New Infrastructure Bill Is Explainable As Part of WTO Controlled Stealth "Privatization of Everything" National "Restructuring" Scheme

This site has been a leader in trying to explain the GATS and TISA global "services liberalization" trade agreements clearly. I had been wondering for years how they would conceal it from the public. Well, its being done by censoring me from telling you where to find the decades of critical writing on it.

GATS[missing page] is extremely controversial and so is TISA. Its not a done deal, entities all around the world are protesting it. The main contention is that its a huge mistake to force thge global privatization of once-public services, and lock in a bunch of new corporate rights which are so costly to reverse - by buying them back, that its likely to be so costly as to become impossible. . Here are some links.

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You can also find a number of tisa-videos[missing page] in our Links on TISA.