Neither Americans nor Britons seem to be able to admit that both our governments are lying to us across a broad spectrum to hide GATS.

Neither country seems willing to put two and two together, for example, about the healthcare held hostage, and obligations on procurement, (and potential large scale job outsourcing) due to committments in GPA/GATS (This also applies to Brexit's potential monetization of the NHS and likely giveaways of vanishing jobs in the UK). Why? Ask the dishonest insiders who promote these deals! You'll get an earful. They have dozens of sketchy, often conflicting reasons. But those reasons are based on junk trickle-down economics and don't add up. They don't stand up to scrutiny. And they know it. A growing number of economists have pointed out that the assumptions they make (such as assuming that workers displaced by large scale services liberalization would or could change fields and find new jobs) don't add up. For decades smart economists have been saying this.

I urge readers to consider the fact that our governments are increasingly being run by a group of very dishonest people who have set up a system to enrich themselves at the rest of our expense, via trade agreements like GATS.

A great deal of whats being put forward by candidates in both countries is part of a cover up of the long pre- existing GATS deal which has already given away the store in so many areas.

They cant be allowed to act as if democracy didnt exist and then try to cover their misdeeds with a rigged system.

The GATS situation basically has rigged the system in both countries for the last 25 years.  The sooner people realize that the sooner we can restore democracy.

Candidates who engage in fake debates about issues that have been foreclosed by GATS and GPA need to go into depth describing them, and the challenges we face there.  If they don't, they must all be called out. 

Because they are more captured than not.