Graphic illustrates why the oligarchy wants to capture migration for corporations..

Globally. Thats a hidden gotcha they embedded in the WTO when it was set up. Which could easily turn out to be one of the epic mistakes of all time. This graphic which is repeated in a great many of the dozens of papers hyping TMNP is also fairly misleading, given that the ratio between wages in expensive countries like the US and poor countries like India can be 20 times or more, not the small amount pictured here. Also, they consistently try to confuse temporary movement of natural persons with actual immigration for the purpose of permanent migration (traditional immigration) which most Americans have a favorable opinion of. But the two are totally different. One is freedom, the other is often compared to modern slavery.

Alleged "Benefits" of liberalizing trade in services. But the models they use and assumptions they make are quite questionable.

Also, their explanation neglects the fact that many recent immigrants will find themselves similarly displaced by the new "non-immigrant" visa bearing arrivals, who are kept on a very short leash.

We don't realize that whats essentially being forced on them now,  is much more like a modern day indentured servitude, and its often been called "modern slavery". Most importantly, it's not their fault if jobs are vanishing, its the fault of  system that's obsessed by what it claims is "efficiency" but which really is old fashioned greed.

You would never gather that from the papers I read hyping provisions (Like the Mode 4 in the WTO GATS) that are clearly based on Kafala, the Middle Eastern 'sponsorship' system. Nor do they mention that when an international organization like the WTO takes over migration, its permanent, and can't be voted away.

No matter how bad the economy gets, multinational corporations now are getting a right to certainty - which they never had before, under trade agreements. Why give them new property rights in policy that they have never had before? What suddenly requires it now when we've gone without it for thousands of years? Its such a big change that politicians the world over are hiding it?

I think that in no small part, its mostly the declining power of working people in a world where an explosion of computing power is occurring doubling the amount of computer available for any given amount of money in just a few months. (18 months sounds about right) Also the explosion in international travel and the Internet makes it easy to leverage lower wages in other countries, leaving many workers caught between these two , which the people controlling countries around the wold would prefer their people not realize.  Because it is fundamentally changing the social contract from the relatively generous one of the late 20th century.

Even as they ready economies to trade services more and more, they are telling people what they want to hear.

This represents a failure and a missed opportunity to have a long-delayed discussion. But they wont allow it because that discussion, at least in the US is already decided in an inflexible way, because the US is the country most aggressively pushing this new kind of "progressive liberalization".

Trade deals may outsource tens of millions of jobs, pulling the rug out from underneath the younger generation (and older workers too) everywhere, and the voters are totally out of the loop. Efforts are being made to make them feel as if they are being consulted, now, but they are fundamentally dishonest because no matter what the people want, their minds were made up decades ago and the powers that be have no intention of changing anything.

One example, is the level of outsourcing and offshoring of service jobs located here in the US.

An unknown but quite possibly large number of jobs futures hang on a little known dispute in the WTO, brought against us by India (Dispute 503) that could go either way.

Which will likely be decided within the next term

(it was filed by India against the US in March 2016)

The jobs are basically being outsourced as part of a long standing war on decent paying jobs, becase of the rising availability of high skilled temporary workers from developing countries.

Basically, the oligarchs are striking back against the 20th century's improvements and reasserting the power of the richest..

And because they knew people would never vote for any of this agenda, they hid it all.

I call it a Global Capture or the global grab.

The goal being to shift the entire world to another model where there is more of an M shape to the economy, hollowing out the middle.

Increasing profits but at the expense of workers globally.

A very well organized agenda to change the nature of jobs to reflect the increased difficulty of getting the skills needed to do them, (GATS privatizes public services, including higher education, on a global scale, and the US's TISA would further expand privatization of virtually all public services, and its negative list locks in the changes so that it would be extremely costly to reverse) The very existence of a middle class and everything that it depends on to exist are stealthily under attack by these agreements between oligarchs to make business concerns "trump" democracy.

Given the existence of GATS and progeny TISA (if its resurrected - more likely perhaps under a Biden Administration because TISA is associated with the previous Obama Biden administration, but the Trump USTR also mentioned possibly reviving TISA)

Most importantly, trade agreements represent an economic governance at the supranational level, removing voters from many important decisions that arguably effect our lives much more than political world does.

Oligarchs decisions about what makes sense for them economically, are often diametrically opposed to what makes sense or even what is manageable for people, so this flood of international deals - this change is depriving humanity of representation everywhere of economic importance, leaving people in impossible situations they don't even know the slightest thing about,  - behind peoples backs.

Anybody who contests the fact that GATS and other FTAs are behind the scenes controlling and limiting all our futures is either ignorant or deliberately engaging in deception.

Because that is what it is meant to do, channeling business where, in the eyes of oligarchs, money will bring the most returns. To them.

So, in a very real sense, some complaints which the media is labeling as due to "disinformation" are actually well founded and really require a massive disclosure which is being prevented.

Which could and should come in the form of the end of what seems like an information blockade on the accurate telling of multiple stories in the US media. Because in any democracy, truth matters. Hiding this particular truth is totally unjustifiable.

Here is one example, GATS is the reason why the US's healthcare system is so dysfunctional, and its quite impossible to fix without performing a procedure required to get out of it.

Its important to follow the procedure because otherwise, doing simple looking things being advocated by politicians, will trigger punitive sanctions the nation cannot afford.

This dishonesty is increasing very rapidly and the effects its causing are a mine field of a one way deregulation and privatization of virtually everything. Its as if every action performed by politicians is intentionally booby trapped via trade deals like the virtually unknown GATS to take more from the nation's people.

That is the way these rules work. This is covered and documented extensively elsewhere on this site.

US think tanks are actually goading the problematic job-outsorcing/offshoring policies on.

Here are several examples of the kind of media coverage I mean of the guest worker visas story.

"India's Quite Right"

US-India fee controversy before the WTO

Economics and Emigration, Trillion Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk

India's Landmark WTO Challenge to the United States

So, for anybody who doesn't know, as of March 2016, the United States is being sued by India in the WTO over our alleged failure to give India the promised benefits of market access under the GATS agreement (NOT just visa fees, that is just the cover story) . The main issue as I understand it is if we (countries generally)  have the right to regulate work-related temporary migration at all. (as opposed to permanent immigration)  

Of course the US being such a fan, historically of trade in services agreements, maintains that it would create jobs to give the decent paying professional and semi professional jobs away to the "labor exporting countries" while we concentrate on high value fields, like trade law, no doubt.

See the related links and keywords for much more..

The media is going all out to make a Biden victory look like an endorsement of this system. I have a feeling the entire situation revolves around this deal which could end the large inclusive middle class as most of us grew up with. Vastly increasing corporate profits but turning the whole world into a downward trajectory. This is why the election was the way it was. God help all of us.

Lets not forget people in the poor countries deserve higher wages.

So the big losers are basically everybody in the world besides the rich.

This issue is why I see the political system we have today as broken. Profoundly so.

GATS is truly the trade deal from hell, having already caused so many problems, this is one more, the one with the potential to be a real world changer.

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