Coronavirus epidemic news coverage

Wuhan citizen journalist live streams own arrest, search of his home.

A Chinese Citizen Journalist Covering Coronavirus Live-Streamed His Own Arrest (Vice UK)

Li Zehua quit his job at state-run TV station CCTV to expose the reality of life inside the Wuhan lockdown zone.

In another video, in his commentary, he points out how everybody's trust in one another has been so very badly damaged by all this mess.

Paradoxically, after the repression of the students democracy movement in 1989, foreign investment in China surged. China's leaadrship now point to the decision to repress the students as having been "correct" because of the subsequent economic boom.

Has it come at a huge cost to Chinese peoples quality of life, or not?

It depends on who you talk to.

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Post something about coronavirus online? Expect a visitor at your door.

Here’s How China Is Silencing Coronavirus Critics in the U.S.

As Chinese tech companies have gone global, so has China’s ability to censor communications outside of the mainland.