Famous last words? “our country wasn’t built to be shut down.”

Trump is rejecting expert advice and trying to figure out an excuse, any excuse, to throw caution to the winds.

Meanwhile, Spain is the new Italy with it's death rate rapidly rising.  Spain is turning soccer arenas into giant makeshift hospitals even as patients are already being brought in.

Germany, like China has successfully flattened the curve for now with extreme measures even as Italy which waited too long, sees deaths rise to more than 6,000.

The pandemic continues to take hold across the world, but data in Germany and China shows infection rates may be slowing there due to extreme restrictions on travel and social distancing.

One voice stands out.

The US is doing great, according to President Donald Trump: “our country wasn’t built to be shut down.”

He's considering declaring victory in two weeks, despite the advice of scientists.

The fact is, even in the best of times, the US is the worst place in the world for those unfortunate enough to get sick here who aren't wealthy.

At the rate we are going, COVID-19 is likely to quite possibly kill millions of Americans.

This is the price of incompetent, narcissistic leadership.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a disease.