Evolution will not be televised

Our country and planet are being taken over by a corporate controlled cult's coup, so it stands to reason that it would use typical cult tactics of "ghosting" and "shunning" people and organizations who dared to discuss it openly. And that's what's happening to this site and its developer.

Here's what you can do to help us all.

Don't allow yourselves to be coaxed into not standing up for your principles.

Realize that the truth will come out.

Point out that the powers that be are being dishonest in every way.

Its clear to me that being shunned is reserved for the real truth tellers of which there are few.

One way they can be distinguished by willingness to call out these entities by bringing up the traps we're being led into in a meaningful, identifiable way.

If they are not doing that, ask them why they aren't.

The most frustrating are the entities that claim to be covering the news from a progressive perspective who leave things like the GATS out when there is a pressing need to mention it, because its the key to understanding the entire situation.

(Here is a GATS Backgrounder from Public Citizen)

They are doing this to enable their global theft of democracy.

Another word for it is "hyperglobalization".

They want to get the benefits of democracy without actually being democratic in any way, so what's happening is  theft of peoples votes.

The current path we're on cannot do what it professes to be able to do.

We're actually being pushed backwards by these trade agreements.

Historically disadvantaged groups (and almost everybody else), are being pushed under the bus because their issues are being deemed fixed because they stand in the way of massive offshoring, of high skill jobs, including public jobs, for low wages.

There is little discussion of this in the trade press but it can be ascertained from that writing. On this site, look at the keywords on women's rights and SOEs for example.

There is little about racial justice in English in the trade literature, and lots of effort to portray the existing, captured institutions as democratic but the truth is they were set up, the NGOS claiming to represent the people of the developing world, even, were set up in some cases by people from Europe as a means of creating false legitimacy for a global power grab.

So, one needs to look at the writing of the anti-globalization movement, which in many cases does not go far enough in my opinion to reject the legitimacy of a system that is intentionally totally undemocratic. (Most people in the US only have the foggiest idea that it even exists!)

But I suspect there is a some on the subsumption of racial justice available in the developed countries  in French, if you speak it because trade deals are supposed to be payback for colonization, one that ironically takes opportunity from one exploited group (and the rest of us too) to give jobs and opportunities to the richest members of another once exploited group.

Ironically, the richest people in that group, the people with educations that these deals target the labor of, are the wealthiest people in these desperately poor countries, and the sons and daughters of the chiefs who negotiated directly with the colonizers and who were often given important jobs of managing the people so they could be more effectively controlled. .

This huge global power grab is occurring gradually.  won't - most likely won't happen literally overnight, (although it could happen fairly rapidly in the US because of the DS503 situation the US media wont cover, although the Indian media does)

But please understand that's their plan and it has been for a long time. Profit is king and the American workforce and the need to pay a legal wage is seen in some powerful circles as in the way of these corporations getting the full value of their investments here. .

Politicians who are pretending to be caring, are lying. Even if they weren't, the trade agreements increasingly don't allow them any discretion to choose. Discretion is actually a big complex  issue, at the international level, now, and we the people of the world need to have a say, because its basically about the missing flexibility that we lost when we lost democracy.  That we expect, otherwise there is no legitimacy to the so called ruled based system at all. Its just a front for a corporate occupation of our country and our planet.

We all are already understood to be the targeted losers of hyperglobalization.

Because we earn too much. A situation they are determined to reverse, soon. Globally.

That's one of the things that's being hidden.