Salon article on Republicans and healthcare leaves out the actions of the other neoliberals

They hide their tracks by means of trade agreements.

WTO's GATS and other bad FTAs like TRIPS, TISA, etc, play as large a part in making toxic healthcare permanent and locking us in as any party! They didn't appear out of thin air, and both parties had a hand in putting them there.

They put forward framing within which we cannot win, where hundreds of thousands (since 1995) perhaps as many as 50,000 people - because of GATS, each year, or more. GATS renders our healthcare virtuallu impossible to fix, as long as its there, but almost nobody seems to know this.  Something doesn't pass the smell test here.

In Africa, at least 10 million have died because of the evil TRIPS agreement took lifesaving drugs out of their reach, it eventually emerged that the real cost to keep those poor people alive (as long as they remained in poor countries, not the rich countries which received no TRIPS waiver. There the drugs cost $15,000 a year) would have been only 33 cents a day, each, and that leaves room for it still to be profitable.

We're both looking at a real disaster because of these betrayals.

The truth is starting to come out.

What will happen due to this 25 year long crime.

Remember that GATS also caused the 2008 mess and its 21 trillion dollar cost.

We signed on to a trade agreement standstill] that blocks new financial services regulation, in 1998.

But what about the ACA?

Well, health insurance is a fincnaial service. And because of the 2008 crash, they got to call the ACA a temporary measure. A temporary interruption in prosperity.Thats the propaganda we spew. Our system is so superior, that we dont need any of those measures. We got rid of welfare and we've almost gotten rid of food stamps, Medicare and Social Security.

Look at all the millions of technical and unionized jobs that our workers no longer want to do.

Your country can have them if if you act like us and privatize everything.

All of the New Deal and Great Society programs have already been eliminated or soon will be.

That's the ideology we all stand behind, with a remarkable Washington Consensus.

But we will soon have to go back to the situation that existed in 1998.

This should be a big news story, but its not been covered by anybody.

They hang up on me and accuse me of lying to them. But its true.

As those with pre-existing conditions were not covered in 1998, the benefits which were added in the ACA were doomed from the start by GATS.

Because after we joined the WTO we were not supposed to do anything new from that day forward, to make financial services any less profitable for foreign investors.

Who can improve on perfection, right?

So its not nit picking to say that any kind of positive improvement for sick people coming by way of increased regulation - like the ACA was doomed from it's start by a trade agreement we, the USA had a large hand in doing this.

Many changes made in the ACA were actually barred in toto by a standstill, and incrementally by individual GATS regulations. And barred by numerous GATS regulations.

Its arguable then that they were actually excluded from the future by a Democratic Administration, (the Clinton Administration)  Because he signed it.

Both of them seem to have some kind of backroom deal.

These changes are likely to be repealed soon because of those huge mistakes, and many jobs may be offshored because of these same agreements, and these laws are public record and readable on the WTO's web site, I'd like Salon to correct the record.

Here is the Salon article.

Here is the GATS "Understanding" with the standstill in it as proof. The "standstill date" of this document is Feb 26, 1998.

At the effective date of the Understanding, there was nothing like pre-existing conditions protection. Quite the opposite, the roughly one third of Americans who suffered from Pre-existing conditions in their families often paid for years only to be dumped when they made a claim. Why?

That makes health insurance basically free money to corporations - foreign corporations provide the pretext needed to totally do an end run around democracy. So they want lots of profits.And lots of jobs. This especially applies to drugs. We'll need to be able to buy out foreign companies as if we were in those countries ourselves, (national treatment) to be able to do what we want.

The foreign investors got a means of challenging the regulations and of blackmailing the US, all they have to do is bring a WTO case, The two parties made themselves unfit to rule by telling these lies that were told to the people of the US.

The situation on February 26, 1998 is what we agreed to go back to,

(I think the WTO limit on the ACA and similar measures, which the WTO frames as protectionism because it delayed the outsourcing and offshoring of potentially millions of jobs, is ten years, from 2010 to 2020.

Not 100% sure its ten years, but I think it is.)


A document came out of the G-20 meeting a few years ago where countries agreed to repeal the "protectionist" laws they put in place after the 2008 crash. The ACA's kind of healthcare because it did not offshore the jobs, even though the healthcare is subsidized is an example of what the WTO rules call FTA-illegal protectionism.

That means that after the ten years is up, there will be increased pressure on us and other countries that enacted temporary measures like Obamacare and Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd-Frank, etc.

to revert them back to the 1998 standstill's level and its likely, also cough up the "unlimited number" of GATS Mode 4  jobs we allegedly promised "qualified countries" in the 1990s.

(They qualify by being the lowest bidders)

See the web page on [[DS503[missing page] etc.

This is not a joke, this is the facts and they are easy to verify.

I'm sorry to burst peoples bubbles. Its high time that Americans were told the truth, instead of kept in this simulacrum of dishonest corporate media's manufacture.

The system is rigged and the people who are rigging it are major global crooks and in cahoots, not forever battling with one another.

That's a big fabrication in order to cover up a sinister reality..