The dirty linkage between trading away US jobs and lack of affordable medicines.

Potentially very large numbers of precious US jobs may be traded away, for what? One likely target is higher drug prices, internationally, in a world where essential drug prices are already way too high.

I'd like to draw your attention to this article from 2015 by Prof. Brook K. Baker of Northeastern University.

The article "Will a new US-led IP empire in India put access to medicines at risk?" doesnt go into depth but a reader of this site and an examination of the chronology seems to show linkage between trade deals that trade away good jobs ( GATS and TISA ) and various changes increasing the prices of or making unavailable life saving generic medicines manufactured in developing countries, that sick people all around the workd's lives literally depend on. 

At stake are all sorts of drugs, including essential drugs for diseases like HIV, many now generic. Medicines that often cost literally pennies to make - some that US taxpayers money developed.

Once the patent expires- or in some cases, sooner, they should be available as generics, for very cheap.

A jobs-drugs linkage seems likely to me.

Note that GATS Mode Four is often called modern slavery.

And then a few months after Dr. Baker's article, along came the DS503 WTO dispute.

Pushing to trade far more jobs away. Irreversibly. We cannot compete with these low wages. And now we have COVID-19.

US jobs should never be traded away for any reason, but especially to keep lifesaving drugs out of the hands of those who need them.

This is what I mean when I say that deals like GATS and TRIPS and TISA are poison for democracy and working people everywhere.

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