Our right to regulate drug prices was signed away when we joined the WTO.

The TRIPS agreement is part of the WTO. It was meant to jack up the prices of drugs all around the world. GATS (another WTO agreement) gave countries another bargaining chip they could use, jobs. . A logical approach would be for us to dump both GATS and TRIPS at the same time. That would give the poor countries (And US) back our right to regulate prices and get affordable drugs, we could keep the potentially millions of jobs that could end up being traded away in GATS. We would also get back our right to have affordable healthcare, and prevent Medicare and Social Security from being privatized.

WTO agreements potentially do all those things.

And we're really being screwed. Thanks to them, we have to get the very worst deals of them all.

The WTO agreements came into force January 1,1995

 NIH April 1995 Announcement of loss of the reasonable pricing rule.

Translation: We have to get the worst deals of all to show we mean business to other countries in the WTO.

As, in 1995, just as now, lots of people were dying.

Because they could not afford drugs that cost, at that time, an average of eleven cents a month to make.

Its all a sham, to make us think its just two dysfunctional parties here in the US that keep drugs so expensive here.

Maybe it was before, but now its also the WTO Agreements that took our rights to regulate off the table.

Biden voted to table the late Paul Wellstone's bill

that tried to bring back the reasonable pricing rule, but as it was after January 1, 1995, the TRIPS most certainly contained a ratchet.

Oops, looks like a certain large corporation doesn't want me searching on that. 


Well, you, should, then.

(Reversing deregulation is always made very difficult, its arguably even forbidden in the kinds of Trojan Horse Clauses used in FTAS and the WTO, so these votes are likely more for appearances sake, and a sort of theatrical performance where we all lose)

Why cant corporations just buy risk insurance, like they used to? Has risk suddenly gotten a lot worse?

Or what?

Nothing is worth selling out the nation and gutting the democracy we have not known in a long time.

If these FTAS, did not exist, say it was still 1991 or so, how do you think people would feel with all of these weights taken off of all of our backs? A lot better!  We could have all the things Bernie Sanders promised, by simply voting for them. We wouldnt be looking at a return of debt slavery instead. (After the jobs are outsourced and offshored, to people without all the baggage you didn't think hospital and drug bills would just go away, did you? Thats not their way.)

Both parties are 95% controlled by the rich, and they are sharing an awful secret.

All our rights to regulate these things were snatched away by our joining the WTO and other subsequent agreements we were and are behind make it worse. We no longer have a democracy, not even remotely.

On medicines, drug prices, the agreement to blame it on is TRIPS.


Why can't we dump TRIPS and re-regulate our drug prices to be reasonable again?

When our tax money often pays for the research!


Why cant we dump GATS and TISA and regain the right to have single payer healthcare

(currently blocked as long as we remain in GATS, although if we left it we could buy back our freedom and then carve out the entire sector in perpetuity to have a completely noncommercial service without problems. )

Then we could perhaps not trade our middle class's jobs, potentially millions of (good) jobs away?

So what if we make decent wages. People are worth it.

Why not let wages rise in the poor countries, instead of our wages falling down to their level here (that's what this is really all about)

(Our right to regulate all these things was part of a deal, GATS that also traded away potentially millions of jobs, in "services" everything you cannot drop on your foot, including millions of jobs that receive some tax money, even a tiny amount.

they are all on the table, eventually, in one of the biggest likely mistakes in history, unless they meet extremely narrow criteria.

Think of them as an escape clause from the social contract and democracy. People think they have democracy so they think things would never get really bad. We could just vote our way out of it.

Well, they beat us to it and already, thast not true.

So think again. They also traded jobs away if they can be done cheaper somewhere else. Or cheaper by other people, here.

Which is very likely.

Those jobs, most of the good jobs in the country, would be traded to whomever bids the cheapest, (now expected to be mostly big firms - some yet to be created, developing counties in places like Africa and South Asia. (There will be a form of affirmative action for the very poorest "Least Developed Countries" Its called the LDC Services Waiver. )

One of the reasons we're trading the jobs away is to prop up these despotic countries whose cooperation is needed to prop up the corporate lock in of the planet.Otherwise they would likely turn to democracy.

So we'll likely trade them the jobs of unionized and well paid civil service people.

That will give us leverage we lack, by buying off the children of the rich with entry level jobs, but there is a problem, the jobs wont pay what they expect.

Because they will be bid down to nothing.

That's okay, they are not paying their working people enough to make them middle class either.  thats in no small part why their professionals want to come here and are even willing to pay for the placements to get them here. And work for nothing? No, but close.

So whats the point? Drugs cost pennies to make. We're totally being misled about that. the optimal price would be  lot cheaper. So what the hell is going on with all this?

Its literally a genocidal mess.

We should dump TRIPS, and not stab our own families in the back, to get free labor, and jacked up prices on drugs.

Why do we need this dirty deal, we dont? We dont need TRIPS, all the research says we dont.

We don't need to prop up despots, nor do we need insanely high prices that kill people before their time. Let them live out their lives.

Nor do we need dishonesty in high places.

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If TRIPS is all about leverage to exchange for not making generic drugs that could undercut us as recently happened with AIDS drugs, a story told in the film "Fire in the Blood", so be it.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, literally millions of people died from AIDS while drugs to treat it cost $15000 a year everywhere.  Then in an incredible story, a few good people broke the rules and an Indian company, CIPLA started selling a antiretroviral drug cocktail.

For $360 a year and later for $100/year. That's less than 1% of the cost from American and European firms at the time.

That should have been covered more in the US media.

People should write the media and demand they tell the truth.

We are being told that its just our two corporate parties failing to agree.

Its not, all the things we need to do were all taken out of our hands by GATS, TRIPS, and other WTO agreements, so they can't be fixed until we buy our ways out of agreements like GATS.

We're literally owned.

Presidential candidates who are pretending to be fixing them need to make it clear what needs to be done and how difficult it is going to be, because of both parts of GATS like a bunch of regulations that prevent all the things that save money, also open them up to foreign competition, (that's the pretext that's used to gut democracy and make it impossible to fix by voting.)

And a standstill clause that demands that all the regulation in financial services (like health insurance and banking) be limited to those that were existing only, in February 1998.


the countries like India, are already demanding we cough the jobs they claim that they were promised up.

Its not personal, we're just framed as too expensive.

What are Americans supposed to do then?

I think that by putting all these hints oin there to sick people that globalization is the only way, they are hoping the richer poor people all move away. Only God knows, ask them!

Please, if you read this, now you are a witness.

You must call your Senators and Congress and get them on the record as having been notified and if they have the gaul to deny it, by all means get them on the record as having denied all this. The media too.

We'll need those records to show how badly and how illegitimately we have been scammed, to prevent their massive theft of the entire planet and all our futures.

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