New York Times appears to be trying to cover up GATS' effect on healthcare

Despite a desperate need, the GATS forbids government subsidies, except the most minimal ones possible, in emergencies,, as far as I can tell. We've been lied to for decades about this. . The NYT should be more honest about GATS.

What is also particularly irksome is Congress constant attempts to look as if there was no GATS in the way.; Human experimentation is a crime, without informed consent.Maybe one million poor Americans have died during the 26 yrs US healthcare has been rigged.

In any case the situation is highly deceptive. This is typical of the US media and politics. Here is the article.

The insurance companies do this in order so people will pay for but never get to actually use the insurance they pay for, instead that money goes to subsidize the prices of rich customers.

This is a form of genocide of the poor. Hospitals are closing right and left in rural areas, as the nation dis-invests and discards large segments of society, so air ambulances are a necessary cost.

A $52,112 Air Ambulance Ride: Coronavirus Patients Battle Surprise Bills

Congress was close to a solution before getting hit with millions of dollars of ads from private-equity firms.

Then the pandemic struck.

They were hardly close to any solution. Its barred by a trade agreement.

(FYI: GATS struck on December 8, 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed the URAA. Like it or not, this is fact. And it severely limited what the US can do in healthcare. Instead the solution is supposed to be more globalization.)

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