Problems Britons blame on their EU membership are largely rooted in their WTO membership, not their EU membership. So Brexit won't fix them, in fact it will almost certainly make them all much worse.

Something struck me yesterday while looking for videos to explain Dani Rodrik's "Trilemma of globalization" adequately.

I stumbled across this video by Liam Molloy there.

Which is mostly explaining it in terms of Brexit and the EU.

But as he spoke (and generally, his video is good, with the caveat I am about to explain, in this context.)

I kept thinking at it from the perspective of non-wealthy Britons, the majority of "Leave" voters, and thinking that really, Brexit is not just VERY UNLIKELY to bring about the outcomes they want, because of the WTO especially it's "GATS" agreement.

Mostly because of the GATS, Brexit is very likely to make ALL those problems far worse. It's simply amazing that the British media has not been telling the UK people about that.

Because they are in a very real sense jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. One can see from this site that the WTO constraints were the source of most of the problems being blamed on their EU membership. Leaving the WTO however would trigger huge demands for compensation. The oligarchs running the Global South nations complain that the EU, US, etc, have been getting rich off of other countries by promising them market access of various kinds, (such as the jobs of their allegedly overpaid "professional protectionists", but not delivering.)

But lets not talk about jobs now, lets talk about the constraints GATS puts on services, whenever they are provided on a commercial basis and subsidized. But also have competition. Like the NHS.

In particular, freed of the protection of the grandfathering aspects of WTO law, pressures on the UK to privatize its remaining public services could easily leave them with no way to keep them - due to rules which have been laboriously constructed, by their own elites and like minded elites in other countries, over a 36 year long period, which are clearly intended to, bit by bit, do exactly that.

If they don't realize this and speak up, they will lose the NHS, social housing and all of the things that keep a good portion of the UK alive. And nothing will be put forward to replace them.

Multinational corporations may do very well under FTAs, because they will be able to forum shop as far as their operations go, eliminating regulations, becoming more like the US.

But this wont necessarily mean jobs for British workers. If what is happening here in IT is the test case, it could mean the exact opposite.

This is not carved in stone if Britons were to pull out of the WTO GATS, they might have to pay huge concessions in other areas. The system is rigged and GATS is how. They have to bring GATS and the whole WTO construct up for a vote. Not Brexit.

The same thing applies here.

The main concern of the wealthy are high yields. They want to invest in other countries (where often the biggest profits are to be made, but also with substantial risk of social unrest) with less fear, in a sense, the guest workers who will be working in the developed countries (under GATS) and their incomes will give the developed countries leverage they never had before, (at the cost of millions of their own worker's jobs)

Firms will be able to import substantial amounts of cheap labor, due to Mode Four. "After all, its for a cause". Keeping friendly authoritarian governments in power all around the world. Otherwise, without jobs, their elites children would push for change.

Eventually people will realize that the 20th century, with its need for billions of workers to run the machines of industry, may have been a historical anomaly.

But at least they had jobs. Many of those "regulations" in the EU are there as part of a package and at least in the past they protected many people. But the WTO put us all on a path towards the transfer of those responsibilities to corporations and the market.

Europeans especially Britons and also Americans, Australians, etc. need to realize that our leaders are not the people they represent themselves to be.

GATS changed everything. Before it, governments worked for the people. Post-GATS, now, governments work for global corporations. The certainty ppeople used to have where people and the vote could serve as a veto on the worst excesses of politicians and the business world has been transferred to global investors.

That's why I was looking for some resources on the aforementioned Trilemma and it's golden straitjacket.

Look at what they do, not what they say. Look at GATS. Its their real face.

At one point during the Leave campaign, a right wing British politician hired a red bus and on its side was printed a message implying that to preserve the NHS, the UK had to leave the EU.

This seems quite untrue. However, we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that by joining the WTO in the 1990s, with it's GATS the UK, US and other countries, committed to eliminate their safety nets, (because after all, since capitalism is perfect, who needs crutches like them)

So in an air of triumphalism at the victory of capital over communism, the negotiations in what was to become WTO shifted course in the early 1990s such that today the GATS in particular has become the main means of implementing a one way street to global corporatism, and privatization.There is no flexibility in this agreement because the Market is seen to be perfect. This is an example of a term I just heard, which fits "market totalitarianism".

What people got from social safety nets, they now are expected to get from globalization and international trade.

This includes labor. It's a situation that's great for multinational firms as they can import high skilled, cheap labor. But those same workers before might have also been able to immigrate, but not as disempowered workers on a very short leash and at low pay.

Its not the immigration that's problematic, its the disempowerment. As GATS' Mode Four guest labor scheme is designed to funnel income that used to go to skilled workers upward. Capturing their income streams and greatly increasing temporary international migration. (Its often been compared to modern day slavery).

This pulls the rug out from underneath millions of workers in both developed and developing countries, an outcome that although economists all agree is imminent, has not been discussed in the world's media at all, except by the most subtle and vague innuendo.

And by now joining the US, Australia, the EU and a number of other countries in pushing for TISA too, the UK is attempting to lock in GATS and it's "progressive liberalization".

Going against the best interests of its people. What future world is the one that these agreements create? its one where fewer and fewer people in developed countries will have the benefit of any income, but governments are prohibited from helping them effectively. This is easy to prove, undeniable fact. 

Unlike the fearmongering that claimed the membership of the UK in the EU led to NHS privatization, this set of facts IS easy to prove.

Clearly, the European countries need their social safety net more in the future than they do today, because as members of the WTO, the principle of comparative advantage is now shifting both skilled and unskilled labor intensive work to the low wage countries in Africa and South Asia. Its the long delayed pay back for the globalization agenda.By leaving the EU the UK isnt leaving that bargain, which is the real one.

By staying in the EU, the UK may have to help fund a larger safety net, but by leaving it the UK is forcing a sudden crisis thats likely to result in the dismantling of its NHS. because thats what the WTO accession process is likely to demand, as it would demand of any other new country joining it now.

And has. The British people have been shamelessly tricked.

This landslide victory will also be cited as a rejection by Britons of many of the things they likely voted to Leave to get. I think this should be very easy to prove entirely using resources like the ones Ive been talking about here.

So, my claim in this article is the following. Britons (like Americans) have been tricked. A very well organized global scheme to manufacture fake consent has fooled them, twice, its goal being to create a push to privatize everything, consistent with the requirements embedded in trade agreements like the WTO's GATS, the WTO GPA, and the pending TISA.

The WTO's rules are incompatible with the NHS and all other elements of the UK's safety net (such as social housing) because they are services that the WTO will not consider to be public because they are supplied elsewhere in a country on a commercial basis..

And, as I have said many times, because of its negative list[missing page], TISA is even worse. TISA will require similar constraints of everything unless it is explicitly excluded in advance. This means that people will have to look for help everywhere other than the governments of any kind any where, that have signed on to these agreements. All those governments now are required to only help multinational corporations.

Leaving the EU and joining the US, Australia, New Zealand and possibly India in a new trading bloc, if that bloc includes the "negative list" anti public services agenda (And it certainly would) will if anything rapidly accelerate the process of privatization of all once public services, as well as make it extraordinarily complex and expensive to buy those rights back., resuscitating a morally bankrupt and human rights agnostic (or even hostile) global "services" agenda that has been kept out of sight because ALMOST NOBODY WOULD EVER VOTE FOR IT.

For that reason, especially it is illegitimate, it should have been allowed to die! This also applies to the US. Here in the US a similarly confusing process is going on. Effectively, all proposals by all US political candidates violate the GATS in various ways because they all profess to make changes, improvements that it bars as violating other countries rights. For that reason I think they should not be trusted unless they declare this set of facts to the public and embark on a campaign to free our country of this monstrosity which is putting us on a path to debt slavery.

For the reason that none have, they all are being intentionally deceptive. they should admit to the public that its clear that as long as GATS is there, the only and best thing any conscientious politician can promise is to do nothing but work to leave all of these agreements.

That is where Jeremy Corbyn went wrong, by not telling the people about GATS. because without that all essential piece of the puzzle, nothing makes sense.

The WTO agenda is diametrically opposed to institutions like the NHS, and the concept of healthcare as a human right.

Also, its so clear that Britons (And Americans) have been lied to again and again in no small part in repeated attempts to confer UNDESERVED "legitimacy" on this utterly dishonest program that's being forced on them.

For this reason I think Britons (and Americans) need to realize that the problems that they blame on Brexit (and in the US which are blamed on various other scapegoats, such as "immigrants" when its not their fault, instead its the corporate capture of migration by companies that want to re-establish a form of modern day slavery that we should fear)

All these bad things really originated in the WTO which WE BOTH CREATED

According to our own words, entities like several successive US Administrations, especially the Clinton Administration and the UK's own City of London entities like "British Invisibles" and the US Coalition of Service Industries largely wrote GATS. 

There is no way around it. Denial makes it worse. Deal with it!

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