President Trump, Vice President Pence, stop the BS - GATS and TRIPS are preventing the government from doing what it needs to do to cure the epidemic, and politicians are hiding it.

The country is rushing headlong into a huge potential disaster because trade agreements block all the improvements that candidates promise turning our democracy into a sham at this point. The virtually unknown GATS is the #1 missing link in today's news stories.

For example, GATS makes it so the government cant fix healthcare, higher education, and housing, the government is not supposed to directly help people.

We have to phase out the once public services we have.

For example, please read up on the governmental authority exclusion It will explain what can be done under GATS. (deregulation+privatization)  That's not helpful.

These trade agreements are 100% for businesses and 0% for people.

They won't fix healthcare - but they will never say why.

GATS and TISA are why.

This is totally being denied by Trump and the government.

Waiving copays on tests wont help the millions of uninsured.

Rent is due today for millions of Americans who dont have it. GATS prevents new regulation of all kinds, TISA expands to limit all kinds of services, including new rent control, if there is one foreign investor in the country. Even services that have not been invented yet.