Message to NGOs that should be obvious.

NGOS that are hoping to bring about social change should not use companies - like the biggest Internet companies, for ANYTHING. Not just critical infrastructure services like email, telephone, etc. ANYTHING.

If you do, don't be surprised when you FAIL.

Otherwise, its futile.

Keep in mind that corporations are literally taking over the world.

Not figuratively, that isnt an analogy, I mean literally.

That means that your efforts will never seem to work. For inexplicable reasons, one or another. For Chrissakes, they stole the country. Everything is fake. You cant negotiate with that to suddenly make it not fake.

Your efforts to get Biden or Trump to do anything - will just turn out to be a collossal waste of time. Your life will be wasted, your jobs traded away. Thats what happens when you lose.

Either accept this or replace them with real progressives, real go getters.

Make other plans We did this to ourselves by being so gullible.

No, Bernie didn't tell us about GATS. He should have. But he didn't.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.