I do not plan to vote for Biden if he wins the nomination. He's not somebody I trust. He's BSing us on "public option" which is not a valid approach to healthcare,

Nor do I plan to vote for Trump. Just to make that clear. GATS and the WTO and FTAs situation show unequivocally that both parties are colluding to sell the nations best interests out behind our backs.

Working behind our backs. No wonder some Congresspeople and Senators are trying to cut the debate short and force Bernie to withdraw from the race.

They have an AWFUL lot to hide in the GATS situation, (among others) which Bernie still has not brought up.

They should be thanking Bernie, not demonizing him.

When I tell people about the FTAs, for example, here on this site, the situation is so far away from what Americans have been literally brainwashed into believing, few really grasp what is going on, despite my best efforts.

But I know they would believe Bernie Sanders if he explained this horrible GATS situation to people..

For example, our health care, and higher education problems are clearly caused by GATS, and it also explains why single payer works, while public option schemes like the UK's NHS are  being gradually torn to shreds by ever increasing levels of privatization, locked in by GATS ideology..

Does GATS apply to  national healthcare system? (Flow chart)

This dirty deal is also why so many of the the candidates except one were so against making healthcare into a human right and against prohibiting commercial sales of "insurance" DESPITE the GATS rules which require that any (partially subsidized) 'public option' BE DELIBERATELY CRIPPLED AND LIMITED IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY SO THAT IT DOESN'T CROWD OUT THE COMMERCIAL SELLERS OF THE PRODUCT

On the other hand, in a totally noncommercial single-payer system since there are no other payers, once the nation removes itself from GATS, then, like it does in Canada, GATS clearly does not apply.

This is why the UK's NHS is having so many problems, they sell health insurance there and share the market with health insurers who get to cherry pick off the healthy wealthy. Disqualifying it from protections from GATS which applied as long as they did not change anything (and remained in the EU).

Indeed,  GATS is the missing link that explains so many of our problems and exposes why so few things ever get fixed, and why those that have then immediately get unfixed the next time Republicans win.Which is invariably soon. And why the Democratic Party now ONLY nominates neoliberals.

Setting up a parallel secret government in Geneva that gets the real power over all economic things - Thats not democracy. Its totalitarianism.

Trade agreements have already caused three major world disasters.

1. more than a million excess deaths due to healthcare hijack

2. 2008 global financial crisis

3. Death of tens of millions of poor people from easily curable medical problems due to the US promoted TRIPS agreement allowing the pricing of drugs by methodologies that try to collectively punish poor people simply for being poor. They use market spiral pricing, That basically is legal extortion, charging people as much as they think the market will bear without any relation to their actual cost. Millions of poor people are dying horrible deaths when it would be simple and easy to change this.

Coronavirus is killing a lot of people and by all accounts, its being looked at as a potential cash cow for drug companies, that is totally wrong and really should be a crime and must not be allowed to continue. Only Bernie Sanders has spoken out against drug profiteering.

We need out. Its time we stopped protecting these criminals.

Here is a primer on GATS.

Ive recently posted more papers on TRIPS so people understand its sordid history.

Please also watch the film, Fire in the Blood.

Its on Netflix, I hear.