One year into the COVID19 epidemic many useful strategies are still being overlooked. Why?

I've been writing about this for some time. It appears quite possible that a common stilbene, a phytoalexin polyphenol, available in large chain drugstores, and known to be safe, might be a potential intervention for COVID-19 with potential to prevent or make some COVID illness far less severe.

I was in shock this morning to see how many citations there are now on PMC (these are all full text papers) for a study that was done on MERS and resveratrol several years ago. (It is notable that the chemical has still not been investigated because its profile is marked for addressing many problems caused by COVID as well as being known to be healthy, as its a constituent of food. Most proposed interventions for COVID have nengthy lists of adverse side effects.

Resveratrol is best known as the cause of a marked reduction of cardiovascular disease enjoyed by people who drink red wine regularly.  Resveratrol is widely available and it may be an effective prophylactic against COVID-19, because it inhibits many viruses, including the other two SARS coronaviruses. What is incredible is that literally a year into the epidemic, we still do not know!

This is despite a huge body of research indicating to many that it would help, against COVID19 for a multiplicity of reasons. It and other stilbenoids have been repeatedly identified by numerous drug screening protocols as being potential lead compounds against SARS-CoV2, and the absence of a further body of research to tie it all together is inexplicable.One can only hope and pray that things will be different under the new Administration.

This  is but one of a body of promising therapies. There seems to be no downside to a combination approach and the upside would be potentially large improvements in general health and lower healthcare costs across the entire population.

generally the benefits of pursuing a diet that extends healthy lifespan is longer functional health. Since its becoming economically difficult for most of the population to afford US healthcare, its really the only sensible thing for many people to do.

When I lived in another part of the country there was a large and active community of people there researching some very practical applications of biotech. Where I live now, although its much better now than it used to be, I often joke that I feel a bit like I came from another planet.

People don't really get how important these things can be.

In the case of SIRT modulators (resveratrol is the best known one) A body of simple molecules represent a viable way to fight off numerous pathogens that avoids the vaccines "Original Antigenic Sin" (a form of drug resistance problem, but one that can bit by making subsequent reinfections with related pathogens worse. So there are significant risks of vaccines being not just ineffective, if they do not target the right set of the viral structure to train the body to recognize).

We may be approaching this from the wrong direction entirely.

I( hope that as a society we can realize we are only shooting ourselves in the foot.

By politicizing health both US parties are showing how irresponsible they have become in the face of modern challenges.

I've written about this before here too many times to mention..

MERS is a SARS- causing beta-coronavirus, closely related to SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Its quite a bit more lethal than COVID-19.

Resveratrol's use against COVID-19 is suggested strongly by its activity against MERS, one of its closesnt relatives.

That approach to MERS, interestingly, was first proposed, of all places in a national Science Fair competition several years ago by a highschool student.,  Jennifer Zhang of Little Rock Arkansas,  She won a prize for her hypothetical proposal, the efficacy of which it seems she demonstrated with another non-lethal coronavirus.

A bit later, the BMC article wa published, verifying her hypothesis.

Its just mind blowing that here we are one year into this epidemic and we still dont know if this widely available, inexpensive substance can be used to prevent COVID-19 infection with any certainly, despite a very high likelihood that it can.

This is by no means the only example of a commonly available healthy substance that likely reduces COVID-19 mortality.

Its worth mentioning that the Traditional Chinese Medicine HuZhang, Japanese Knotweed (yes, the invasive plant) is being widely used in China now for treating COVID-19.

This is not a joke. We're really being that stupid.

We're ignoring the kinds of logic that brought us virtually all the world's life-saving drugs for some reason.

What the hell is going on?

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