New York Times totally covering up the real cause of Education Privatization.

This is a good example, of how the Global Grab is working. GATS is the well known global cause of the privatization of public education everywhere. According to the EUA (linked at the bottom) and thousands of other educational institutions in Europe, the US and Canada.

But here in the US a huge number of media institutions have a media blockade to hide the important GATS news we should be discussing.  Shame on all of them. How can people be so stupid.

They are blaming it on coronavirus.

But given the historical context, of GATS and education,that doesn't fly.

The timing is too close.

Just like the sudden untimely death of Nick Skala the author of this paper. It doesn't add up.

The media also refuse to make corrections. 

As I have, I urge you to also write them letters to the editors, and tell them they are hiding a cover up of a theft of the entire nation and planet's future for oligarchs and this site is proving it.

They want to write off our young people so they can outsource tens of millions of their jobs. they want them to fail because they already traded their jobs away.

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