The COVID-19 situation illustrates why trade agreements should never have been used to hijack the peoples wishes to lock in bad policy on healthcare and drugs, trapping politicians in big lies.

Most Americans mistakenly believe we can just vote to fix these things, and solve them. Unfortunately, its not so easy. We've been misled by the people in high places, and the media. The fact is the government now has intentionally created a system to TIE ITS OWN HANDS, locking out all progressive change, it hopes, forever. Showing how Its so very confident of its ability to pull the wool over our eyes, indefinitely.

COVID-19 is killing a lot of people. Outside of the US many people all around the world have access to affordable medical treatment, as a public good, and as long as their country has their public healthcare systems, and they don't change anything or do anything stupid, like quitting the WTO and trying to rejoin it again, the new privatization and drug rules which came into force in the WTO move forward fairly slowly.

Here in the US, though things are different. As GATS and TRIPS have imprisoned us in a bad healthcare system we cant fix and stuck us in a situation where we're basically hostages to an extremist ideology that demands we get the worst deals of all, "on principle". They have rigged the system and hide it by pretending to argue with one another. Its been this way for >25 years, ever since we joined the WTO.

Before January 1, 1995 and the WTO we had affordable drugs.

But now people can't even be certain that if a cure was found that they would be able to get it, even if it was invented here.  thats on principle. We couldnt give our own people a special deal while we were demanding they let children die, because they dont have the money we demand for a medicine that can still be sold profitably for $10 a month.

As the global wealthy see the need for work declining, they are working night and day to future proof their gains. This means steering all of the future jobs to them, as well as locking down everything of value.

They are trying to steal all the gifts Science has given us, just as they have with drugs.Instead of an era of improved quality of life for everybody, we're getting a race to the bottom as people bid the wages of jobs lower and lower in a global pillage.

So policy space for voters had to be gotten rid of, except for trivial things. That's intended to create a war of attrition against the very idea of a middle class.. globally. A war against us and our damn unrealistic expectations.

"Sorry old chaps, you need to be more realistic",

politicians say.

It is realistic to realize we need to change the political class and media's wall of silence on GATS and TRIPS.