The Hidden Holocaust -

25 years ago a scheme, to make drugs much more expensive, came into force - along with the WTO. with the creation of the WTO -and tellingly, this was also in the middle of an epidemic, like today.

Their scheme was called "TRIPS" and its an intellectual property agreement, part of the World Trade Organization. An agreement that tries to impose a regressive 19th century morality that maximizes profits FOR NO LOGICAL REASONS.

Drugs are always cheaper to make than they claim, by huge margins. Research is more often than not funded by taxpayers.

This situation is insanely evil by all accounts, Its also a huge racket. 

At around that same time (mid 90s) I had a conversation with a drug company CEO at a potluck I used to attend regularly, a very unique group of friends that included many famous scientists, artists and explorers. Up a long road in a redwood forest above Mill Valley, CA.

This smart lady was a rarity in the drug industry, a progressive drug company CEO who was willing to tell the truth about the cost situation.

She told me that the average cost in the US to manufacture a monthly drug prescription, it's bottle, and label in the US was around $0.11.
Eleven cents.

The Clinton Administration, on its NARA web pages, insists that it created the WTO. 

Out of the same negotiations also emerged the General Agreement on Trade in Services.

An agreement that has drastically impacted the world by giving countries the WTO's blessing to cut services of all kinds, while requiring larger and larger scale outsourcing of public, and quasi-public jobs to the lowest bidders internationally.

The media seems to be obsessed with not covering anything connected to this agreement, as it rolls back the entire New Deal and Great Society programs, including Social Security and Medicare, by trickery, if a country allows private industry to offer like services.

Bernie Sanders' platform is basically the opposite. It brings back the social services that the GATS had gutted and is gutting in the US. We need to do that or millions of jobs will be outsourced to the lowest bidding firms in repressive countries around the world,, a change that could happen as soon as a president enables the WTO Dispute Body to rule on a case, DS302, that is before it now.

That job shift, which would free businesses of all kinds from having to compete for employees in the US's worker poll, instead allowing them to import low paid subcontractors from all around the globe, whomever bid the lowest, even for skilled professions (although it is not as cheap as prison labor) So, all sorts of skilled jobs that pay decent wages, are secretly endangered. Fear that Bernie would prevent this massive offshoring/outsourcing of jobs, restore public services and sign a Medicare-for-All bill, is likely the main reason why the US media has it in for Bernie Sanders.

The 1995 agreement blocks all positive improvements in healthcare. It would totally block Biden's healthcare proposals because it is a freeze. Biden cannot restore the ACA's protections, for rich people who can afford high metal level insurance.

See in the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services, under 'standstill'?

That is not a typo.

(Some context on the Understanding and the Annex on Financial Services is here)

(Some additional context on what is meant by some of these terms, "standstill" "rollback" "ratchet" in WTO agreements here).

As I type this, primaries are going on where we are pretending to be deciding things that under WTO rules, officially assert were decided more than two decades ago. Has the entire country has been successfully deceived into thinking a democracy exists, that doesnt? What is the "chilling effect" on progressive policy? What does it do to politics, to not have the ability to make positive changes due to rules it takes 163 countries to change? and why?

Could Biden successfully defy the WTO again, like Obamacare did for years, can Biden do it too? 

These are questions we would need to be asking experts.

We may need to declare an emergency and immediately leave the WTO GATS+TRIPS agreements (on drugs and drug pricing)  in order to do a very great many things that we need to do. let the poor countries, which demanded jobs in exchange for high drug prices, sort it out themselves.

Jobs? Yes.

Part of GATS, the part that is alleged to have "rescued the negotiations" is a potentially huge scheme to trade JOBS for other concessions. Yes, a scheme to trade away jobs.

Why? Because.. (I could give you literally hundreds of excuses that I have heard and also add dozens of what it really seems is the goal to me.)

Its all about power, on a great many levels. Money and power.

There are also a very great many articles on this site, especially in the Links directory. We also have both keywords and a search.There must be at least a dozen introductions and summaries of various kinds.

lets talk about healthcare. the goal of US healthcare is PROFIT and don't you ever forget it. Its not anything else its making tons of profit. An entire class of people feels it is their god given right to literally milk everything associated with healthcare for insane profits. If people die, thank you for your money.

Also, don't think that they want to make it cheaper, quite the opposite, the goals of all the US health care everything is to prevent prices from collapsing. Also, lower WAGES, also power and political control over poor people. They do not intend to reduce any of these problems.

Also, since GATS trades good jobs away, they want to keep those jobs in a sort of limbo, "Ready for Emergency(TM)"  So they refuse to fix healthcare because at some point they want to have an emergency so they can use healthcare as a wedge to break the wages of this very large very unionized industry, as they want to do with higher education and teaching too.

Also they are likely intentionally keeping healthcare so expensive it remains VERY risky for the poor to EVER even go to the doctor even in grave emergencies, basically the effect of this is to funnel healthcare paid in taxes to help poor people get it TO LOWER THE HEALTHCARE COSTS OF THE RICH.

Also the horrid lack of access to healthcare hides some deep and growing problems like EDCs, really serious illnesses are growing because of EDCs, so they ant to hide that for as long as possible. because these cancers, etc, are caused by chemicals in things like plastics. They also are arguably one of the main causes of an epidemic of morbid obesity.

Also, they are using GATS to lower the medicolegal standard of care..

Also, under partially subsidized "public optional" healthcare (which comes under GATS jurisdiction) all "measures" (everything a government does at any level without exception) must be not more burdensome than necessary..

That means limited in scope (as in everything that is nt a public service must be deliberately crippled.. eligibility limited (aonly those who could not possibly afford even the cheapest commercial offering (<<hole that thought) Now, what does that mean, it means exactly what I said. the most minimal commercial offering has to be used, and soon other countries offerings will be involved too, or so it strongly seems from the buzz. Also, the UK is really being brutal to people with illnesses as far as disability eligibility, that is all being anabled behind the scenes by GATS. GATS is a recipe for eventual genocide of the poor by administrative means (how it always is done) .  Not just a dirty deal between the world's oligarchs to keep one another on top by dividing the whole planet. (Although this it does an admirable job of.)

It gives the wealthy sort of permission to do what they have always been good at, keeping things like healthcare and higher education that give them a big advantage out of the reach of many, and in order to preserve jobs as a particularly valuable kind of bait, GATS also blocks all NEW decent, functional public healthcare, and other services, not just in the US, in dozens of countries all around the world.

I have also been reading that the fight against public healthcare is also closely linked to the fight against generic drugs.. (thats what it really is, although they will not admit they are fighting them they are) Basically, in their writings one gets the impression they were talking about a disease, not something to fight disease. Its the domino theory redux, the same kind of thinking that views public healthcare AS THE REASON WHY HEALTHCARE PRICES ARE HIGH IN THE US!

So GATS was part of the WTO and it represents our real policy, not what we show people on TV and the media. Which is fake.

You would think that by now people would have figured this out since it happened more than 25 years ago and has been in force since then, but it hasnt. This is because there is a huge NEED for all the things that GATS takes off the table so instead a huge cover up industry has developed in the US, particularly when it comes to single payer proposals. Dont get me wrong, we have needed it since the 80s but because everything NEW after 1998 is barred officially, and everything health care related chage that isnt pure single payer is intentionally crippled, nothing ever works.

Single payer can be sustainable and is, but the two DEFINITIONS the WTO uses to define services "supplied in the an exercise of governmental authority" a definition that is borrowed and then used over and over in dozens of other trade agreements all around the world is the WTO GATS one and it is so narrow that ONLY ONE COUNTRY'S SYSTEM is safe. Canada's. All the partial systems (I.e public options) in Europe all use a different way to protect themselves, grandfathering, they dont change anything. (Of course, the UK with Brexit, had to go and try to break that, and now they have. I really wish that Jeremy Corbyn had explained GATS to the British people but he didnt, that made it literally impossible for him to explain why the UK absolutely should not have made any changes. because the UK also sells insurance, which makes their NHS FTA illegal and dependent on the grandfathering, that they just lost, I suspect)

That also explains why they keep making cuts to it and privatizing more and more. See the "subsidies" keyword on this site and the link to the Note here, ad read asmany of the external links top papers as you can you'll see that public cannot be optional, that you cannot have mised systems. Anything else has to be minimal and broken for the vast number of people to force them to buy insurance, because you cannot crowd out commercial anything, ever. Thats one of the main reasons the WTO was established to create a way for public services to be dismantled and funnel all those jobs to developing countries to prop up the dictators. (speculation but well supported in the literature on the subject)

But back to the very narrow definition of what can be public services- This is one of the main points, perhaps the main point, that literally millions and millions of dollars has been paid to sock puppet firms to make ambiguous, there is a huge campaign to muddy the waters on everything in healthcare but nothing more than what is meant by single payer.

according to an ad industry friend of mine who I know for a fact knows the world of online disinformation because he was there at its inception. He used to work in a secretive war room for the tobacco industry, the very one immortalized in the fictitious film "thank you for smoking" (the sign in their private elevator said that)

I had not seen him in at least 15 years when we ran into each other in NYC and went out for a beer.  In that time he really explained a lot.

I also learned that people are a lot like cockroaches to ad company execs.

beware of fake Public Options because with our WTO commitments, which include a freeze on new FS regulation, its impossible to do anything at all, except cut more and more, (because of progressive liberalization)
the most minimal things and then they must be time limited and means tested and its almost like a religious war. (I am SO tired of explaining this)

its a scam.

It actually cant work, for anybody except corporations definition of working, and that is the problem. So all that time GATS has been kept out of peoples sight and lied endlessly about, especially when politicians wanted to shakedown voters for their votes, This duplicity is  a problem that was never fixed, and likely wont be fixed this year or next. Frankly, somebody needs to build a fire underneath these politicians. Because without some serious pressure we all may die first..

During the same time the WTO was being drafted  time, both Americans and poor people with HIV all around the globe were dying in large numbers,  Also, the ex-USSR fell, and the Eastern European countries "privatized" and were shafted in a great many ways, setting the stage for a lot of problems in the years to come.

Now e have TRIPS which led us into the HIV mess - where ten million people died for no reason.

because of rigged drug pricing systems, which could not be fixed without rejecting them in their totality. 

I lived in San Francisco at the time and was definitely aware that something quite horrible was going on, because i would see the Medical Examiner van all the time, picking up bodies, just like you see in Wuhan and other places on the news.

But, at the same time because I am not gay, and despite having many gay friends as far as I know only one, fairly distant friend got AIDS. And once I did a favor for an man who I knew from my apartment building and I helped him set up his expensive stereo he had bought because he was dying and had always wanted on. he looked really terrible and his apartment was filled with medical apparatus. 

But basically, I led a fairly protected life.

It wasnt till quite recently, when I saw a film, " Fire in the Blood" about this story, that I realized what had happened. You absolutely must watch that film. Its on netflix and its also on at least one other site, but the version I saw needed to be viewed on a standalone player and stretched to the correct aspect ratio, because it was squashed horizontally.

Anyway some good people ended a real holocaust. by breaking rules.

The situation got- temporarily fixed, but only after 10 million people had died. For nothing, for greed.

Now we are sitting on the edge of another disaster, one where we need a miracle, we need the kinds of health care and drug pricing and development policies that they in fact, locked away, with the WTO, 25 years ago.

But what are we doing, we are letting them just continue lying.

As I just read in The Lancet, one of the leading medical journals in the world, the current coronavirus epidemic may be a warning shot across the bow. If we don't successfully quell it.

It turns out that these kinds of epidemics often occur over several years. The first year, represents a "herald wave" of a much bigger much worse wave - that has happened to varying degrees with previous pandemics. We frankly don't know.

Because the world is still mostly naive to SARS-CoV-2 until that happens, most people have NO immunity. Unless they are infected, or vaccinated, first.

That's a situation where the drug industry can make a REAL KILLING.

So that's why the neoliberal Trump Administration is acting the way it is. You can bet on it.

It gets worse.

In the US most people only have health insurance from jobs.

And unknown to almost all of us, 25 years ago, our own government agreed in principle, on paper in "GATS" the trade agreement from hell, to trade many, perhaps most of the better jobs away.

The ones with health insurance. The replacements, may be working in part on a hope to be able to become permanent residents (even though there could even be more than 40% of the current workforce of them, ) some day. But just as it seems we may not be able to tell their employers what to pay, (we try to now but the entire situation is being disputed) we also may not be able to do that. Trump is just threatening them with not ever being able to get a green card if they apply for medicaid. And their employers are incredibly cheap people who insist that making them pay their workers US minimum wage is a great injustice. The would be African employers claim that too!

At the same time, We're pursuing more FTAs to commit more jobs, and restrict more public services, using a trick, negative list that keeps them from even being discussed by legislators, so that countries are trapped and bad government is encouraged.

Just like US.

This is why our government is refusing to discuss the costs of vaccines.

So let me just lay it on the line,

The exact same thing is happening here now with INSULIN.

And its rigged, so its a crime, Its not almost a  crime, its a crime a serious crime.

10 million people dont die for nothing.

And one million people dont die for nothing.

We dont give our legislators permission to lie about this either.

Any of them.

If we cannot learn from that what the inherent problems are of this system and speak out, there is something very wrong with us.

We need to realize, we are all in this together and the entire world is having its very life stolen by the same crooked people.

They are trying to represent themselves as progressive by turning progress backwards to the era of slavery.

Their cult claims to be representing an inexorable force, or even rule of God, "The Market" that decides who must live and who must die based on how much they can pay, even when drugs can be made for nothing and there is no reason for it.

Drugs must be priced by "market spiral" rules that are the definition of extortion.

If so, what is science for? Certainly NOT that.

That is mass murder, that is nothing other than fascism, pure and simple.

At the root of implementing that fascism is organizations we the US created like the WTO. They are a trick to nullify a very precious and worthwhile thing, democracy, All around the world. One of the principles our country was founded on.

Our founders literally revolted against the UK to get away from this.

They fought a long hard battle for democracy.

Something which we have not had in a very long time.

What we have been fed instead is a simulacrum.

A neoliberal cult has now taken over that says one thing and behind our backs does the exact opposite.

Clintons, Bushes, Obama and Trump, are all tools of this cult.

This cults truly big lies are killing more than 50 Americans each day. Our country and future and planet have been hijacked by a trade 'agreement', GATS, that nobody has ever heard of.

GATS is why and how our healthcare system is being rigged. Both parties are colluding with one another to rig it, and hide it. That's also why the media is backing Biden, to hide GATS.

We need to embarrass the media and politicians to prevent this nightmare story from continuing.

They need to be hauled up in front of an international tribunal. Because GATS is prolonging crimes against humanity. Its a crime to rig a nation so healthcare can't be fixed, turning it into a cruel economics experiment that cannot ever work, just to suck up more blood money but that  is what they have done using WTO rules we don't see or know about.

You'll see.

They are rigging things like the Nazis were.

We need to dump the deals that kill ten million poor people elsewhere, and one million poor Americans without any sensible explanation. Neoliberals (Biden and Trump)  are not what they seem, they are monsters.

the AIDS situation was resolved, temporarily by an Indian CEO of a drug company, Cipla who decided to break the rules. But they only got a temporary waiver of the TRIPS rules.

And the powers that be really didn't like it.

Now the government of india is just as corrupt as us.

Like Saddam Hussein, now we can do business with them.

With the caveat that this was set up ages ago, in the Clinton era, is this why the US wants so much to trade our jobs away, (currently, India is the country trying the hardest for those jobs)

To get control over the Indian drug companies, so they will no longer be able to step in and save lives like they did then?

That certainly seems likely to be a big portion of it to me. Knowing how much the US hates generic drugs being made, undercutting profits.

Are we trading other countries our jobs and endangering Americans lives to make them more controllable so we can jack the prices up on drugs to the stratosphere - risking or ending the lives of those who cannot afford them?

Are politicians telling us this story and fixing it? No.

Thats what this site tries to explain.

A mass murder is occurring and people are doing their best to confuse us as to everything. With never ending phoniness and theater.

And NOBODY has ever been held even the slightest bit accountable for what happened back then, or what is happening now.

There is no middle ground.

You cannot serve two masters.

the bloodshed that continues to occur now - 50 people dying each day, perhaps 1 million Americans who have died unnecessarily in the 25 yrs US health care has been rigged (since the Clinton Administration or perhaps even earlier.)

I have been told that the standstill agreement may date back to 1986 - September 20, 1986, by people trying to impress on me the justice of their cause against the US, they want us to cough up the jobs they have been promised,, now.

(Unfortunately, too many US trade activists take their side, but because that creates an impossible, life threatening situation for American families, AND STEALS DEMOCRACY I say no way

Nor is any phony con job "debt" which now we allegedly owe other countries in our own peoples jobs legitimate.


And they are itching to get rid of Social Security and Medicare and all other services, insisting they are getting in the way of their job outsourcing scheme and have outlived their usefulness.

They are just determined to do that.  We have no idea.

Because I know about this scheme enough to have a conversation and so few others do, the neoliberals actually engage with me in conversations.

So I know that my model is essentially right.

I understand what "world leaders" mean when they speak. I now understand the coded language they use.

Its really scary, the opinions they often share.

Suddenly the American people go from valued members of society to liabilities that they insist expect the impossible of them.

Their cult basically hates democracy, which they call various  pejorative names like "majoritarianism" 

in order to disempower democracy, neoliberalism has a scheme to control the world.

disempower and disenfranchise all - literally all workers - because if they stay ome they have rights, force them to either move long distances and be in a legal limbo or leave the workforce "voluntarily" to get help..  It sometimes seem their goal may eventually be forcing workers to trade places..

Their scheme is causing a LOT of pain and misery by forcing often low paid workers to constantly travel back and forth across the world, keeping them away from families and marginalizing their labor's ability to make their lives better, in order to nullify their social services benefits and potential political strength. Globally.

The US government really wants to prop up despots everywhere. They are people they can do business with. Like Saddam. 

Unafraid to make "hard choices" to prop up sleazy people in powerful places, like HRC and Bill.

They intend to replace our people with other people - in part because they have figured out to get the other people to work for almost nothing, They can afford it, often because they are really wealthy from taking other poor people in their countries hard earned money - thats why those countries are poor, because of them.

The scheme has a lot they like as it also strips Americans of any stability. (That is, unless they join the Deep State.)

Affordable higher education [FORBIDDEN] , Health insurance for all? [FORBIDDEN]

Why don't they want to invest in our own people?

They claim its becauyse our expectations are too high.. "unrealistic" In other words our young people expecting to be able to get jobs with aa four year degree and tons of student debt is unrealistic to them.

Because narcissism, NPD?

Narcissists are always looking for new victims, new sources of narcissistic supply.

Leaders of nations are often narcissists, but they are uniquely unsuited for responsibility.  are both looking for each other, but neither will ever give the other what they want because surprise they are both too greedy. They wouldn't share "their" profits if their lives (or scam) depended on it.

they have other, cheaper workers now that they want to use.

We should dump their TRIPS drug extortion scheme and their GATS job outsourcing and public service gutting scheme and we should dump them.

All of them who have hidden and perpetuated this disaster..

Of course the media refuses to cover it, showing another of a great many reasons why we should also dump them.

This is the biggest story in America but they refuse to even discuss it, persisting in their cover up.

People should look at just how many people could die in this Coronavirus epidemic and what we need to be doing, and why they are not doing it.  It will lead us to all the above.

When will we wise up?