Insurance developments that could lead us into COSTLY FTA-lock-in

Which would block any further changes in health insurance, because we have accepted the faulty premise that foreign corporations deserve more than the American people who have been dying at the rate of 50-150 people a day because of their GATS scam. Work in progress

Since the early 1990s, the United States has been pursuing a behind the scenes trade agenda (GATS and TISA) intended to lock the entire world (especially the US itself) into a for profit, buy or die healthcare model. It views "the public interest" as an afterthought and "markets" to which the rights may be bought, traded and sold, as property.

So the US is in a very real sense working behind our own peoples back via trade policy.

Politicians are varying degrees of aware but generally they should be informed of these issues in an undeniable way. So they cannot claim plausible deniability. 

Depending on whose figures you use, 50-150 Americans die each day of not getting needed healthcare they would get under other systems.

Currently WTO rules against NEW financial services regulation and a great many other rules appear to block NEW MedicareForAll, and virtually all of the elements which go into it, as long as the US has committed health insurance and related service sectors, however there is a means by which a country can withdraw a sector from the GATS, perhaps by giving up jobs in another comparable service sector for privatization. or something else, - basically the countries have to agree on the "compensation".

Supposing that is resolved, then we should immediately pursue the GATS Article XXI procedure, to escape , basically buy our freedom.  NOW. 

Any of a great many proposals now before Congress could make the situation much worse.

Because it seems they all contain innumerable hidden traps.

See the links below. 

Nobody seems to know this. Senators also claim not to know it.

That is impossible - though, so at least some of them must be lying. 

Here is a short video explaining GATS.

As far as I can see, all of this also applies to healthcare and health insurance. 

GATS, what is it?

Particularly dangerous risks are 

Purchase or entry into US insurance industry by a company based outside of the US.

(See discussion in Presidential Candidates Proposals Will Require WTO Modifications)

Also in 

Maine CTPC Health Care Subcommittee Draft Report on GATS barriers to state health care reforms


Model Law: (see usa.pdf)

India's TFS proposal which could make tiers even more toxic.

GATS is a scheme to (in practical terms, because it would be very very costly to reverse) SILENTLY AND IRREVERSIBLY GLOBALIZE HEALTH CARE FOR POOR PATIENTS (Medical tourism) against the will of the American people, and lock out single payer, which would eliminate tiers and arrest the ever lowering of the medicolegal standard of care (even for the wealthy) caused by fears over liability.

Papers on health insurance lock in. 

The Potential Impact of the World Trade Organization's General Agreement on Trade in Services on Health System Reform and Regulation in the United States. (2009)

Public Citizen: "Presidential Candidates' Key Proposals on Healthcare and Climate Will Require WTO Modifications"(2008)

Maine CTPC Health Care Subcommittee Draft Report on GATS barriers to state health care reforms



It's a global war on public health care, and on people's health and economic well being.

Multinational Corporations and Health Care in the United States and Latin America: Strategies, Actions, and Effects

GATS also is a Trojan Horse to attack all wages in the US, by undermining the value of work.

Funneling more precious money to the world's oligarchs.

And at the same time pursuing policies intended in every way to RAISE COSTS for Americans in all the necessities of life, particularly those involving health care, education and other key "public goods". This constitutes a form of war on the security of not just US families, all families. Except the dynastic ones that run the growing ranks of banana republics allied in this scheme.

Healthcare and higher education are wedges, people are being held hostage, people's lives, health and jobs are being used as a wedge.

This is a phony, totally manufactured "emergency" because all along we have had the money to fix it, using single payer. They just refused to do so, lying, all the time. (>two decades) While poor people have died. 

GATS is trying to lock in bad policy, forever, in a way voting cannot fix. 

They are successfully doing this by means of existing treaties that are designed to exploit huge number of "temporary" workers, newly degreed young people who need jobs, from countries with high levels of inequality. This is called GATS Mode 4

Not because they possess particularly special skills, as is alleged, (we have them here, too) its because they are paid very little and the companies that broker their services take huge profits from their wages. See this document

They feel they have no choice. Their home countries are even more corrupt than the US is. GATS brings the corruption here. And rigs the system against all voters, without telling us. We never got the memo. 

A few highly influential but amoral US firms would like to be able to make a huge profit on their services, too, rather than employ workers normally. Rather than accept blame for further concentrating wealth, unfairly, they seek to concentrate it still more. By trickery. That was clearly the real goal behind the creation of GATS.

GATS undermines all workers. Suddenly under GATS, labor standards must be eliminated, and workers, whose rights and too-high wages now stand in the way of their employment, must become disempowered in order to work.

See also authoritarian bargain 

For all the trouble, the underlying problems of health care in the US aren't solved.

Instead they are worsened by giving foreign companies a perpetual entitlement to sell their wares or labor, which prevents solutions like Medicare For All. And attempts to makes the US poor's healthcare dependent on keeping the rest of the world's wages and working conditions low.

Overjoying the oligarchs who not pre-WTO were concerned that rising world labor standards would disrupt their global value chains.

This kind of capture doesnt solve any problems at all. 

unpayable debt[missing page] is also a means of [social control]].

(Note that we in the US have still not eliminated slavery, and many states now imprison and enslave people over small debts. Note also the situation in Australia around claims over overpayment of welfare benefits due to understating income, so called robodebt[missing page].).

Outsourcing potentially millions of jobs to temporary labor firms from low wage countries, is a situation which is expected to restore the low rights economic environment of previous centuries, reversing the gains of the late 20th century by stealth.

(It also appears to be part of a scheme to use artificially disempowered labor to pay off the odious Third World Debt, at the cost of the developed countries, including the US's middle class jobs). 

Rather than pushing for a race to the top, some want a race to the bottom[missing page]. (Predictably, under the guise of "equal rights")

Why can't all candidates be honest to us about the GATS, TISA and other Trojan Horse Clause containing agreements on services? Because many are crooked and have been for a long time, and the ones who are not are still too wrapped up in the system to see the danger of collusion with it. 

Only the strong voice of the people a very strong public outcry will save democracy and the future.

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