Coronavirus mortality in US now higher than many other countries.

(Update it seems Iran may have the highest death rate now) Several different reasons are proposed in the linked article, but I think the reason is the inflexible and greedy nature of the health care system we are being subjected to.

The developing nightmare scenario fits the patterns of ideological rigidity that have in the past, even the recent past,  led to into the biggest man made disasters in history.

More than two decades ago, they cooked up a WTO scheme - particularly  GATS that signed away our right to fix healthcare, and TRIPS whose Byzantine rules are making even drugs that literally cost pennies to make insanely expensive in the richer countries (yes, we did this TO OURSELVES with the WTO) IF they have no other competition and save lives.

Do we have the highest death rate or not?

(Update, no, it appears that Iran's is higher, we seem to be around 5%, it will almost certainly go down as more testing is done. )

This news story explains a bunch of different (contradicting) statements by government officials and entities. As of yesterday, as far as I could tell, it seemed like our death rate was around 5% which is high. As more tests become available the number will probably fall. Other countries are using a standard test while we tried to make our own. Limiting the number who could be tested.

I can see why they are trying to put a good face on it.

If you want to read about the situation I just described, start here and read the papers linked there, starting at the top. It will amaze you how shamelessly we have been misled.


13 deaths at Life Care Center, one Seattle-area nursing home so far. Dozens of staff tested positive