Lowered insulin price should be made permanent

the Lilly company has temporarily lowered the price of insulin to $35/month. As anybody who reads the paper knows, LOTS of Americans, both young and old, are dying because they cannot afford insulin's insane price.

Here are some of the comments from the original statnews article -  here is the link for the ip-health repost.


“Eli Lilly’s announcement is a huge win for #insulin4all advocates across
the nation, showing that pharma-free patient advocacy works. However, this
is also a huge gut-punch for people living with diabetes,” Elizabeth
Pfiester, who heads the advocacy group for people with type 1 diabetes,
wrote us.

“If Eli Lilly had the power to do this, which we knew they did, why didn’t
they take these measures sooner? People with diabetes have been suffering and dying from lack of affordable insulin for many years. It shouldn’t take a global health crisis for real action on this issue.”

The three large insulin makers, however, have argued they cannot lower prices because this would jeopardize placement on formularies, which are the list of medicines that are covered by health insurance. The drug makers, for their part, blame pharmacy benefit managers, which prefer products with higher list prices because these yield higher rebates.

So the companies have instead responded with various programs in hopes of defusing the anger. Novo and Lilly, for instance, are selling so-called
authorized generics at half the regular price of their insulin, while Sanofi began a program to lower the cost of the diabetes treatment to $99 a month for uninsured patients and others who pay cash."


Even the temporary $35 price is still too much for many people.

These high drug prices for drugs that literally cost pennies to make are literally sucking the possibility of ever having a life or family out of millions of people.

They represent a preview of all of our futures if they are allowed to continue.

The only way to get out of this trap is to dump the TRIPS and GATS agreements.

Drug profiteering represents a corporate war on all humanity.

It must end.


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