Large Scale job shifts due to services liberalization will displace tens of millions of US workers or more,

in ways never seen before, over the coming years. No political candidates proposals are likely able to even remotely avoid the impact of these changes, if the framing and legitimacy of this huge global theft from all of us is not challenged and voided.

Make no mistake about it, this is an attempt to lock in the most mercilessly extreme version of the global corporate system, permanently and irreversibly. 

Because Americans (and Europeans, Australians, etc.) allegedly "make too much" the implicit framing of GVCs requires we be knocked down to size, or give up working "voluntarily". Notice how all government proghrams that are alowed are designed to reduce labor force participation or ensure against "class mixing' where the poor somehow receive rich peoples healthcare, education, etc. Under GATS that is framed as "trade distorting" subsidies and basically, forbidden.  This implicit bias basically dooms 9/10 of the US Presidential Candidates proposals to being doomed from their outset and most political insiders know or sense this but promote them anyway.  Its an insiders joke on the entire country. Don't fall for it. This site will expose how this works. One should start by reading these essays which will give you a good start at understanding the GATS governmental authority exclusion, here.

One would think this dirty deal would have been rejected by voters whenever it came up for a vote and thats true so its been maneuvered into place by an incredible amount of dishonesty, much of which we are seeing today, all around the world, despite the fact that these agreements were officially effective in the case of GATS more than 20 years ago.

This is because we were never told about this (despite the fact that its legally supposed to be public,) , and as you see we are continually being told by proxies that things which these agreements make impossible are still possible.

That's being done in confidence that the system is so rigged at this point that a loss can be easily generated, in order to give the corporatist system is given a phony legitimacy it does not deserve.

The facts - especially about GATS, not GATT, not anything else, GATS, need to be called out and this shame needs to be exposed.

The result of not doing so will be an unprecedented economic disaster. One where both the poor and middle class will pay the price, setting up the world for a global establishment of massive debt slavery as jobs are auctioned off to the lowest bidder firms, invariably from the most corrupt and intentionally kept poor LDC countries. 

(Bringing about the demise of the inclusive middle class as it existed in the labor-scarce 20th century- to do that the hopes and dreams of those in the developed countries needs to be "tempered with reality" as the neoliberals put it. Implying that its their way or the highway. Both US parties today are run by a tiny group of neoliberals who secretly espouse an extreme right wing system (which they pretend is left wing) that most Americans (including most business owners) would be shocked by and which we all are guaranteed to lose in, but THEY cash in. )

The most destructive of these changes will be large scale international outsourcing of jobs via a program called GATS Mode 4[missing page] which will gradually expand to control the means by which all services paid for by governments are performed. Wherever public money is used, at all levels of government. This will make it impossible for government money to be used to create work for the growing ranks of the unemployed, unless they can literally also be the cheapest workers in the world bidding to do that job.

These requirements that contracts be put up for international competitive bidding will also impact many non-governmental entities that receive grants. Proposals that jobs done pay a living wage will be FTA-illegal if they stand in the way of the long planned outsourcing which is supposed to funnel profits currently alleged to be wasted on over-high wages to the owners of large, international staffing firms, which base themselves in the least regulated countries.

Please do not mistakenly gather that proposals such as the Green New Deal, Medicare For All, etc, could or would prevent the devastating effects of these plans on professionalism, quality of work/work life balance, jobs or incomes, as they are only domestic regulation and hence, not binding on these treaties. Also, dont make the mistake of underestimating the potential for large scale loss of public service jobs as the authors of the two studies I cite did. Public service jobs could be the first to be outsourced.

Using that flawed, too narrow estimates, we still could lose as many as 41% or 26% of our total jobs, starting with the better jobs - (the ones where the financial motive is higher. and working downward) The changes are written into a both the WTO's trade agreement and the US-sponsored one (TISA) Both subsume national law and policy decisions, and the scope of the US initiated one is actually larger, including everything unless its explicitly excluded, in discussions legislators wont want to touch because they wont want be on the record as even knowing about something that is so bad its guaranteed to be a disaster for working people.

A similar situation may exist for US-citizen and permanent residents, immigrants, who could end up in the unenviable positions of both losing their own jobs to these new slavery-like temping programs in large numbers, and being blamed for them by the potentially huge numbers of workers who would be losing their own jobs, homes, and futures at the same time. (Investments also would be tanking, and Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid, would be being privatized as well. Houses of Americans would likely be bought up in large numbers and turned into investments of absentee owners who hoped to move here should there be civil unrest in their own countries. Its unclear if they would be rented out as it might be FTA illegal to reduce their value by changing rules in the middle of the game)

As you see, under these FTAS we cannot win. they represent a hidden, silent way of destroying democracy by a tiny group of ultra rich people by stealth. Doing an end-run around democracy.As shown by the situation in South Africa with National Health insurance having been voted for but never implemented, they would halt programs like Medicare For All in its tracks.  Similarly, the jobs aspect of proposals like New Gren Deal would be barred. Generally, all workers who were not at the very top of their games would likely be priced out of the job markets. Any and all government programs that competed with private, for profit business would be so limited as to not represent a solution so much as a way of capturing and enslaving the former inhabitants of the country in a situation that would mirror the wazy the Europeans treated the indigenous people of America, a shift that would likely result in the neutralization of any threat virtually everybody who was displaced might posed to the triumphalist creators of this horribly unfair system. They are now more than three decades into this plan and so far everything is going well for them.

The only way out is exposure of this scheme.

We should realize that every angle has been thought of in advance and doors to freedom shut.

So only a huge swelling of outrage and exposure can be counted on to work. Otherwise it will get co-opted by bait and switch proposals guaranteed to confuse the public. This is whats happening with the US politicians, none of whom has been forthcoming  with the truth in any but the most vague and trivial manner. Only one of the candidates propsals stand a chance but this is not because they were planned to succeed, its because despite their ignorance they stumbled across one of the key principles in how this huge theft is being effectuated, the weakness of having tiers based on money.

Healthcare specifically. Only a healthcare system that completely eliminates payment for better services as a possibility can escape the trap which will end with all outr heath care being tiered more and more in a future where Americans are losing the better jobs in such large numbers that more and more of us will be bankrupted with no foreseeable exit - due to our wages having been rendered too high by various means such as software that does the same thing for almost nothing or basically, free, or desperate workers from well to do families, that - just out of college, do.

(In some cases, it seems even paying for the privilege of doing so)

Withdrawing from treaties requires victories at multiple stages in international bodies known to be favorable to neoliberalism and its tenets, primary among them is the extensive exploitation of global value chains (GVCs) - in services.  This will lead to a loss of professionalism and a lowering of labor standards and laws against discrimination of all kinds in order to make the large scale offshoring and outsourcing (to temporary staffing companies set up by developing country firms, in many cases) possible at all levels.

Extracting our country from these deals IS POSSIBLE although it is designed to be so costly it might seem next to impossible.

However, make no mistake, its a potentially global, difficult process which likely would demand that the illegitimate odious "debt" the giveaways (its a huge con job by the rich) represent be paid in other ways, (good jobs can be brokered at enormous profits, paying workers US minimum wage, or less, if that recent policy change is successfully challenged, like I am fairly sure it is being. WTO tribunals like the one in DS503 could I suppose in theory award other concessions, like ones involving drugs and drug IP profits but I think that will be unlikely unless a very substantial  public outcry, global in scope, that realizes that the elimination of good wages in the developed countries will doom the entire world to a race to the bottom and the most restrictive Asian model for business, instead of the race to the top most workers were hoping for.

What is needed is a huge public outcry over the theft that illustrates the lack of legitimacy of the system if it hijacks democracy by deceit as it has been doing. So the only pemissible concessions are ones that eliminate the rights to deprive the poor around the world of the benefits of modern drugs. Not the trading away of more jobs to allow the restriction of the very right to exist to the wealthy (or those willing to pay bribes to get their children into workplaces) As the poor under the current system gain no right to exist from it and clearly are deigned to lose any rights they currently have. . The entire world is watching to see if the US middle class can be successfully cheated out of its place in society, because if we can, they all can be.)

Whether the nation withdrew from entire treaties (such as GATS and the pending TISA, after it is signed.) or sector by sector is likely to be very expensive. It would be better if we had never joined these agreements in the last 25 years, (especially all ones which involve services)

For example, this will be like NAFTA, but for all the rest of the jobs.

For this reason they are (irreversibly, as FTAs contain ratchet, standstill, rollback clauses, etc. which latch in and lock each cutback, each elimination of a protection, and prohibit its reestablishment except if it is literally bought back at tremendous costs to the taxpayers)- gutting the current and all future safety nets (instead, its required that 100% market mechanisms, like lowering common standards to reflect the lowest common denominator everywhere, allowing the recognition of even the sketchiest professional qualifications (as the wealthy around the world are known to sometimes buy their children degrees they are too busy to earn) FTAS also allow the sinking to lowest common denominators on goods, prohibiting things like descriptive food labeling laws, if they allow consumers to make more informed decisions, this impacts everything a government might buy internationally.)

All this while trying to convince people the future is bright so they don't devalue markets (the rights to which are commonly bought and sold) .

Obviously if people knew that a body of trade agreements targeted an entire class of people they would behave differently, stop buying, start saving.

So Member governments and all their entities and possibly even political candidates who work in them, seem to be prohibited from telling people. (in what, globally, are increasingly sham elections because the actual power to change things to better peoples lives has been taken away by the FTAs and their race to the bottom on everything that matters.)

People need to demand better globally and demand that their governments withdraw from all agreements that supersede voters. "Debts" which only have enriched the oligarchs cannot be accepted as legitimate, even if it requires that misleading overly optimistic promises by political candidates be examined as requiring certain changes to ever make into reality, specifically, the US would need to reject the validity of these agreements and expose what they do. (privatize and corporatize everything good that governments have historically done, politicians effectively decimating all good non-corporate jobs, except for their own, and trap pingpeople into increasingly restrictive corporate frames, that deny poor people any right to exist, and turning all public property into corporate-owned wealth and  entitlement that must be compensated for if people are sold any service or thing at below its fair market value. (what subsidies are turned into, a "taking" from corporations, that they must then be compensated for!

(Today's middle class  is likely to be tomorrows poor as the plan is to use GATS , TISA, etc, to rapidly expand the outsourcing of service jobs - roughly 80% of the US economy, to developing country firms (whichever qualified firm is the lowest bidder, see and other similar sites on tendering bids under global FTAs, ) at ever falling wages as good jobs are bid down and offshored and outsourced (potentially by the tens of millions here in the US,) This will clearly lead to large carve outs for other countries workers so they can take their contributions when they go, drastically undermining Social Security, the only alternative would be forgoing the services liberalization which has been planned for >25 years. undermining Social Security. So this must have been its intent all along.

In order to do this all national protections - laws against discrimination and requiring "minimum" wages be paid to workers that conflict with the status quo in the developing world (as well as any unions rights to represent workers) must be removed from the picture, which is exactly what is being done, the US leading the way.). (Our laws are being gutted first "on principle")

Social Security and Medicaid+Medicare are also likely to be required to be privatized by the GATS soon because the Annex on Financial Services'  (slightly broader) definition, of services supplied as an exercise of governmental authority which regulates both kinds of safety net programs - as well as everything else that is in competition with any commercial anything, schools, healthcare, pensions, that is paid for by WTO Member governments (all which to neoliberals, represent a slippery slope in a world where jobs are going away, threatening the legitimacy of the ownership of everything by an ever shrinking global class of wealthy) are disliked and unwanted as involving moral hazard for governments they do not want, as well as a tacit admission that our allegedly perfect system is not perfect, so because the ranks of the poor are expected to increase4 so much any habit that helps the poor must be eliminated in advance and replaced by a totally market based mechanism that makes it clear that our system is 100% privatized- under "our system" sharing, if its condoned by government, cannot be allowed to exist in competition with any commercial entities (this always applies, if a commercial service competes with a public one, the public one has to be privatized, similar to what is being done with the NHS in the UK due to GATS. )  If the country has had the public service since before the creation of the WTO (January 1, 1995) continuously, like Canda's health care, they get an exemption, as long as they dont change that at all they6 can keep their healthcare, despite the fact that it violates a great many WTO rules.  The same applies to other financial services provided by Annex-signing WTO Members, (a fairly small subset of them, led by the US and EU, generally developed country governments - which are deemed to have prospered so well under the "perfect" free market system that we can give up the crutches of all kinds of welfare programs, subsidies, price controls, etc, using the definition at the beginning of the WTO Annex on Financial Services and GATS Article I:3 (b+c) to determine what can be kept.

(almost nothing qualifies, Trade  officials even joke about that.) 

This will give governments all around the world, provide them all an excuse to dump the poor into the clutches of the big banks, etc, forcing them to entrust their life savings with  increasingly complex and non-auditable financial services all around the world and deregulate all protections, all at the same time, and eliminating any "unfair competition" that national Social Security and pension programs (and especially eliminating any "moral hazard" to do well by their poor people  for those governments in the case of a huge crash, which is inevitable as peoples investments all decline in value as jobs are lost adding to the mess that has been expected for decades to occur as jobs are outsourced impacting younger workers and millions of Baby Boomers are expected to be trying to take their savings out at the same time.) 

No wonder there is concern about the reaction of young college grads to their futures being outsourced (They are framed as likely to be too expensive) if their loans have not been forgiven (which is forbidden by GATS along with all other new financial services including health insurance- so the changes made in the ACA as well as the outlawing of "genelining" a few years earlier, are forbidden, and likely to not survive any GATS challenge in the WTO, or other trade bodies that import the WTO standstill dates (!) and other rules such as the TISA) regulation, a standstill applies with the effective date in the 1990s. (prohibiting subsequent, new regulatory action if it reduces profits.)

In short this is the most outrageous scam in human history and with the enthusiastic help of the entire US political class, as well as Europe's, Australia's, etc. (and perhaps even other countries that we have always thought opposed their schemes- at this point, the entire united oligarchies of the world) they are pretty much, all helping in concealing it, and they are all entirely getting away with it.