[Ip-health] Unreasonable pricing and The ‘Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 6 2020

Whoa, just when I thought the news on our legislators selling out the country while an epidemic is ravaging our country, could not get any worse.

This is regulatory capture, without even any attempt being made to hide it any more.



Just so you know, its expected that a few days in an ICU will cost the uninsured tens or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cheap drugs might reduce time period quite a bit. And save a lot of lives.

A cheap vaccine will make it so many people would never even need to go to the hospital.  Because they would not get sick.

Doesn't it make financial sense to make drugs affordable?

I mean really, not just pretend to do it and then deliberately screw up like they always do. (because they traded away our rights to regulate, starting January 1, 1995, the day that the WTO came into being, and TRIPS and GATS went into effect.)

We no longer live in a democracy, thanks to our legislators and the WTO.