Insurance companies clarify co-pays waived for corona virus testing only, not treatment

If you are an ordinary INSURED person who gets tested for coronavirus, the test will be a "covered service" if you know what that means, its not the same thing as cost waived, so it will likely apply against your deductible or perhaps less likely, all charges may be waived. It probably depends on your insurance, Its not really clear. However if you test positive, and need care, you may not have the coverage to afford regular care let alone ICU care. But the healthcare system here, which has been killing a huge number of people for decades, is now locked into bad policies by a stealth treaty, GATS.

It is clear that people who require treatment will have to manage the cost, and in many cases they wont have it, they wont have any coverage, thats how a huge number of Americans manage now.

Nonetheless 1 in 5 cases WILL likely still require intensive care which in the US is insanely expensive for the uninsured and quite often for insured people too.

Like how expensive? Like six figure sums..  maybe even more for a two week stay. A million dollars, might be charged for a long stay in the ICU.

I fully expect our current system to crap out on people, there is no way they seem likely to pay for a nation of people whose jobs they are covertly trying to outsource (covered elsewhere on this blog) without being too obvious about it.

I wish people understood what an act is going on in Washington. So much of what is done is done because of GATS and other FTAs, which have already stolen democracy.

Treaties like GATS coddle multinational corporations (because they can sue us in ISDS cases if we do things like change minimum wages upward!

So basically, we're on our own and our lives have been ignored and we're just being acted at to keep us ignorant of a great many things. And nobody has called them out on it as they need to be.

Your life is worth more if we make a lot of money and less if we make less and if we're unemployed under the current system it may even be a negative number.

Also, now, the neoliberal ideology assumes that wages and benefits are always going to go down. they would never fess up to that but it does and that assumption is embedded into policies like trade treaties. Which are binding, but exist in a space above national laws and cant be influenced AT ALL by voters. (although a country like ours SHOULD be able to get out BUT WE MAY HAVE TO PAY QUITE DEARLY TO DO SO)

They view it as a law of nature. So they are unlikely to engage with the common people on it,  ever. They wont discuss it in Congress or the Senate, and unless they were insanely popular, or new, they would likely not be there if they tried to. The really rich do not think at all like the rest of us. Bernie is one of the very few exceptions but its entirely possible that he wont go to the place where he discusses this honestly even if asked. But I suspect he would if he was forced to and he would even initiate the process to get us out, the day after he wins.

But not sooner.

I am constantly hearing about people spending a week or two in the ICU from coronavirus, in other countries.  But here? That's likely to cost an uninsured person a six figure sum. Or more, even.

Also, many of the new Trump care policies - high deductible plans are designed for catastrophes, and rich people  only- high deductibles  to make them cheaper but not good for the poor, because TOO MUCH RISK.

but those high deductible plans actually were not limited only to the rich the wealthiest and healthiest, as is appropriate, Poor people need better coverage, not worst.

And that is the core of the problem.

So why did he do it? Lobbyists, GATS and greed.

But more than anything else, at the cause of this malaise sits GATS which basically mandates that all changes make things worse, all corporations are coddled, while all the risk and costs are passed on to the people.

So we are really on our own. They will do their best to hide it but you all don't make the mistake of thinking they really have got your back.

If something seems too good to be true, it likely is.