"Its why US healthcare never gets fixed" A plea to Bernie Sanders and his campaign, to please tell the country about GATS

...because you must win and win big. And you wont be able to, without the national catharsis that telling people about this evil thing will bring about. Because GATS is the Rosetta Stone to our current political malignancies. A trade "agreement" from hell that has hijacked our government more than any other thing, ever. Its why US healthcare never gets fixed, and why we always have to get the worst deal of all, Its why our lives are being sacrificed, and its the thing, that should you win, that you will have to deal with first. To do anything in your platform, first we have to leave GATS and quite possibly the rest of the WTO, because they set up a huge phony debt in our names that we "Americans" are now expected to pay in our jobs. Obviously its a huge con job and your opponents are both in on it, they're pulling a major fast one on the country to deliver the goods to their buddies in the global oligarchy. Bernie, you need to stop being silent.

Its also the thing that sets your healthcare plan apart from the rest. The reason is fairly easy to understand and you can understand it best if you understand this legal concept.  This is another really good explanation.

This graphic shows how it works. Bernie, thanks to coronavirus, we have to spring into action. This is a life or death situation.They see it as a huge moneymaking opportunity. GATS is a one way trap, so we're losing the opportunity to fix it, it will become more and more expensive over time. We'll have to buy our freedom, and that money wont buy anything else.

This is nasty stuff and you cannot sit on it. Would you coddle rapists? GATS is financial rape. The kind that will ruin peoples lives if they have to live them thinking about it. So you have to speak up. Now.

Does GATS apply to a state HEALTHCARE system?

The above graphic was actually taken from a European college textbook.

Here is a similar diagram, however, this is from a paper by A. Verger about higher education.

Does GATS apply to a state educational system?

FTAs block your entire platform and it's likely also the Green New Deal (outsourcing the jobs to the lowest bidding firms, firms guaranteed to be from low regulation low wage countries).

See the keyword for GATS Mode 4 on the left.

That is also the plan FTAS have for practically every job in this country that's still a decent job.

Why don't you explain that to Americans with a lot more specificity?

They need to know it long before they are tasked with training their replacements. By then all this will be locked in and that will be too late.

Please read what happened to South Africa and the National Health Insurance they voted for more than a decade ago.

Also read about what happened to the Slovak Republic (page 13) after they voted for a candidate like yourself, he won a huge victory, on a platform to bring back single payer - but then they were sued by an insurance firm, in an ISDS case, for "indirect expropriation", of what they considered to be their property, the country's policy space. Arrgh,,,

You must tell them about the GATS. Or you WILL fail because they will not realize how large of a difference there is. Between you and your two opponents.

If you don't tell them they are in danger, eventually,  they may even blame you and your optimistic message as having been one of the reasons they never figured THE CAPTURE OF OUR NATION AND THE THEFT OF DEMOCRACY out.

Until it had been completely stolen from us.

That day might not be that far off.

And that absolutely will be a disaster.

Bernie, a train is barreling down on all of us that we don't see, because we've been brainwashed by a system that is literally getting ready to make a feast of us, and our rights, like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Unless you win, we're doomed because they have zero intention of fixing anything - instead looking to push our people under their globalization bus, while doctoring the records to making the resultant bloodbath look like an accident or better yet, blame it on the progressives and their mistakes, trying to expand Medicare and Social Security..which is literally booby trapped, with GATS.  Do you see it?


Explanation here.

After they have been disposessed, sitting around their campfires late at night, trying to defend their families from marauders,  they will put two and two together and if they are not told about GATS, now, eventually, they will conclude that they had been set up.

And GATS is the missing link. So you absolutely need to tell them about it now, NOW

Happiness is not dependent on ignorance.

Ignorance is not bliss when it leaves you open to a massacre.

Your young and old supporters all need to survive. The neoliberal cult however, LONG AGO grew tired of its responsibilities to all of us. As it has new friends now.

They are pushing for a fraudulent straw man transaction to be executed that strips the entire country of its inheritance.

Their "expectations are too high".

So, starting 32 years ago at Punta Del Este, they started the process of setting up a new trading system to trade all the skilled jobs away like money.

and as far as unskilled jobs, they likely plan to deprive our own people of the means to survival by enslaving them based on insanely overpriced health care and impossible to manage traps to penalize poor people for getting sick while poor.

The expression No Middle Ground, which is truer now than it has ever been before Bernie, will take on a whole new meaning when we have no middle class to speak of.

That is how they operate, our good people will be burdened with unpayable debts and a mine field of possible unintended criminal liability just for getting sick.

That is part of their plan and they plan to implement it to bring about massive voter disenfranchisement and also to create terror in millions of people forcing them to "voluntarily" leave the work force and leave the country. Because they will have no other choice.

Similar to the Robodebt/Centrelink situation in Australia, but with US slavery, triggered by debts based on the clawed back inflated value of healthcare payments on a persons behalf, clawed back and rebilled at the uninsured rates.

They will also be disenfranchised. The healthcare system will become a means of enslavement, you can bet on that.


and that is WHY the NHS is being torn to pieces, You NEED to tell them why the plans that allow tiers of any kind for rich people and allow the healthy wealthy to turn any public system for the destitute, into an impossible situation as far as healthcare goes, because human lives will be assigned values and the value of the unemployed millions will be a negative number under that system.

UNABLE TO POSSIBLY WORK. Because they have the wrong nationality. That happens every day now in the IT industry.

Americans need not apply.

Healthcare reform? Its simple, if it is under GATS, it has to be what we had in 1998 or less.

There is a blanket STANDSTILL CLAUSE, which functions as a ESCAPE CLAUSE to tear anything decent apart. Even the ACA's changes that were vastly inadequate were far more generous than 1998's status quo.

The effective date is February 26,1998

Standstill and Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services details from Nicholas Skala's 2009 IJHS paper

Nicholas Skala who wrote the above paper died the night of August 8-9, 2009

Here is his Activists mailing list.

Jeremy Corbyn failed to tell the British people about GATS despite his knowing about it.

Without the most important part of the reason why his attempts to explain HOW the NHS was in danger was impossible for the British people to understand. GATS is literally the One Ring of evil that ties the bits of the story all together and in the darkness binds them.

Lacking an understanding of the thing that ties it all together, We cant expect Americans to figure out why we need single payer, and not a fake public option.

This is all important, as without knowing about GATS the American people will fail to see WHY they MUST vote for you and not your morally challenged opponents,

Black people will even vote for them not knowing that the totally hidden and unknown GATS outsources potentially millions of public jobs, stripped of status as public services to African+ Asian staffing companies and their very low paid but still professionally credentialed workforces. A situation which no doubt will be represented as a victory for the poor, (Yes their countries and most of their people are poor, but the Mode Four people sent here tend to be among the tiny upper class of countries, which doesnt stop them from being exploited, but unlike American workers, even professionals, they can and often do work almost for free.)  Internships generally are unfair and should be illegal.

Lets just say this, these "movement of natural persons" schemes are emphatically not helping any poor people. Actually they funnel money to those continents rich. The people who are stealing them blind. Experts at hijacking governments to shovel money into their bank accounts. But they have met their matches in our crooks and then some.

Your plan, even if they know they need it, they wont realize WHY it is a binary fight this time,

Black people, may vote for Biden, just as they voted for Hillary Clinton and Obama not realizing that if they won, soon they might have been training their replacements, who may be from Africa or South Asia but definitely are not the people who should be doing their jobs, not just because they are from the other side of the world and we owe them no duty like we do our own people, all Americans.

Africa's wealthy often are descened from former "royalty" under colonialism. In many cases they may even be the direct descendants of the very people who sold the ancestors of American blacks into slavery. Now transformed into business people.

Please tell people about an GATS and its progeny, like TISA.

They are an imminent life changing danger.

You're very good at what you do, and I know you can do it. But you have to leave your comfort zone and tell them this most important truth.

You have to and you have to do it soon because it will take some time for the implications of all this to be understood and there needs to be a hive mine discussing it.

The entire corporate machine, all the Internet companies are hiding all this because they all want the totally unrestricted ecommerce environment proposed by TISA which will be a disaster for the American people.

You likely have some idea but I doubt if many realize what pure capitalism will require in order to hide its major problems, for one thing it will require that all sick people who aren't wealthy be thrown under the bus because damn, they just are not profitable.

The only way they will be able to get care will be to leave the country, and they will either be on their own, which might work out for a while for some but thanks to the "emergency" our system will catch up with them soon enough and it will use them to bring about its dream of crapifying healthcare all over the world, lowering it's standards to match our own which vary a lot based on where a person is fortunate or unfortunate enough to live, and likely also if they have an employer or self purchased plan.

The goal the overriding goal will of course be to make sure that poor Americans don't ever get a rich person's healthcare, wherever they go (or are sent by the hospital bed auctioning system that is already in the planning stage)  in the world.

No class mixing allowed, even if they leave our country.  GATS US specific commitments currently has a reservation preventing medical tourism from being paid for by taxpayer funds but it is just there to stop people like me from warning people like you, as it vanishes if its found to violate the GATS and it clearly seems to, since we committed the sectors, its likely to be temporary. Similarly with the issues disputed in the WTO dispute DS503 - filed in March 2016, and currently before the WTO Dispute Settlement Body.

The case is really about quotas, and whether they are legal. If we lose we could lose millions of jobs, perhaps as many as 41% of our jobs (and that leaves out public services which are definitely included, not excluded)

Especially if the US insurance companies get their wish and get to manage this process and mark it up 500% especially so. Only here will you find links to papers like this one that explains how they will have no rights once they leave their home countries and under medical tourism contracts things could easily get very ugly in something like a coronavirus epidemic. They could here too when some people have insurance and some people have crapsurance.Without exit from GATS a "public option" will become a nightmare for the poor that attempts to discourage them with innumerable gitchas, and then when it actually renders anything it will be dliberately so attenuated that only a madman would choose it.

Either that or it will ship them out of the country just as their jobs are being lost, homes are being foreclosed on my merciless foreign low quality mortgage providers - just like the crapsurance gold rush they are obviously hoping GATS will enable, and so called financial inclusion scams elsewhere in the world, the US mortgage market is being readied to attract the very worst kinds of lenders. (or rented homes redeveloped due to sudden jumps in energy prices). (And you are being set up, Bernie, so that gullible people will blame all that on Green New Deal, and AOC, and on you. (Instead of LNG export scam, on the greedy energy companies and well connected insider investors, and ISDS courts and system where it may end up)

We will see a real disaster for affordable housing in the next cold winter we have. Thanks to Kelo v. City of new London.

Towns that are reeling from store and mall and plant closures and disinvestment and loss of all kinds of taxes will become desperate for rateables. So they will decide to take the most valuable liveable places and try to covert them into tax money through eminent domain, they will be vulnerable to any fast talker who comes along, but the schemes will fail, like cargo cultists they will be trying to whip a dead horse, not knowing that only setting the country free of its slavery will bring back growth. But they will not be able to, as all the regulatory freedom will have been taken.

But even if they, use the LNG export and rising prices as their excuses to tear down the funky, livable inner cities and livable towns alike scattering Democrats to the four winds, flatten the inner cities and build as many condos as they want, looking like Hiroshima after the atomic bomb until the former owners died off so they would not have to give them below market rate apartments, will there be buyers who can afford them? I bet there wont be. Plus there will be so many homeless people without even drivers licenses, it will be a monstrous mess.

ISDS has to go.

Or it will be used to enable a scam that will dwarf the (GATS-caused) 2008 Global Financial Crisis

Every day people dont know about GATS we lose more, potentially, because your victory needs to be huge for you to get the nomiation because they are facing prosecution for crimes against humanity for rigging the healthcare system to make it unfixable for 25 years while maybe a million people or more, died.

Why it is absolutely essential that a public plan be single payer and not have any tiers or any competition from insurance  companies?

Well one reason is that if it passes the Article I:3 test, its not subject to GATS rules and if it doesnt, it is.

Thats almost always the case.

Under GATS rules, everything has to be the least possible amount of help offered to the smallest possible group of people, and as far as duration of eligibilty it must be for the shortest possible time.

The standstill basically says everything new is just forbidden if it did not exist in 1998. So the situation then is actually the most generous to people it was supposed to ever become.

But as we know, then it was super bad.

Still because then it was more profitable for investors, that is deemed better by the WTO.

any partially subsidized options will by design be shredded in a short matter of time, just like the ACA is being.

Please Bernie, don't tell me you dont know about this.  Or especially about this?

Corbyn fucked up by not telling the Brish people about GATS, which meant they failed to put two and two together.

And they lost and now are paying a huge price. Now their NHS is in mortal danger, and politicians are 100% at fault. Tony Blair era politicians. Just like Clintons are exposed as being crooks by GATS here.

This is the thing that never came out. One doesnt have to be a genius to see what the much vaunted Clintoncare was by looking at the timeline of GATS negotiations. It was cover your ass behavior. A cover up of a scheme to make healthcare unfixable on a global scale. And to trade away the good jobs.

And at the exact same time, GATS was actually putting the UK's NHS on the road to privatization 25 years ago.

the British media used to cover the WTO, but around late 2001 and the beginning of 2002, the coverage just stopped.  Despite the fact that the World Trade Center and the WTO were completely unconnected, it seems the similarity of their NAMES may have led to a global media omerta against covering WTO at all that lasts to this day.  This enables the global theft, more than anything else.

So NHS being subject to one way privatization because they also sell health insurance is an obvious, important fact that it seems almost none of them (except perhaps old guys like ourselves?) now know.

They were betrayed by their own elites. The same thing is happening here, as you can see.

Your plan is the only plan that is GATS aware, and if it was 1993, it would predate the creation of the WTO so could probably have given us a good healthcare system that would still be taking care of us today.

But, in December 8, 1994 Bill Clinton signed the URAA and our country became subject to the WTO rules, we still are allowed to have laws, as long as they conform to it.

The people need to know this. History will not be kind to people if you fail us and fail to draw this connection now, leaving the country at the mercy of two phony parties and their extreme privatization agenda. Not presented with any good choice people will stay home.

Bernie, it hurts me to say this but the people of the US do not have the luxury of your politeness. You have to tell the country this, there is no middle ground, and of course it will be disruptive because people will be realizing just how evil our trade agenda has become, among other things, and that their futures, and the whole planet's future, are in essence being sliced up and traded away to feather the nests of rich people. Its not (usually) fun being somebody else's meal. At least not in this way.

Its not just that none of the good things that you have proposed wont happen, because your proposals are the exact opposite of what they have already planned and promised to do its already deemed a done deal and its largely on AUTOPILOT.

The changes they have made and are making are radical and they pull the economic rug out from the poor and middle class, when they are finished there wont be a middle class in this country, we'll be sacrificed on the altar to the God of greed, collateral damage of a global coup. Their "expectations were unrealistic" is what will be said.  "Economics required the shock therapy".

Bernie you are doing your young fans no favors to hide such an awful truth from them. Even if it is the last thing you do, you, like Nicholas Skala must tell them the truth.