"The US economy is being hollowed out behind all of our backs!" TAA statistics supposed to track outsourcing and job loss to trade deals is allowed a huge loophole - so it misses many, or more likely most jobs being lost!

The TAA numbers, Trade Adjustment Assistance, the US Government's only figures that track outsourcing of jobs fail to count the vast majority of jobs being outsourced in IT to subcontractors for a host of different reasons. One is as plain as the nose on one's face. This program, which is supposed to keep statistics on the numbers of workers fails to list most of the jobs because many firms simply extend the working period a worker has by having them train their replacements over a slightly longer period, nine months instead of six.

Are these are the only figures available? Yes.

That's a complaint that I hear expressed over and over from trade researchers.

So even though officially 300,000 people have applied for TAA, during the Trump Administration, that number is likely a fraction of those who have been displaced.

Far more jobs have been loss to outsourcing because as I understand it having them train replacements for nine months is now the norm. (And doing that is very stressful for workers)  I hope that is clear enough.

So, because their layoff is extended over a longer timespan they get no TAA.

So for every job that gets TAA, and is listed as having been displaced, there are likely many many more jobs which are outsourced but never counted.

Its a loophole in the laws, just like the fake job ads the IT firms place to document how "they tried to find an American worker to do the job but failed"..

Wasting the money of job hunters who travel long distances, going from interview to interview for jobs that don't exist.

The result is that after a while, job hunters have a list of firms never to apply for jobs at because those companies never intend to hire US workers.

This has happened to me personally many times.

Its just a cruel trick on the American job seeker, to realize that we are the victims of really hopeless discrimination. It happens to Indian-Americans too. Once the employer realizes they are an American citizen they are no longer in consideration for most of these jobs which in most cases already have somebody picked out.

These companies also are hotbeds of caste discrimination, Indians tell me.

(The Indian IT workers are no fans of this modern slavery system either, so don't blame them. Many of the things I have discovered about this system they have told me themselves.)

We should not allow a system like this to hollow out the world's economy and steal our bright futures from us. Because that is what is being done.

And of course, tens of millions of young people can and will never be compensated for the good jobs they never get. They just will spend money to go to college and in most cases, still never get a decent job. That's how the system will work. The economy is being hollowed out behind our backs.