Is the massive campaign against disinformation in the MSM, itself disinformative, in fact acting to hide the theft of democracy by secret deals such as the GATS?

The term "coup" would definitely apply if both US "parties" weren't already in cahoots to hide GATS and similar agreements.

GATS is a trade agreement on services that is part of the WTO.  It sets up global job trading in services, 80% of a modern economy. 

Unfortunately, it also is attempting to force a predatory, divisive model of trade on the world. One that is attempting to divide and conquer the entire planet.

What's being taken?

What isn't being taken is more like it.

But officially the goal of trade in services deals is to lower costs and increase profits, by means most Americans would not consider to be legal, but which GATS makes legal.

Public Citizen's backgrounder on GATS.

GATS scope is extremely wide, basically every government action that affects trade in services is regulated by it.

GATS and TISA and deals like them trade jobs, to lower wages substantially in the rich countries without wages going up much in poor countries.

They overwhelmingly benefit the rich and hurt everybody else.GATS has been behind the last 25 years or more of government policy. Its like an unseen hand in that respect. Its being hidden by a highly complicit media, but it cant remain hidden forever.


We should also realize that Trump and a former Democratic President were and probably remain, good friends. The 34 year old history of GATS can be read in links on this site.Its not secret, unlike the newer TISA. (Which requires a good understanding of GATS to understand.) Our country cant be stolen without some kind of referendum on that issue itself. A referendum on something else, that's totally backwards wont work for the UK either.

Also, since the Bernie Sanders campaign never mentioned GATS despite the fact that it blocks all the things he was running on those ideas never had a referendum and lost. In fact our current situation is entirely phony.

So we should indeed see whats happening as a coup, but not in the way the members of it are describing. Its a coup against all of us, all of the honest people of the world, including Americans, by the very rich.

World class economists have been saying this for years about GATS.

GATS and its progeny, TISA (which is likely to be revived under a Biden Administration) makes hundreds of policy changes, such as privatization of services of all kinds. Changes that voters would never in a million years have voted for. Or would vote for.

TISA's scope is far wider! Everything thats not excluded in writing, even services that have not been invented yet!

What we're seeing is a global grab.

I think we can be fairly certain that the things discussed on this site will figure high among what's going on.

I really hope that people can recognize the insanity of throwing democracy away, as well as the insanity of letting the political class manipulate the country like this.

They are no smarter than anybody else, i fact, evidence shows that they are delusional in certain ways.

Also, the wealthy are much more likely to be dishonest. We should not be encouraging people to emulate them.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are incredibly good liars, but incredibly bad leaders.

GATS is a classic extrinsic fraud against the nation.

Media that hide the GATS intentionally should lose their credibility.