The dirty linkage between trading away US jobs and lack of affordable medicines.

Potentially very large numbers of precious US jobs are being traded for higher drug prices, internationally, in a world where drug prices are already way too high.

I'd like to draw your attention to this article from 2015 by Prof. Brook K. Baker of Northeastern University.

The article "Will a new US-led IP empire in India put access to medicines at risk?"

mentions the abhorrent linkage between trading away good jobs ( GATS and TISA ) and jacking up the prices of medicines (and taking off-patent generic drugs off the market,  which is not the core part of TRIPS  but closely interwoven with it and other FTAs like GATS especially, because market access" - to take over contracts from what once was a public sector, government procurement, etc. - pending a vast privatization of public service jobs which is planned, perhaps after the impending crash, will decimate domestic public services jobs and put them in play internationally, these are the core jobs that make up the US middle class, and they generally pay above average or even well. (They will be replaced by GATS Mode 4 )

Also at stake are all sorts of drugs, many now generic. Medicines that often cost literally pennies to make that taxpayers money developed. Under the radar, their prices are soaring.

Buy or ???

I have brought this linkage up here a number of times, but its explained better in Professor Baker's article.

His article is much easier to understand than mine.

Read the texts of the declarations. Knowing that India's perennial desire from trade negotiations is GATS Mode 4 jobs, a scheme where companies pay their own workforce comparatively low wages and resell it for such a substantial markup that it reallyis quite wrong.  Also, their business model - replacing US workers in jobs (after having them train their replacements over a nine month period, in a situation that I would imagine is very stressful, in order to avoid paying retraining benefits is wrong and should be illegal).

It's modern slavery.

That is what GATS does. All around the world. It will mean the rapid transformation of more and more good professional jobs, even those in the sciences,  into precarious labor, and the rapid shrinkage and demise of the middle class everywhere. The shift will most likely literally kill a lot of people.

And then a few months later, along came DS503

To trade the jobs away. Irreversibly. We cannot compete with these low wages.

(Here in the US, rid of the quota the numbers of Mode 4 workers will explode, even as their wages plummet. )

This is what I mean when I say that deals like GATS and TRIPS and TISA are poison for democracy and working people everywhere.

And now we have COVID-19

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