GATS Mode 4

Please excuse me, this is about a huge, global scam. A job trading deal, I think anybody would be challenged by describing it. But I think you will see why.

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I am also American but I feel my nationality is fairly irrelevant here,  irrelevant in the sense that this scheme is an attack on all of us, all sane people who work and have dreams for a better future, as well as a theft, believe it or not of our entire planet and futures - the biggest con job ever, to tell you the factual truth (if you know of a bigger one please call me out on that)



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The planet now has been hijacked as part of a huge con game. This deal is a key part of it., This site and page are disorganized, but true. Inaccuracies may exist but they are minor and not intentional. What I am telling you is easy to verify, as fact but not something the US media covers in any way.

Basically, for 32 years, a huge scam has been being put into place to short circuit democracy and lock in oligarchy.

Its also intended to funnel the increasingly precious entry level jobs exclusively to people of greater means than the US middle class. Wealthy people.  It will pull the rugs out from many current workers intentionally, decimating their futures in ways never seen before.

This scheme intends to restore the oligarchy and social hirarchy from before the latter 20th century disrupted it and gave us a strong middle class. The era when the rich were really rich and the poor were really poor. It dismantles all labor union brought improvements and anti discrimination laws, and it seems highly likely to also result in the elimination of all nation-based set-aside programs for women and minority owned small and medium sized companies, framing them as discrimination.

A-RES-44-232. Trends in the transfer of resources to and from the developing countries and their impact on the economic growth and sustained development of those countries.GIF

Its part of what amounts to a huge global theft. They wont discuss this, we have to figure it out on our own without their help. This is my current impression of it. (which is evolving) No more no less.

If you disagree or if you feel a side has not been told, email me using the contact form I would like your side of the story. I may even incorporate it here, with your permission. (tell me if I have it)

What is GATS Mode Four?

Its a job trading scheme,  an attempt to trade away jobs that are currently framed by some as too well paid, entire countries workforces (especially the US+EU+UK) are framed by our powers that be in private as overpaid and privileged.

So in the 1980s and 1990s they set up an agreement, GATS to make the job market more competitive by privatizing many jobs - if tax money was involved even a little, and making everybody in the world compete for those once public services jobs.

and monetize power that the people of countries never gave governments to use as money, its a lining of pockets and the payload behind GATS, the "services" FTA that it seems the captured US media has never had the courage to tell us here about.

So its legitimacy is at very best highly questionable. It also reveals our leadership to be unworthy of governing us I feel. because they are so eager to sell us down the river.

And a Rosetta Stone to understanding the mess that is US (and UK, I suspect) politics right now, and the biggest and most destructive lie of recent times.

It deviously subsumes all that Americans need to have policy do, making all those things as impossibly costly as it can and covering that all up. Both parties are colluding and both are lying, hideously so, and getting away with it through an echo chamber of deceit, a simulacrum.

This page is about GATS Mode Four, one of the four "Modes of Supply" of the GATS trade agreement. Just a part of the GATS but likely to be a major driver of it because of its lure of easy money.

In short is is also a scheme to destroy the middle class by stealth using labor arbitrage. A program to intentionally undermine workers and wages and especially workers agency - their abilities to determine their own futures, around the entire world. As a means of social control.

The corporate media makes a great deal about how "globalization" broadly defined, is supposed to help poor countries, but the fact is, it frequently intentionally deepens inequality. To put it far too kindly. GATS doesnt help anybody, except for them.

Tricks, like GATS Mode 4 are one of the reasons why, in this case because it replaces well paying jobs (many of which are done by high skill immigrants but many which are also done by every other kind of American. And that works, our productivity is the envy of the world. But it speaks of a promise of a better future that many see as a threat. As they would put it automation as well as competition (They frame it as an inevitable rule of nature, as shown by the use to me a number of times by the use of the phrase economics 101, but that denies the power of democracy to decide policy. GATS attempts to eliminate democracy in economically significant areas, Its how the golden straitjacket described by Dani Rodrik as part of his Trilemma is being implemented. Use that fact and the fact that its explained on the Davos site but never in the media to show yourself in a gentle way what we're provided in the media is often a comforting but untrue fiction.

According to many who consider themselves above the law, "Economics 101" should, no, must, be forcing wages down globally.

s if it was some kind of law of nature we had no influence over. This is an attempt to conceal the fact that we can and must be able to decide everything in any democracy. And that businesses have always had to deal with risk. Thats what business risk insurance is for. That is how the problem os risk should always be solved. For business.

Governments should do their best to protect their people. But GATS has turned that all on its head. GATS instead serves up the people as a sort of tapas or dim sum for corporations to consume as meat.

Oligarchs have a particular view of the world and governments. They feel that its should work for them, not us. and usually that has been the way things worked. But there should also be limits. There are lines that should not be crossed and rarely have been in history. When those lines are crossed, bad things happen.

Oligarchs have complained for a long time about alleged declines in gain in profitability. But in fact, that is not really so true, business has always had to deal with change and aging and replacement of bad business models. Nothing should be carved in stone. But, following the dissolution of the USSR and its client states and the rapid collection of those nations state owned enterprises by a well connected oligarchy, the WTO emerged in an unhealthy atmosphere of triumphalism.

And GATS is a product of that triumphalism. One that amounts to an unwanted and illegitimate preemptive strike.

Also, in the same way that cults everywhere do, for example, the sarin attacks on the Tokyo subway, we are dealing with what amounts to a doomsday cult that wants to destroy the world to save it from its own common sense restraint and ambiguous feelings about turning the world into a corporate controlled superstate..

That is what GATS also is in dozens of ways.

In the case of GATS Mode Four, society and peoples dreams everywhere are being frustrated by the forcing on the planet and voters what amounts to modern slavery. in a game nobody wins. 

This is first being done with low paid high skill jobs, changes are being put into place which are intended to disempower labor at all levels, and in workplaces around the world, more and more, work done by profoundly dis-empowered recent grads who are literally being treated as if they are slaves, in some cases. They intentionally have no bargaining power.

The intent is to vastly increase these programs until they become the norm.This is shown by countless explanations like the one at the bottom of this page.

(Read some of the criticism in the Quakers Trade Matters publication,  linked under the AFSC keyword on the left)

Although GATS Mode Four may shift jobs currently done by a diverse group of Americans to economically powerful firms based in places like Africa and South Asia, that shift will emphatically not help most Africans or South Asians, because the shift from good jobs to bad will mean remittances sent back to the poorest countries by recent, legal US immigrants (as well as the money earned in communities by all of us) will likely shrink dramatically.

Good high skilled professional and semi-professional jobs (the reason highly skilled people currently want to work in the US, they are often strung along for years based on this possibility) are being replaced by what amount to internships in service sectors, such as computer and related services, teaching, engineering, etc.  as they become impacted by GATS Mode Four. Dozens of additional service sectors are on the table - potentially everything is in TISA-  unless its excluded, in advance. In writing.

This is the equivalent of a Pearl Harbor like surprise attack on the US middle class and poor by the global oligarchy, led by our own and other nation's oligarchy, that is being readied. It will replace all ladders up with a black hole of despair telling people at all levels of society that their services are no longer needed, (after we train our replacements).

And that's it. GATS is a program that does an end run around democracy to allow the coercive focing of a huge agenda that basically takes over the entire future of the world - forcing in the corporate greed model that basically allows people to be deprived of the very essentials of life because they are the most profitable things to deprive people of of course. Although it may sound as if I am and there is an element of sarcasm in what I am saying because after all, this is so unbelievable to most of us and should be - in fact what I am telling you IS TRUE. And that is easy to verify using the links on this site (although they could be far better organized, please send suggestions! - the whole world's future depends on getting people to understand this- really.)

I am not joking. I wish I was but I'm not.

This is being done for a plethora of reasons, one of which - perhaps the main goal is to propertize everything that people think is shared and to steal it basically, to steal the entire planet, all its wealth from the world's people, formally, even as they think its owned by them, taking it all.

and especially to undermine workers all around the world (It also cuts off governments ability to help those displaced, if their efforts conflict as they always will with commercial efforts).

In particular GATS is intended to- will lead to the one way, ratcheting-in destruction of all public services - including public health services like the UK's NHS, if they compete with any private business, like health insurance, turning public colleges into for profit ones, water into commercially bottled water, along the oil/mining model ("blue gold") or private schools.

In the meantime (before total privatization) it also attempts to privatize and globalize the jobs of people that do that work for governments, at all levels, federal, non-federal and even local. (If the bid by a foreign company is cheaper)It tries to replace the residents and workers of high wage countries with higher profit employees who are artificially disempowered in a way that has often been compared to modern slavery.. (That is what GATS Mode Four is.) 

To do this GATS also encourages bad government and lying by politicians to hide what is really being done (the US and UK are both excellent examples of this massive lying to the public and the dishonesty it has created in all politicians.) Ironically, despite the fact that it is represented as a tool to eliminate corruption, GATS also is a magnet for corruption. (except now, global in scale)

It also should be known that there are persistent reports that young recent grads families (from overseas countries, many of which are seriously corrupt by their peoples own repeated complaints, say, and likely this is fact, that young people must pay for placements in these firms that do the work,  in essence paying to work in the US.

The more Mode Four and its outsourcing firm temp work model undermines professionals' work in any field, the more it may decimate professional communities who hold  unique skill sets.

Workers working for these firms and in these settings are often vocal critics of these programs structuring and their firms methods. 

Immigration is good, but Mode Four is very very bad. Because its a lie in every possible way.

A lie to us, to trick us into allowing it, and a lie to them. because the earnings lost to workers will be replaced by higher profits to the already over rich who have a track record of greed and will never share any of that extra income with anybody or pay it in taxes. Tax evasion is this cult's global religion, if they could be said to have one. Nothing gets them more excited than dreaming up these schemes. Its a game to them. A game in which peoples lives are wasted and dreams frustrated in large numbers. And many die needless deaths.

One that was dreamed up by multinational corporations to increase their power relative to that of workers everywhere, often dishonestly framed as "immigration" Mode Four is officially something completely different, its intra-corporate transfer.The first step towards a future where borders only exist to frustrate the dreams of people, but only to divide up the profits and territory of mega corporations.

So its important to understand that in the US Mode Four is defined as "non-immigration" so that politicians can truthfully scheme to offshore millions of jobs while claiming they wont touch immigration, But Mode Four has an inherent conflict with immigration since its based on maximizing profits it will tend to push out immigration, because thats for free.

So, it actually captures migration, and squeezes out immigrants, undermining SMEs - who cant afford these schemes which require lots of paperwork, also the firms that apply for and get the most visas now basically max out their applications squeezing out everybody else many years into the future, then they claim it would be fair by changing it to first come first served.

The push to vastly increase the use of this highly profitable slave like "temporary" labor is (I am sure they care a lot about this) "requiring" the decimation of anti-discrimination laws,

ironically in order to lock in a theft that also amounts to a parody of the civil rights movement, GATS and its associated literature/propaganda rails against various kinds of "populism" claiming its racist, as well as anti-discrimination laws in all their forms (anything that might protect existing jobs at the expense of maxing out transnational offshoring and outsourcing on site inside the US or outside of all kinds of jobs) claiming it is "discrimination" against foreigners, but neglecting to mention that these particular "persons" behind this are not actual people, they are  multinational corporations. 

Mode Four also seems now to capture and funnel all kinds of increasingly scarce and vanishing  good jobs into a corruption-friendly kind of fake employment for huge multinational corporations, replacing immigration, where workers presence in this and other countries depends on their being willing to work for extremely low or unknowable wages often paid in foreign currencies to overseas based workers overseas, (so we cannot really know what they are paid) . Its advocates demand (in Geneva, not Washington) that they be able to pay as little or as much as they want, claiming that because Mode Four is part of a treaty, and that its value system says working more for less is always good (after all that means more profits)

that countries (lets pretend the US - although we seem to be very much vacillating on this, but to keep up appearances, of Trump being pro worker, which is IMHO not as likely as him supporting these programs based on his actual behavior in his own businesses, which have taken frequent advantage of them. the US USCIS did recently stand up for a requirement that , assuming a 40 hour week which is highly unrealistic in this context, that workers, in this case a Malaysian engineer, be paid at least a "legal us wage". Which in this case (matter of I-corp) was around $8.50/hr while the employer wanted to pay the engineer around $6.50 an hour. (In Malaysian ringgits).

There you have it. I must say here that I am 100% pro real, traditional immigration. What I am against is enslavement of people in order to beat them down. And steal their labor. I am also in favor of making higher education free and keeping primary education free (since its also under attack in GATS it seems) In case you dont know, GATS is also behind the loss of funding for primary education as well as higher education, globally, we're the #1 country pushing for global privatization, behind the scenes.

This issue has a history that goes back more than 30 years. It5 is meant to prop up friendly authoritarian governments in a wide belt of very corrupt countries that are controlled by a tiny group of very rich people. In exchange for giving "oir system" (corporatism, not the capitalism most people think we have, something mush more extreme and cult-like) their endorsement, the jobs of millions of Americans were put on what amounts to a poker table. Or not, what was actually promised is disputed, of course.  This agenda however has its whole entire complicated amoral system that is the doppelganger of what most people in the world think is right and fair. Under it public services are a tHEFT from coprorations of opportunities to extract the maximum profits - which is framed as their right. Countrries cannot discriminate against foreign corporations or their workforces, despite the fact that this is insanely unfair to their own businesses and workers. Because they can get away with paying them almost nothing. Its almost pure profit. lets say we tried to require they at least pay a legal US wage. (it was getting into news stories that somehow foreign companies were ofte getting away with bringing their 'essential' high skill workers here claiming on one hand that they could not exist without them but still payi9ng them the same they were paid overseas. Which often turned out to be less than US minimum wage. That didnt look good. So, we got Matter of I-Corp.

This has a history we can easily read on the WTO site. It turns out that multiple countries have been arguing for a long time that its none of our business what they pay their workers, period.

the general argument from the Third World nations is that US minimum wages are unreasonably high bar for them to have to meet - so much so that its a trade barrier thats forbidden by the GATS.

consider also that GATS was the glue that allowed the creation of the WTO to occur, that some countries, including teh worlds second or fist most populous nation, depending on who you ask, whose ambitions are to become the "back office of the world" frames GATS (and right wing US think talks do as well) as the payback for globalizing under the corporatist model. Their payback they say is the right to have their needs which basically is having market access to take as many jobs as the inequality makes possible.

somehow the jobs are now being framed as the repayment of a DEBT that we suddenly now OWE. And nobody here has really even challenged this as would be appropriate for something that could literally destroy the country more than dropping multiple nuclear weapons on us would. Because if the rest of GATS was also put into place, prohibiting food stamps and public healthcare and public housing and public higher education, except in the most minimally trade restrictive and short lived ways that were physically possible (that is what is required, nothing even remotely close to whats proposed by any candidate ever is allowed. Because those proposals would all reduce the need for commercial products that compete. So are forbidden. By our own ideology.  Don't forget this is a system that views any tiers whatsoever as a binary switch that requires then for the most unequal treatment to be the only treatment allowed. If the system is not 100% free (Canada's is the only one that is) the system can only be privatized, not un-privatized, unless we BUY OUR FREEDOM unless we pay off claims and buy our way out. Thats is what we must do as soon as possible.

The same applies to jobs, sector by sector. In each and every case, the best (only) option we have is to BUY OUR WAY OUT. NOW.

But I am getting ahead of myself, lets return to the job trade.

No, Americansd dont want to trade our jobs away., We vote no.

They argue that because of this DEAL that has been hidden from us thats supposed to be PUBLIC the US has no right to specify wages or even work standards in any way. They claim that since dirt low wages are their main competitive advantage they have, they have an entitlement to use that in order to ensure that their presence in this country is profitable for them. They imply they only are taking a reasonable markup in some circles but it is clear that they are marking up what they pay a huge amount, as in many times, and still able to bid a fraction of what a US worker with equivalent training will cost.

You can read these arguments for yourself on the WTO site and in the trade literature.

As they claim that wage parity (meaning that they pay workers who are temporaily here - which can means many years, as long as its undefined, i.e. temporary) is an onerous and unfair requirement. Note also that parity means minimum wage, not a comparable wage as the USCIS tries to spin it as.

This is what is going on behind the scenes and there is a very very real and urgent risk that we may wake up one day to find we've been orders to remove the limits which require only a few hundereed thousand workers to get these visas at a time (with extensions of various kinds poushing the number up higher and higher )

The effect of this is going to be devastating to US workers, at all level, and it will also remove the incentive of getting a college degree in field after field.

GATS requires that we buy our freedom, the best and only thing we can do is do that right now. Get the issue out into the open and get out, cut our losses. Otherwise we will soon have a real disaster on our hands. And the ones who will suffer the most will be Americans of foreign descent who will likely be scapegoated because out politicians after years of lying will do anything they can to blame it on other people than themselves.

There is a very good chance that the pressure from a certain foreign country to expand this program is behind the anti immigrant agenda pushback from some politicians. (The same ones who were the biggest advocates for Mode Four in the recent past)

One really needs to read their arguments both on the WTO site and in the foreign press in this country to get a grasp on how its being spun.

Their argument is that we made a deal, they claim they should be entitled to use it when replacing jobs here in the US with their temp workers and that limits such as quotas should not apply to them, since thats what we allegedly agreed to back in the 1990s.

The American position is not that nothing of that kind was ever agreed to its that the total benefits were only available upon completion of their deal, called the 'single undertaking'.

Undertaking as in the funeral ceremony for the American middle class might be an appropriate framing as this change if it happens will literally kill millions of people. Because the cost of living here is unlikely to fall in any way, instead all that profit will of course be sucked up by those at the top and indeed, thats the plan. Likewise, healthcare csts would never fall - they would not even claim this instead they will simply rise So consider this a heads up. Things are not as they seem.more slowly, say one tenth of one percent over ten years.

This dispute- now the DS503 WTO case in Geneva, was formally begun in early March, 2016 and it is still pending. Its outcome probably hinges on the upcoming US election. If Trump wins there is no guarantee whatsoever that the US will fight the case, it may just capitulate, undermining workers everywhere and acceding to the GATS/body shop firms model.

Neoliberal Democrats would probably do that too. Only Bernie Sanders is likely to keep up the fight, since a loss in DS503 would funnel all the jobs in multiple service sectors including the entire Grteen New Deal, to foreign low bidders for the work.

Actually, FTAs like GATS, GPA, TISA and others still in the discussion state are intended in every way to block almost his entire platform (to be honest I cant think of anything he's roposed they would not block but I am sure there must be something)

They block other candidates proposals too but not in such a totally reversed way. We need to know though that FTAS in order to give corporations insurance, basically take all certainty and security away from people.

So its fairly accurate to say that they not only block virtually his entire platform, they also go out of their way to attack and reverse everything he does not propose to fix too, basically accomplishing what even a war might be unlikely to attempt to do. 

It gets away with this because its an inside job in every possible way. For example, in healthcare, it is pushing us towerds medical tourism. Meaning poor people will gradually be forced to seek healthcare elsewhere. the costs of healthcare are a fraction of what they are here. the healthcare industry hopes to game that graident and suck up most of the profits while reselling healthcare to poor Americans at a huge markup, assuring that they dont accidentally get too good of a deal, i.e. rich person's healthcare, by mistake, as often happens now when Americans desperate for a disgnosis whose needs have been frustrated by US MCOS (mangled care organizations) who do their best to get out of treating people when peoples insurance is not up to snuff which happens a great deal.

When Americans go overseas (perhaps not as often) things also go badly too. It depends on a lot of factors.

GATS plan has always been that inequality is natural, that its natural for poor people to die because they cant afford healthcare. This was a stance they claim was necessary to expand the scope of the WTO (and make it legitimate, they say) but the fact is its not what the world wants as it nullifies the gains of the past century.

But there is no denying that it costs a lot less and leaves a lot of room for profit for them to do this, hiding the fact that the system still has its deep seated problems and they are bound to get worse as peoples financial situation goes into free fall from having the good jobs outsourced and offshored. (The general plan, see also "movement of natural persons")

the jobs (and perhaps also poor subsidized patients) would be outsourced/offshored.

(See the "patient mobility" keyword, a euphemism for potentially forced medical tourism. 25 years of GATS negotiations should serve as proof,  even if not all politicians realize it, "importing doctors - and nurses, and exporting patients" as famously proposed by Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia U. economist and longstanding advocate for services liberalization)  is both parties real healthcare plan.)

But its not just healthcare that the world of professional work is likely to be profoundly and irreversibly changed by services liberalization (which gives the WTO jurisdiction over implementations of national laws, not so much taking them out of the scope of things that voters can change policy on(The WTO cant directly change them it can just fine countries - sanction countries in ways that could cost their taxpayers millions of dollars a day or even more if they fail to comply. ) Typically it would do something like privatizing social security or other public services which would help increase inequality and make the solving of problems by means that would have the best chance of working more difficult because efficient public services are viewed as a theft of entitlement from corporations.

An adverse decision in DS503 could radically reshape the world of work done by people with professional degrees in dozens of fields, by eliminating the quotas which currently limit Mode Four and Mode Four like but much higher paying visas like H1B visas)

upping the ante for people who would get stable jobs outside of this system (basically most of the people who are working now)

(people would need to literally be the best in the world in their fields globally or be employed in secretive or military related areas to avoid the precariatizing effect of globalization's entry into labor provision, to become employed permanently at a decent wage)Americans would go from competing with maybe 250 million other potential workers to competing with 7 billion others, for the same jobs. (except foreign firms would be able to pay their workers whatever they agreed upon under extremely coercive conditions. Don't forget, a recent grad in any technical field must work in their field in order to retain that knowledge. Or the degree immediately starts depreciating in value. )

"Body shop" temp firms both greatly lower the wages in skilled fields once they penetrate deeply into them, and also siphon off a lions share of those wages upward, they never make it to the workers.  Even though this may well lower the quality of work to the point where it may even endanger a companies output, the financial incentive, savings on wages, is potentially so high that they may do it anyway, choosing to milk their reputation in an extractive way, extract its value, then leave the company a debt ridden shell.

This system also is destructive and unfair to work and workers in every possible way.

Body shop firm workers have complained sometimes of having to pay for placements at firms in the US. (all this likely also applies to UK, EU, etc. which could also perhaps be impacted by similar provisions in TISA, or other FTAs, and/or a decision in (WTO dispute) DS503 in the same way, although the pretexts which are being used to trick other nations into doing things that lock in these bad irreversible shifts are different)

The trade literature even celebrates this dishonesty, framing it as having a higher purpose of helping the poor, BUT, the facts show these deals hugely undermine all workers and pad the pockets of the rich.

Presupposing it was before the GATS took effect, (Jan 1, 1995) allegedly requiring we instead follow the Article 21 procedure, even an issue like the timetable for implementation of US healthcare reform and the method by which it was proposed to be implemented would have been a crucial determinant as to whether it could be successful. (If it fell under the GATS jurisdiction by allowing commercial entities to compete with the public utility - to my knowledge Canada's healthcare is the only country that passes this test, the others must keep their healthcare the exact same as it was in 1995 or allow each change to privatize more and more, any regression like the US's ACA which violates a 'standstill clause' is inherently forbidden and challenge-able, in an inexpensive trade procedure.

Only because Canada passes the Article 1:3 b+c test, it could remain in place and not be subject to a plethora of rules and pressure to privatize more and more every two years at WTO Minesterials. (Progressive liberalization)

(and from countries like the US that see an easy win )

So the UK is trapped into allowing a death of a thousand cuts (slow slicing)

that successfully destroy it, as in the case of the UK's NHS and the US's repeated attempts at "affordable" health care, which also complies with the GATS rules, (see the "states flatline" paper  at PNHP-)

Efforts which have (intentionally or not) failed again and again- always for the same reasons.

Sick people simply are not profitable cash cows to be milked in the real world.

No matter if they are the "one bright spot in a dismal economy", or not. (That is actually how a lot of rich people see it.)

Just like the rich people in India who try to portray their oligarchs as the worlds poor who must be helped at the expense of the entire working class of the US, including black people who in many cases worked extremely hard for the professional jobs in areas like teaching, nursing they now hold and are literally the first people in their families to get to go to college.No, all of the working peoples accomplishments now must be nullified by a shameless dishonesty and trickery in order to get them their entitlement. And incredibly its being done.

As a nation, we don't even have the foggiest idea whats going on. As even the "good" politicians are all hiding it from us. Why? Because they would have to agree that their deception made most of them, as a class, unfit to govern? That its tacit tolerance, no, celebration of a system that was rigged into being impossible and designed to fail the voters was criminal if it was being maintained by a massive fraud, AS IT IS.

No, all America's workers are now being successfully framed as a pampered class that has been skillfully preventing the long planned services liberalization since the 1990s. As if we even knew about it.


As the inherent entitlement built into capitalism.

SO all that is hidden and the mis-framing goes on.

The free market system is perfect (for investors who have been led to believe this) Nothing can be allowed to ever fix it adequately.

Nor will offshoring (what we're clearly being maneuvered into a phony crisis to create phony consent to allow) poor patients care solve any problems, just delay our facing it for a few years longer, at tremendous costs to both them and all society.)

One needs to understand GATS to see this. When one does, the situation, even in countries like the UK where healthcare has always had a substantial public aspect to it, are being crushed by GATS requirements.

That becomes obvious. 

(image caption: Table 2 in Skala: 2009 )table2.png

Its also obvious how so many US programs are designed to fail the two line (GATS article 1:3 b+c) test .

in order to make it crystal clear to all that the US remains committed to the God of Profit and nothing else - The rich around the world get the message, US healthcare is a commercial entity undeserving of any GATS exemption. Bernie Sanders is a diversion to make the poor think they had a fair shot. And not to be seen as the actual voice of the voters. How could we do it any differently, after all, we are the United States?

We are willing to make the hard choices that result in a huge amount of morbidity and mortality continuing. We got rid of welfare in our time and now are getting rid of food subsidies. Public education is next. Our own citizens don't want our jobs and dont need to go to college, since they expect too much of our business community. "Our system has made them so wealthy" or lazy, the framing goes. Our oligarchs are welcomed in the Third World, however. Welcome as the ones who befriended their rich

so we are giving the jobs away to the workers in other countries.

So, we all must race to the bottom to facilitate these changes, destroying our own patients health or lives (people choose to buy food or pay rent instead of buy health insurance so its their faults- even if no plans are available which could possibly work, thats easy to ignore in the media if even a tiny amount of effort is made to obscure the truth- "Bewilderness" has been successful. The political haze.. the static.

Just like it has been with Brexit in the UK. Nobody has even the slightest clue.


Only if they did (after all, its easily verifiable fact)could they save our country and our workers futures in the process.

barring a huge outpouring of enlightenment - where we suddenly see this is the very simple, factual explanation to all that is being done.

Until then we will all fall for their huge shameful deception, that All must be subverted to the goal of increasing foreign trade, or be successfully frameable as discrimination, Overseas our resistance to neoliberal dogma is literally being framed as taking the food out of the mouths of foreign corporations..

They dont need our jobs, they need to provide jobs to their most talented themselves. They need to eliminate their corruption.  Just like we need to eliminate ours, before its too late.

Otherwise GATS will push us back to the Lochner era. Before universal public education.,

GATS will prohibit it.

The same goes for any expansion in subsidized anything, perhaps even primary education.(even though its ambiguously carved out now - a protection that ends if private schools grow more which will happen if funding for public schools is allowed to be shifted to them)

"Why educate when their jobs are being traded away" get the picture?

Resisting the scheme which is literally a well planned plot to destroy the very existence of a middle class globally.

is framed as "discrimination".

Which is the opposite of what is actually happening.

When these foreign staffing firms represent themselves as American - which several now do, they still seem to get a free pass to never promote American workers (of all ethnic backgrounds, even the same background as their own management.)

It seems they only want workers who laws have artificially disempowered in some manner.

But whatever the reason is, either they try to not hire American workers, or only hire enough to meet specific targets, required by US laws to allow them to use temporary foreign worker visa programs (which their entire business model is dependent on, make no mistake about that) without being subject to enhanced reporting requirements that smaller firms don't need to comply with. 

Yes, maybe paying for jobs IS "the free market system" (as advocates for these FTAS sometimes have claimed to me, in online conversation) and maybe Americans are "pampered" as they put it,  by a system which allows us to compete with a much smaller labor pool without many workers with advanced degrees (this shortage of access to college is now arguably being created intentionally by GATS which we and the UK and EU business lobbies basically wrote to allow this global race to the bottom - a global undermining of labor to take place, alleging it would help the oligarchs in the poorest nations.) In other words, our (phony) "shortage" of high tech workers is the result of government policy)

But that doesnt give them a right to intentionally subvert the systems of multiple co7untries and even international organizations, setting up phony "civil society organizations" left and right to parrot their agenda.. in order to dispose of democracy everywhere and set up a scam 'global economic governance' for the rich only. Which is what has been done. Locking out all change and all other models.

What is democracy? Its something we have not had for a long time as illustrated by the willingness of our leaders to put into place a system that showed their confidence that they could successfully manipulate it despite the urgent public interests that that capture frustrated.

Americans should have a right to control our own country's policies of every kind  under a democracy. (This is basically the difference between Bernie Sanders and the other candidates who all are signalling they are okay with the GATS agenda in various ways, by including in their proposals things which will pre-break them as has always been done in the past.

bernie, instead is pretending its still the early 1990s - before GATS was in place and arguing we do what should have been done then. In order to create the illusion of democracy, so it could be shown as having been defeated in a fake contest, long after the decision had been made? Or not? I think its a mistake to coddle them by failing to point out the gross theft that has been pursued by GATS and its ilk and which is still being pursued. I think that todays Democratic Party will do absolutely everything it possibly can even deliberately screw up in order to prevent the real issues (the discussin that needs to happen about GATS and what that says about America's real global aims and how far away they are from what the nation's electorate of both paties really wants.

They will do every single thing they possibly can to prevent Bernie from getting the nomination,

This is being done to trigger vtraps they set up for us themselves. (that also applies to the UK)

Preventing any discussion ensures that they will never be fixed before the "opening" of markets thats decimates jobs locks in. 

They will probably claim that was a mistake if we let them by not bringing these many issues enumerated on this site to the nations attention. They want their theft to look like an accident.

The GATS agreement, being so against what our people want in so many ways, is illegitimate and illegal and even an honest Supreme Court would likely, if they had jurisdiction (unfortunately, they likely dont) decide that.

Also, the American people, if we knew what neoliberalism is, and that it was being forced on us by massive trickery, would never vote to trade their own jobs and careers away permanently, or agree with the neoliberal dogma that the voters had to be brought to heel because "we had unrealistic expectations" that were in direct conflict with the basic facts inherent to capitalism and especially the global value chains cost-lowering dogma. Because that is simply shifting all costs from corporations onto the people while taking away their abilities to pay them, basically this agenda is designed to force people out of the country (to where) if people are no longer lining the pockets of Wall Street more than some hypothetical other person would pay them to allow. The older Americans, those with health conditions and even the bulk of the country, the core of our workforce, those without advanced degrees are framed as bad investments compared to the greener grass represented by the foreign oligarch class, who are seen as being more likely to share the elites views. They see themselves as outnumbered by the rest of the country, describing the people as mob rule or 'majoritarianism' and feel as if cheating in all kinds of ways is permissible to hold on to power under the circumstances.

This is the real main issue at play in 2020 and things really do not look good, as decades of scheming, literally a perfect storm of oligarchical plotting and planning on a global scale is all converging on the rights Americans take for granted particularly our ability to work for decent wages, (the alleged over high wages and artificially cushy working conditions which are represented in one think tank's paper as "Trillion-Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk"). Note that this paper wrongly represents what is allegedly agreed to in GATS and its progeny (which it fails to mention, of course) as "immigration" which it is not. This is always done.GATS is almost never mentioned by name, and when it is, its misrepresented as being far less empowered toi wreak havic than it and its progeny actually are. This is to hide their undemocratic nature from the public.

Mode Four is specifically non-immigration, its strictly for the purpose of doing paid work cheaper, and lowering wages. It also does not allow workers to work directly for wages, it sets up a system where their temp companies get to skim off whatever they can of their wages, and to get to work in the US they must take the deal or leave it. If they lose their jobs they must leave the country.


Image caption: This shows that in India, to an audience of rich Indian investors, the Indian body shop firms admit they try to avoid "hire locals" unless they are forced to.

This is shameless racism. 

Note that when these firms come in they are replacing one of the most diverse communities as workplaces go in America with a monoculture.And hurting the people ihn that monoculture, depriving them of experiences they would most likely benefit greatly from having.

In fact its obvious that the wealthy of the world for all they talk about innovation are doing their best to prevent innovation of all kinds, everywhere. And reverse its gains where they have occurred. That means roll back as much as they can of the 20th century.

All laws against discrimination in countries that have them are being moved out of the way by means of various pretexts (such as Trump in the US.)  in order to smooth this transition. 

It should be obvious to people that this is what is happening. Its simply amazing to me that people fail to see it. There wont be any way to prevent it if we swallow the framing thats being replicated over and over by the US corporate media. In the commercial world, this change is likely to be particularly destructive to any community that is not responsible for the product that is being made in an organization (See Nicholas Carr's "IT Doesn't Matter" for an outline in manegerial-speak of what can be outsourced profitably with little risk and what shouldn't be.) In public service, and quasi public service, the rules are based in GATS' description of its scope - particularly Article I:3 b+c 's narrow 'exclusion" !

and therefore, are likely to be QUITE arbitrary. 

Mode Four represents a regression for all humanity whose goal is to reverse the gains of the 20th century, and return the world to what amounts to modern slavery. By lowering wages it may curtail real immigration to the US, but at the expense of everything that attracts people to come here. It replaces what we have known as immigration with a system tailored to the needs of the rich, visas for themselves as "managers" and for their workers as near slaves whose very presence depends on their largess, encouraging abuse of workers and its likely a great many different kinds of fraud and bribery. (One internal US government report, which became public due to Wikileaks publication of thousands of cables described a problem with visa applications in India where upon examination >80% of visa applications for work visas submitted to the US via one consular office -Hyderabad, India, contained fraudulent information.)  GATS potentially will remove the US government from the chain of entities deciding who can come, basically making control over the work visa process an entitlement of foreign corporations. This is a huge loophole in the main process that can lead into US citizenship in many cases that basically opens the door only to oligarchs and those anointed as worthy by them. Refugees and the non-wealthy will be excluded. Talk about a points based system basically requires employment in this highly corrupt system which could expand dramatically as a result of a decision in Geneva in a way taking it completely out of the control of anybody in the US who was elected at any time. Freed of quotas the number of permatemps could expand to 41% or quite possibly more (See work by Prof. Alan Blinder of Princeton and the Harvard replication study of his work, noting that he excluded quasi-public service jobs like teaching and nursing that quite obviously would see huge impacts due to GATS narrow govt authority exclusion, (see the keyword links on the left to Article 1:3 also .) Imagine a change that allowed outsourcing by bid tendering, of say, 60% of US jobs. That's quite a realistic estimate. of the US workforce, displacing those currently doing all those jobs. Government procurement in jobs that fail the two line test at GATS Article I:3 would be particularly impacted, increasing that 41% figure to as high as 60%. And those would be the better paying (currently) jobs.

The change would also destroy Social Security because the pressure to allow a totalization agreement, already strong, would become intense. (The Social Security issue is already being disputed in the submissions by India to WTO.)  Privatization is also exactly what Wall Street has been pushing for for years.

GATS basically sets it up with its Annex on Financial Services. We're being led into a trap and its not at all a subject which the media has ever discussed with Americans so it will come as a complete surprise. God help us.