of life and push them to the margins of society, using technologies like cashless cities and driverless cars that can be used as means of controlling and marginizing people arbitrarily, beyond any review or scrutiny. One has to wonder about a system that is refusing to fully engage on protecting the lives of its people . I get the distinct impression that they really dont care about the health or well being of anybody in the nation except themselves, while at the same time are eager to exploit each disaster for maximum advantage to grab illegitimate power. At the same time they are trying to steal (in this case, sell off) everything that isnt nailed down, while at the same time entangling us in traps buried in trade agreements. For example, the GATS has built in traps that destroy Social Security and Medicare if we try to expand their scope without leaving GATS first

Also, guest worker programs, by replacing vast numbers of decent paying rofessional jobs in nursing, medicine, teaching, IT, and many other core fields, replacing good jobs with low paying ones, done by people who want to work here for a few years, then leave, taking the money out of the country, (and its only fair to allow them to because it is theirs) will bankrupt it.

This is by design because being too good a deal and competing with commercial firms, it violates GATS. Only a totally free service with no commercial competition can be a public service that is sustainable.

Changes now in the pipeline will leave millions of Americans who currently live in postwar multiunit housing under rent stabilization laws homeless.

How will people be housed if postwar housing is torn down allegedly because its inefficient to heat? 

GATS targets higher education, that much is clear because its explicitly spelled out. What is less clear is that if a country allows international private schools to operate, that makes the carve outs for primary education subject to challenge.

How will people learn if public higher and primary education is closed down because of GATS and TISA?

How will, people bank if they cannot get bank accounts, postal banking prohibited because the post office has been privatized and shut down because of GATS?

How will a child or mother buy a drink at the water fountain, or recharge their water meter or travel on the toll roads, if they have a negative balance?

The UK's [name] and a Canadian air services firms are already selling and exporting fresh air. Australia's water mines are exporting its water. This means that new public services cannot be created, and the government is not supposed to allow unmetered use any more.  Everything must be paid for.