Never ending scandals, drama, histrionics, as a deliberate scheme to cover-up the depriving of the nation and planet of functional democratic governance.

This site is about a global scheme to cheat the planet out of its rights, such as the right to vote for policy changes and actually have them implemented. Nowhere is this scheme more in evidence than in the US today. Frankly, the Trump Administration is trying to prevent any kind of rational two party democracy. This is a planned strategy of voter disenfranchisement, depriving the country of government for another four years.

Suppose you were part of a scheme to steal the future world by stealth and lock it into supranational corporate state's ownership, a change that would subsume all national policies that had economic importance?

How would you hide your loss of ability to govern your nation for the voters? How would you run out the clock, i.e. meaninglessly occupy the time allotted to each Administration and make sure that nothing of substance was done?

Histrionic "Drama"

We are looking at how.  

There is another faction that feeds on this drama.

The Democratic Party leadership is pursuing a strategy of Clintonian "triangulation" in order to minimize the effect of a surge in activism.

The little-known GATS 'agreement', cheats the nation out of government and democracy.

These schemes cheat all of us out of what we deserve, government and policy that is responsive to the voters. They attempt to lock in bad policy decisions forever. (Functioning as a one-way policy trap that is insanely expensive to reverse).

When one realizes the scope of what GATS prevents, one realizes why government has been so dysfunctional in decent decades, and why it gets worse and worse, especially more and more "hystrionic".

The rest of this site attempts to show how this is being done, and I think it is clear that we are being cheated out of our votes, all of us.

There is a real need for a referendum system that divorces issues from politicians.

There also is a huge need for a return to a focus on basic high quality education, so that we have a informed electorate instead of the increasingly infantile politics of division, which must be seen as a deliberate attempt to avoid any discussion of the key, important issues of our times.

As long as trade agreements remain in place that make it possible for one bad or corrupt government to ruin the future of a country forever by locking it in to bad, illegitimate trade policy, which purports to have jurisdiction over everything else 'affecting trade in services'.

We desperately need an ability to vote on ALL matters of importance to the public. Especially those that have the effect of overriding the public's expectations in dramatic manner as the GATS and similar agreements do.

Its important to have a reality check on politicians who otherwise could (and seem to be willing to) literally sell the country and all its policy space out from underneath its people, even trading their jobs away, (and then evicting them to make way for their homes' new owners).

In a very real sense that is what is actually happening now. 

Its time for direct democracy - best implemented in a national referendum process for all important decisions. that must be made mandatory, before the unthinkable happens. 

Lets not put all our eggs in one basket or they may all break.