Cost of having a baby in the US if you are uninsured could be as high as $287,453 (2009)

This figure is from the KFF publication Maternity Care and Consumer-Driven Health Plans

Maternity Care and Consumer-Driven Health Plans

Usually the costs are lower, the six figure sum is a worst case scenario.. an difficult pregnancy that spans two plan years.


Note this figure is from 2009. Obamacare for a while had a limit on yearly "out of pocket costs" of around $12,000 (in addition to a plan's premiums),

(The Democrats HAD to do something after Obama was elected, by a substantial margin. or the whole GATS scheme would have been exposed.)

I am not sure if the limit still exists.

It seemed too good to be true, because it violated the standstill in the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services just like everything else in the ACA.

So it was not long for the world. Doomed from the beginning.

By the way, this standstill also likely applies to the UK.

The effect of these high bills is that increasingly only the rich can afford to have and keep children.

What happens is young girl's families and especially, single women can't afford it.

However, if the woman puts a child up for adoption, often the adoption facilitator will pay the costs out of their profits.

That's because the US is a mecca for wealthy couples looking to adopt a healthy child.

White children especially become the targets of bidding wars. Just like real estate.

Often to rich couples from other countries, places like the United Kingdom and Australia, who come to the US looking to adopt a child "who looks like them".

Until a few years ago "faith based" groups - typically right wing churches basically, had a monopoly on this lucrative business and they want it back.