Graphic illustrates why the oligarchy wants to capture migration for corporations..

Globally. Thats a hidden gotcha they embedded in the WTO when it was set up. Which could easily turn out to be one of the epic mistakes of all time. This graphic which is repeated in a great many of the dozens of papers hyping TMNP is also fairly misleading, given that the ratio between wages in expensive countries like the US and poor countries like India can be 20 times or more, not the small amount pictured here. Also, they consistently try to confuse temporary movement of natural persons with actual immigration for the purpose of permanent migration (traditional immigration) which most Americans have a favorable opinion of. But the two are totally different. One is freedom, the other is often compared to modern slavery.

Alleged "Benefits" of liberalizing trade in services. But the models they use and assumptions they make are quite questionable.

Also, their explanation neglects the fact that many recent immigrants will find themselves similarly displaced by the new arrivals, who are kept on a very short leash. We don't realize that whats essentially being forced on us now, no-matter who we vote for,  is much more like a modern day indentured servitude, and its often been called "modern slavery".

You would never gather that from the papers I read hyping provisions (Like the Mode 4 in the WTO GATS) thyat are clearly based on Kafala, the Middle Eastern 'sponsorship' system. Nor do they mention that when an international organization like the WTO takes over migration, its permanent, and can't be voted away. No matter how bad the economy gets. The arguments being bade to outsource all these entry level  jobs in computing are basically all deceptive. he jobs are basically being outsourced as part of a long standing war on decent paying jobs for American and other countries (European and Australian) workers. The goal being to shift the entire world to the Asian model where there is more of an M shape to the economy, hollowing out the middle. Increasing profits but at the expense of workers globally.

Here are several examples of the kind of media coverage I mean.

"India's Quite Right"

US-India fee controversy before the WTO

Economics and Emigration, Trillion Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk

India's Landmark WTO Challenge to the United States

So, for anybody who doesn't know, as of March 2016, the United States is being sued by India in the WTO over our alleged failure to give India the promised benefits of market access under the GATS agreement (NOT just visa fees, that is just the cover story) . The main issue as I understand it is if we (countries generally)  have the right to regulate work-related temporary migration at all. (as opposed to permanent immigration)  

Of course the US being such a fan, historically of trade in services agreements, maintains that it would create jobs to give the decent paying professional and semi professional jobs away to the "labor exporting countries" while we concentrate on high value fields, like trade law, no doubt.

See the related links and keywords for much more..

The media is going all out to make a Biden victory look like an endorsement of this system. I have a feeling the entire situation revolves around this deal which could end the large inclusive middle class as most of us grew up with. Vastly increasing corporate profits but turning the whole world into a downward trajectory. This is why the election was the way it was. God help all of us.

Lets not forget people in the poor countries deserve higher wages.

So the big losers are basically everybody in the world besides the rich.

This issue is why I see the political system we have today as broken. Profoundly so.

GATS is truly the trade deal from hell, having already caused so many problems, this is one more, the one with the potential to be a real world changer.

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