Huge death tolls in US with huge racial disparities

However, neoliberals can find happiness in one fact. The government is not distorting trade. Poor people are being left with life threatening situations.

The GATS (services-80% of the economy) and TRIPS (medicines) etc, function as a defacto, global war on people who have to work for a living, one that unfairly advantages people of means.

Most of the groups seeing the most death and illness, do not have means.

For example, were it not for GATS, we could have a public single payer healthcare system. (GATS took that off the table, officially.

ALSO to make it even harder to get any kind of decent public healthcare and banking, in 1998, the US entered into a standstill, a freeze on new regulation, we also agreed to eliminate and reduce in scope existing non-conforming measures, (virtually all safety net programs do not conform to pure free market ideology) so subsequent rule making violates that rule and must be rolled back, within a finite amount of time.

To get our right to regulate back, we must undergo this procedure basically buying our right to make rules back, from potentially hundreds of countries - if they have an objection.

We must declare an emergency, leave GATS and TRIPS to free our health care sector so we can give people free healthcare to get poor sick people into heathcare sooner.

Poor people avoid healthcare because they know there will be huge hidden bills.

This means that subsidies paid in their  names go to lower the healthcare for the rich.

Also, often the sick + poor have outstanding medical debt and so cannot access care.

Whether its in a pandemic, or not, this amounts to a genocide.

There is an urgent need for a better healthcare system, but our system is locked into a system we know does not work. (except at killing people before their time.)