How could Biden "expand Obamacare" when "progressive liberalization" is a ONE WAY STREET to privatization.

What is it with these politicians. We signed into the WTO in 1994 and it became effective on January 1, 1995. It sets up a ONE WAY STREET.

If Trump repealed a part of Obamacare, as far as I know, it locks in, a later US president or Congress can't just restore it.

Also, there is a Standstill, a freeze.

The effective date of this  standstill, which is pictured below, in a screenshot from the WTO site, -its  part of the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services. was effective February 26, 1998.


Standstill, is a WTO rule.

Endeavor to eliminate Obamacare or reduce Obamacare in scope? They wont do it. Basic income? NO, not as long as the US is in the WTO.

Because the WTO ideology has only one end point, the world becoming privatized.

Biden - would not ever do anything to fix the problems.

just like Trump's second term (when he doesn't need to be nice to get reelected)

A one way street to a corporate state.

Actually, I am pretty sure that Biden doesn't even intend to win, he just wants to get the nomination, because for Bernie to win would expose the fact that our rights to regulate have been stolen for a long time, making the healthcare mess arguably unfixable, during that 25 years, more than a million poor Americans who would not have died if we had had the opportunity to have honest politicians run and put foirward honest arguments and fix healthcare.

What we got instead is CHILLING EFFECTS. On democracy. What are chilling effects?

"Fright to regulate" Chilling effects is a patent term.

It means that politicians don't even propose things that they know are banned.

Whats happened is 25 years of chilling effects.. 25 years  of WTO GATS preventing our ever having a civilized healthcare system.

That's why Bernie is getting all this flack!

Why come down on him so hard when his healthcare system is the only one that works to get through the GATS roadblock. .

Maybe they are so angry precisely for that reason.

They want a world where there is no compassion.Where money is whats equal, not people.

People have no standing. But corporations do.

Discrimination is reframed, to be against corporations.

Under the WTO ruleset, its public healthcare that is framed as discriminating, against corporations.

Our anti discrimination laws are framed as discriminating, against foreign corporations.

Money is speech.

A world that is 100% for profit.

Where the globalization of employment means every American is competing with 7 billion other people, not 350 million. That's their agenda.

Because corporate America is saying behind the scenes that we're throwing millions of dollars away by not allowing corporations to use their cheapest employees here.

They are going on and on, behind the scenes, that Americans are too expensive, and they set up a scheme, called GATS to offshore lots and lots of jobs. With Biden or Trump that's what's coming.  That's whats promised, that a debt we are supposed to have now. You can bet on it. A race to the bottom on wages, one like we've never seen before. Lets face it Americans cannot compete on price with global temping firms that pay their foreign employees slave wages, here in America. Thanks to GATS, thats whats coming. They wont talk about it. GATS nail those nails in the coffin of the middle class.

Its a scheme that begun 32 years ago, signed by Bill Clinton, on December 8, 1994 25 years ago. But we never got the memo.

They wont tell us that our democracy has been stolen all this time, but it has.

Our healthcare has been rigged so as to be unfixable, to get out of the trap, we need just ONE THING.

These two graphics are from two separate academic resources, a European college textbook and an academic journal article. (One is paywalled the other is on a site that seems to be part of a bunch of corporate resources that consistently try to exclude me, I have no idea why. (but I can guess) so I cant just link them)

GATS' governmental authority exclusion



Since Clinton signed us into the WTO

a million poor people have died who would not have died in civilized countries. That's not democracy.

Look at what happened during the AIDS crisis, 10 million poor people died, in the developing world because they didn't have the $15000 it cost for the corporate medicine to keep them alive, PER YEAR.  But then, it turned out to cost a fraction of that cost.

How did an Indian company, CIPLA, afford to sell these medicines for $150 a year, per patient. Less than $1/day.

We know that Biden, former vice President, former senator from the US's, corporate tax haven, knows the WTO rules.

He also knows that bending of the rules, to make a coronavirus vaccine affordable to Americans, who within a few years, may have seen their jobs offshored, would be expensive, while neoliberal ideology is literally to disengage from people in that situation.

Neoliberalism is a lot like fascism, we can expect it to not want to invest in people in that situation. Because Americans are more expensive, the arguments are pretty harsh. Biden, as an advoate for neoliberalism, Bidens's attempts to look warm and compassionate  are dishonest.

Countries like India are pressing us to rent their workers, rather than educate our own. Their arguments like get three workers for the price of one are pretty compelling to businesses.

Under Biden, any kind of reversal of these alleged GATS commitments, isn't likely to happen.

Waivers that allow countries to go around the TRIPS agreement are likely to be limited to the poorest countries.

 We don't want countries to get any special deals, after all, coronavirus -  is a once in a lifetime PROFIT-MAKING OPPORTUNITY.

We should really consider how screwed we are, if this coup to take over the future, continues - and Biden succeeds.

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